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An arm lift tightens loose skin under the arm that creates what many call a "bat wing" appearance. It's frequently performed on those who have sagging skin due to massive loss weight or natural aging. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with liposuction to get rid of excess fat.

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My journey has been long and arduous, and far from over in many ways. Surgicaly, the journey has some end in sight, with some compromises being left for the moment. As can be seen in my previous review for Dr. Pousti, I recently underwent an extended abdominoplasty which truly transformed me and... READ MORE

I have a wonderful family an amazing husband who is supporting me 100% on my decision to make myself over. After being overweight for so long. 13 yrs ago I did a gastric bypass.. Best decision I've ever made in my life. I've loss so much weight and hate my arms and stomach. It's time to take... READ MORE

As others say, after spending a year following this website I feel like I should share to possibly help someone else. I've been hiding my arms for 30 years. In my case, they were ruined by the age of 12, this is what 30 year old stretch marks look like after weight loss. I struggle with... READ MORE

I'm going back to Dr. Kortesis on 3/10/16 for my final consult! We will be discussing my final phase of body contouring after major weight loss, which will be an arm lift w/lipo, thigh lift with lipo, and breast lift with implants. I imagine he will also lipo my back as well, although I do not... READ MORE

All my life I wanted smaller arms, even as a kid I had a hard time finding clothes because the arms would be too tight. After having 9 children and gaining weight to 215 pounds I decided it was time to work on me. From 2008-2014 I used various methods to lose weight including diet pills. I... READ MORE

My brachioplasty looks phenomenal. I am throughly impressed with the results after day 1. I will be sharing before and after photos once my wounds heal. I lost approximately 150 lbs over 6 years and have kept the weight off. Unfortunately, I had some residual flesh that needed to go. I have had... READ MORE

As a 62 year old teacher I was very conscious of my flabby arms. Even under a sleeve you could still see them jiggle. I had lost a considerable amount of weight but there was still bulk in my arms so clothes didn't fit properly. I was referred to Dr Guy Watts who performed the procedure for me.... READ MORE

Dr. Pisarski did my arm lift with lipo and so far I am very pleased with the results. Yes it's uncomfortable, and he compression garment is uncomfortable and making my arms numb all the way down to my wrists but it's staying on. I think it will give some more over the next 3weeks that I have to... READ MORE

I'm so disappointed with the entire process. I had such high hopes after my consultation. Let me start by saying I do NOT have unreal expectations. I have the expectations that Dr Zinsser outlined in our pre-op appointments. I confirmed several times before I went ahead with the procedure. I had... READ MORE

As I said in the title, I'm pretty sure some people have smaller thighs than I do arms. After losing 140 pounds, gaining 40 back, and still hating my body, I've decided to spend this year working on it. I started with a Mommy Makeover in December. It's been six months, so I've now scheduled a... READ MORE

I am a 63 year old female in superb health (5'3" tall, 116 pounds). In 2009, after being mildly overweight for many years of yoyo dieting, I lost 20% of my body weight (~30 lbs) with the help of Quick Weight Loss Center. Due to my age and weight loss, I have some loose skin. I especially... READ MORE

After losing over 100 pounds and a tummy tuck/breast lift in 2008 it was time to get rid of the bingo/bat wings. I was so tired of having to buy shirts that fit my 3x arms but not my L body. The doctor who did my TT and BL retired so I searched for a new one and found Dr. Ivan's Percec at the... READ MORE

Good morning,, hope everyone happy as i am :) i had a sleeve 5 years ago, i was 131 kilos and now i am 77 kilos, yes! So even if sleeve helped me so much to loose weight but is actually has a dark side which is loose and extra skin. the first step of my journey is brachioplasy, i did an arm... READ MORE

6 years ago I had the wt lost surgery. Lost approx 100 lbs. ROUND 1 ARM LIFT/lipo....Finally I am able to take care of the loose skin under my arms. Surgery went well. My PS did a posterior incision. Trust me it took me forever to figure out which incision I wanted. I'm happy with the... READ MORE

After years of hating my arms, I decided to have an arm lift. I'm at day 2 and so far couldn't be happier. No pain, some swelling and bruising. My recovery has been so far extremely easy. My husband has had to help with my compression wraps and taking a Tshirt off and on. I've kept my arms... READ MORE

Having lost 150+ lbs, I have a lot of loose hanging skin and resistant fat. My arms bothered me the most. In fact I have been truly embarrassed by them for years. I had to buy clothing 2 sizes larger just to fit my arms. I reached my goal weight in March 2016 and I was looking for a good plastic... READ MORE

5'3 I20lbs. 46 yrs Week 1: Arms are sore, can't lift much, little arm mobility. Can't put arms over your head. Swollen and scars look bad. Week 2: Much better, can wash hair in shower easily now. Sore still, but gonna make it! Week 3: Arms starting to take shape! Swelling down, scar lines... READ MORE

After losing 100 lb through 3 full years of hard work (healthy eating and consistent exercise), I was more than ready to be "done" with the excess skin on my upper arms (when my weight rose, the size of my arms became disproportionately large). The worst part was sleeping on my back for weeks,... READ MORE

I had my surgery done May 7, 2016. The doctor did lipo and then cut the loose skin. I was always suffering with my arms because no blouse would ever fit. I am happy with the procedure and I am waiting to go back to normal. I also had back liposuction. It has been a little over 3 weeks and I am... READ MORE

I've been wanting an arm lift for a really long time. I've been very fearful of the dreaded armlift scars. Unlike a tummy tuck or butt lift, you can't hide the scars & what's the point of getting an arm lift if you have to wear long sleeves anyway if you have to hide the scars. But, I... READ MORE

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