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Arm lift, or brachioplasty, tightens up loose or sagging skin under the upper arms. Excess fat might also be removed, sometimes via liposuction.

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Best desicion ever !!!!! I feel amazing and look even more amazing with time !!!! I had gastric bypass in may of 2013 begining weight was 289lbs currently i weigh 150lbs and although i struggled to lose the weight at first because you cant really eat and be nourished i opted for trying Herbalife... READ MORE

I have hated my arms for several years! I wanted to do this ten years ago, but timing was never right! I LOVE my new arms! Very happy I finally done it. Im a hair dresser and use my arms a lot. I was able to go back to work after 3 weeks. I'm at 5 weeks post op now. They are still tender to... READ MORE

I'm 58 years old I lost 125lb 34years ago so their really is no way to get rid of excess fat besides surgery so I had it done the result are be utter then I could imagine I live in Florida so it was so important to me to get this done I must say it was a long recovery and very painful had to... READ MORE

I've wanted this surgery since 2006 with Dr. Capella and I am finally realizing my dream. Dr. Capella's technique is to make one long incision from the elbow down the side of the flanks and under the breast resulting in a beautiful contour. He is very well known for his arm lifts, and has the... READ MORE

I keep forgetting there are separate forums for each procedure so I've also been posting on the tummy tuck forum. Anyway, I lost 115 pounds from 2009-2012 through Weight Watchers and working out and just trying to eat reasonably. Although I would like to lose a few more pounds, I think my arms... READ MORE

I'm a 51 yr old mom of 4 boys/ and wife. I've struggled w/ eating disorders up until 8 years ago. I'm now living a healthy lifestyle but because of the wild weight fluctuations/ 6 pregnancy's I was left w/ alot of excess skin especially on the arms. I had a TT/ BA 4 months ago and Arm life a 1... READ MORE

I actually had an arm lift and a breast lift at the same time. I am mostly pleased with the breast lift other than that I never regained nipple sensation (it's been 18 months). Armlift - not so happy. She used a very, very conservative approach and I am left with still a lot of hanging skin.... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift in December 2014 and had my back/upper abdomen, arms, breasts and scar revision done on 4/13/15. Dr. Calobrace and his staff are nothing short of amazing. I feel great and 24 hours later I'm loving the results and I know it will only get better from here!!! I'm so... READ MORE

I have always been overweight. As a kid I was chunky and only put on more and more weight as I went through adolescence. Slowly I lost probably 75 pounds throughout end of high school and college through diet change and working out. Fast forward through two pregnancies and many fluctuations In... READ MORE

I've wanted this procedure for a long time due to everything sagging from years of yoyo dieting. This procedure is not for the faint at heart....the recovery is a difficult and painful one. You definitly need help the first week to get things done because arm mobility is very limited...simple... READ MORE

The ladies so far have been amazing ! But I've ran into a huge problem with getting the wire transfer done . Can anyone recommend what they used to accomplish this ? Other then that I'm just going to be getting everything I need ready to go :) Thank you girls I'm doing an Tummy tuck ,... READ MORE

I tell this story...not because it is MY story, but because it is a story worth telling! Imagine a 200 lb 12 year old with arms etc stretched out of shape for the rest of your life (other areas too but this is about my arms). Imagine your daughter's wedding in the near future and you need a... READ MORE

Hello to all you lovely peeps! Here's a link to my previous review which was Breast lift a TT last October.This Is a 1st surgery for the arm lift and revision on the abdomen and addition of implants to fill them out. I had a TT and breast lift with fat transfer In October 2014. You'll see my... READ MORE

I have both an arm lift and a thigh lift procedure scheduled for the same day with the same doctor, however there are not a ton of reviews for either of these, particularly in my age range, so for the sake of everyone like me who reads through all of these reviews before selecting a provider and... READ MORE

I am almost two weeks out of my tummy tuck, muscle repair, breast lift and augmentation surgery with Dr. Wanzel and am already looking forward to getting my arms done. I have lost over 180 pounds over the last 23 months and my arms have always been the enemy. I desperately want to wear a... READ MORE

After losing 75 pounds, I had an arm lift (lower face and neck lift reviewed separately). Presurgery my biceps measured 13 inches and the skin was awful. I had such big batwings I was afraid to wear short sleeves for fear I would take flight with a gust of wind! Now, I proudly show my 10 1/2... READ MORE

Well ladies I am less then two days away from not being able to fly anymore, or having people ask if I'm tired! The above cost is for extended arm lift, upper lid lift AND an implant revision with bigger, 800cc high profile implants. I am having all three procedures done by Dr. Robert... READ MORE

Today is one week post op from having a mini arm lift and an Ultimate Breast Lift with no implants. So far, I haven't had much pain. I do take the pain pills at night to help me sleep because my arms tend to hurt towards the end of the day. I can't raise them above my head though. I have to... READ MORE

Before i decided to do an arm lift i had lost 73 lbs plus both shoulders had been operated on which left a lot of extra skin due to loss of muscle plus weight. I started to look for doctors in June of 2014 and i saw 8 plastic surgeons. Dr Pousti was the top choice after doing a lot of research... READ MORE

I am so nervous about this arm lift. There don't seem to be any doctors that specialize in cosmetic surgery for extra skin after weight loss. Compared to breast augmentation, I think the brachioplasty seems a simple surgery for a PS to perform. My arms look great when they are at my side but... READ MORE

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