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An arm lift (also known as brachioplasty) tightens loose skin under the arm that creates what many call a "bat wing" appearance. It's frequently performed on those who have sagging skin due to massive loss weight or natural aging. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with liposuction to get rid of excess fat.

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Its my Time to Shine - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm a mother of 4 I've been divorce since 2001 ..I've raise my kids by myself I've gave them my all thru out the years I gain and lost weight its been a battle.. The procedure I need the most is arms lipo and lift.. I hate it hate it.. I can't explain my pain ..I can lose weight every where but... READ MORE

40 Year Old Bariatric Surgery Patient - El Paso, TX

After being obese my entire adult life ( and most of my childhood), I underwent Bariatric surgery in Nov 2014 and it was an amazing success. However, no matter how much I exercised, I continued to have "bat wings" for arms and breasts that looked like deflated balloons pointing at the ground.... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old Brachioplasty and Lipo of Flanks! - New York

Following weight loss surgery and dropping 140 lbs I had a brachioplasty and lipo of flanks with Dr. Yager. I love my results as well as the way I was treated by his staff. I did catch an infection on my right arm but he prescribed antibiotics and ir worked foe me. Overall, I couldn't be... READ MORE

Time to Get Rid of These Arm Flaps! - Jacksonville, FL

Over the last few years, I steadily lost about 130lbs. Now that my weight has been stable (I would like to lose 10 more) for about two years, it's time to start the journey of removing this excess skin. I'm starting with my arms for a couple of reasons, mostly because they bother me more than... READ MORE

Arm Lift After Weight Loss - Mexicali, Mexico

Finally! First vertical sleeve for weight loss, then mommy makeover ( tummy tuck, lift & implants, fat transfer to butt), and finally almost 2.5 years later my arm lift. My arm lift was performed yesterday at 11:00 a.m. It was performed in the doctors office. I was taken into a room... READ MORE

Had an Arm Lift, Butt Lift, Scar Revision for Belly Button and Tummy Tuck Yesterday...also Had Lipo. Toronto, ON

My journey started 23 months ago. I had weight loss surgery (gastric bypass) on December 12, 2013. I weighed 374 lbs. I have lost over 200 lbs. I had a breast reduction with lipo on November 12, 2014. On March 10, 2015, I had a tummy tuck muscle repair(fleur-de-lis and extended) with lipo and... READ MORE

47yrs Old, Arm Lift After 45kg Weight Loss. Richmond, AU

I am a 47 year old woman who, after a 45kg weight loss, had a significant amount of lose skin on my upper arms through to my under arms. 6 weeks ago Mr Richard bloom performed both an arm lift and tummy tuck (see my other review regarding the tummy tuck surgery). I could not be happier with... READ MORE

Dominican Round 2! Duran March 8, 2016!!!!! - Dominican Republic

REFLECTING ON ROUND 1: Hey Ladies!!!! Im BACK!!!! For those of you that didn't read my first review, I'll start from the beginning! 3 years ago, when I was just 25 years old and pregnant with my daughter, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent chemotherapy, had multiple surgeries, and... READ MORE

Excess Skin Removal - Chicago, IL

This was my third surgery to remove my excess skin. I am 5 days post op and I am loving my results. This was definitely one of the surgeries I wanted the most and I'm so happy to be rid of my bat wings. I can't wait to see my final results! When it comes to contouring the body after major... READ MORE

Arm Lift & Tummy Tuck Following Following 150# Weight Loss - Frisco, TX

I am scheduled for Abdominplasty w/ standard liposuction and bilateral Brachioplasty (arm lift). After losing over 150 pounds over the last 7 years following lap band surgery I am in desperate need of the skin removal surgery. I scheduled this surgery six months ago to align with my slow... READ MORE

40 Años 4 Hijos - Tucson, AZ

Mi mayor motivacion por requerir los servicios del Dr Taki fue verme y sentirme mejor. yo he requerido los servicios de el Dr Taki y su grupo de colaboradores por mas de 8 años entre una cosita y otra Lentamente no me gusta de una porque el cambio seria drastico que para mi ver asi debe de ser ... READ MORE

34 Years Old Had a Breast Lift & Arm Lift - The Woodlands, TX

I recently had lost 120lbs and I always had Extra arm fat but after losing the weight I had arm skin. I wore men's shirts to cover them. I met with two doctors and when I met Dr Gill, I knew he was going to be my surgeon! He is great! Very attentive to my needs and wants. His entire staff is... READ MORE

Arm, Breast lift with Implants.

I have lost over 100 pounds in the past year and have a lot of access skin specially in my arms. Another issue that came after loosing weight was the loss off volume in my breast. After much research I decided to get an arm lift as well as an extended breast lift and augmentation. I had surgery... READ MORE

Cabral Fix It - Dominican Republic

I initially got yily to do my arm lift. And it was not a good job. I went back and let Cabral fix it and he did excellent.  I initially got procedure done with yily. She left a lot of skin behind. She said she would do it over for free but I was afraid to let her cut me again and not do it... READ MORE

Arm Lift/ Breast Lift W Implant/ BBL _Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

I have lost about 68lbs, if not more and some of my skin is not as tight as I want it to be. I look really good in clothes so most people don't even understand why I want to do Plastic Surgery at all. But my husband and I see me naked and although he is sweet and tells me that I don't need... READ MORE

Upper Arm Lift - Love It! - Memphis, TN

Had phase 4 of my body make over - upper arm lift. Drs. Aldea and Eby continue to impress me! They are so good about explaining what I can expect of the procedure and make sure that I am comfortable with everything before we get started. They are very good at what they do and I am very happy... READ MORE

Finally! No More Bat Wings ;)

This is my second round (and review) with Dr Fernandez Goico. I had a mommy makeover with FG July 2015. Came back to DR to get my arms done December 2015. My arms (and hips) were the parts of my body I wanted to change the most. Regardless of any weight fluctuations my arms were always large.... READ MORE

Brachioplasty After Significant Weight Loss - McKinney, TX

Dr. Setty performed my brachioplasty in December 2015. I'm so pleased with my new arms and so glad I chose him! He's very patient, kind and easy to talk to. He never minded spending the time to answer my questions. Everyone in his office has been great, too. Erica at the front desk always has a... READ MORE

Arm Lift - Costa Rica includes CIMA hospital costs

I am having three procedures I want to post in each category. This arm lift will be done with my tummy tuck. I will post photos closer to me surgery date. I am losing more weight and want the pictures to be current. I had listed all three together but I know that I read in each section Arm Lift,... READ MORE

Arm Lift After Years of Trying - Saint Louis, MO

Surgery is less than a week away. I've lost around 50 pounds and counting and although my arms got 'smaller' they just deflated... still around 16 inches and they look FUNKY. I've come to terms with the fact that I need this surgery for loose skin and people are going to see my scars. I've... READ MORE

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