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Arm lift, or brachioplasty, tightens up loose or sagging skin under the upper arms. Excess fat might also be removed, sometimes via liposuction.

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I have been wanting this for years, and I'm finally doing it. I'm using the same surgeon who did my (fantastic!) tummy tuck last July. I'm still very nervous because I want the results to be great. I don't want to be kinda happy with my arms, I want to be very very happy. I'm so ready to have... READ MORE

I had a TT with Dr. Jugenburg just over 6 months ago & I am so pleased with my results that I've decided to go back & get my arms done. I've hated them even before I had kids b/c even when I weighed 120 lbs. my arms always seemed big to me. It's genetic for sure b/c my mom has the same problem... READ MORE

I have been overweight my whole life. I lost 115 pounds and so decided to have an arm lift. I consulted with 2 doctors in Austin, TX. Both seemed good but I decided on Steve Holzman. He did a great job. He spent time with me whenever I have questions. His staff was caring and down to earth. My... READ MORE

I am so pleased with my arm lift by Dr Eric Weiss. He was the first surgeon I contacted because he came highly recommend by friends. When I met him and his staff I knew he was the surgeon for me. I felt very calm and at ease with him. I had my arms done along with tummy tuck and breast lift and... READ MORE

When I was 16 I lost 100 lbs. I gained back about 50 when I was 23. Within the past 2 years, I've slowly lost the 50 again and feel in the best shape of my life! I've been wanting an arm lift for about 10 years now but never managed to save up until now. My surgery is scheduled for May 19th and... READ MORE

I'm two weeks post op you can see a bit of drainage on my steristrip however I'm still swollen , and it's only been 2 weeks. I went to Dr Ortega on August 14, I will also have a breast lift and augmentation on December the 17 however this review is more focused on my arms I will continue to... READ MORE

I was grossly overweight for most of my life In 2010 I decided to make lifestyle changes to be healthier. I lost 80lbs over 2 years. Now, my arms have always been disproportionate to the rest of my body. Even before I lost weight, my arms looked like I had. I have wanted a brachioplasty my whole... READ MORE

Lost weight: ~100#. Tall: 5'11. Large framed. I'm an anomaly amongst women; a freak and I love it! :) Tummy Tuck in 2013. Phase II=Breasts, Arms, and more lipo. Breast lift/augment is under separate review. This review is specific to the arms. Cost associated with this review is estimated... READ MORE

I lost a lot of weight then had Lipo to my arms. Well the lipo just made them hang more but it made the skin thin we for a smaller scar. 1 year later I had an Arm lift to both arms. It took about 3 hours because I had more Lipo done. They are swollen now ( 7 days) but no hanging skin. I get... READ MORE

I began my weight loss journey in 2011 when I weighed highest weight of 200lbs. I totally changed my life. I ate healthier and made time to exercise daily. Little did I know that I would have all of this excess skin!!! I was so depressed as a result. My husband was not very supportive of my... READ MORE

Married and now with two kids I wanted arms that didn't swing when I wrote on the chalk board (teacher). I was overweight my first 35 years and then got the lap band. I have kept over 100 pounds off for nine years and finally wanted nice arms. Nine years ago I had a tummy tuck and breast... READ MORE

I refuse to say that I went on a weight loss journey. So, in 2011 I began eating normally and exercising. In the spring of 2014, I hit my goal weight and hated my arms. I worked out more and harder and the skin/flab were still there. I waited one year to see if a miracle would happen and it... READ MORE

I have always been embarrassed of my sagging fat on my arms. I finally met the right doctor who would take care of me. Dr. Baumholtz beside manner, his honest opinion, his talent and patience's are exactly what I look for in a provider. For this reason I will only go to him :) 100% satisfied... READ MORE

I have been wanting an arm lift since I started my weight loss journey. I was obese my entire life and started my life change with diet and exercise 4 years ago. I have been stable in my 130lb weight loss for a year and I have recently become engaged. Though I have lost so much weight, I am... READ MORE

After having spent the better part of the last 10 years wearing long sleeve shirts and hiding my arms from the world I finally decided to have an arm lift. The excess skin was a result of losing a significant amount of weight several years ago. I was referred to The Larrabbe Plastic Surgery... READ MORE

I'm 46 yrs old and had VSG in Mexico with Dr. Illan on 8/31/13. I was 326lbs and now am sitting at 181lbs. My arms have always been the worst part of my body in my opinion. I couldn't wear a lot of jackets and coats because of my arm size. My grandmother and mother had this problem as well... READ MORE

Had arm lift done in Mexico, was a wonderful experience and can't wait to go back to have more done. I love my new arms and the recovery wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Dr. Cervantes was wonderful to deal with went over all the risks before surgery. Stayed at the Lucerna for a week... READ MORE

Hi. I'm 5'6". I lost 75 lbs and got an arm lift in Feb 2014..almost a year and a half now. I am not happy with the scar placement. My arms are tight but the jagged scar is visible and I can't wear a t-shirt, tank top or swimsuit. These were things I wanted to do and why I got the surgery done. I... READ MORE

I had very bad sagging arms and was always wearing long sleeves! For me anything was an improvement and the scars are just a trade off. the healing took much longer than I had expected. I havent been able to do much until now Im one month out. I have a lot of numbness and tender everywhere else... READ MORE

I was unhappy with the excess skin on my upper arms after gastric bypass surgery. I wanted to get surgery on my arms, breasts, and a tummy tuck. I was most unhappy with my arms and decided to start with the arm lift surgery. I was happy with the surgery and had an easy recovery. I decided to... READ MORE

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