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An arm lift (also known as brachioplasty) tightens loose skin under the arm that creates what many call a "bat wing" appearance. It's frequently performed on those who have sagging skin due to massive loss weight or natural aging. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with liposuction to get rid of excess fat.

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Arm Lift for 68 Year Old - Fairfax, VA

For those of you who have not met Dr Lickstein do your research and you will have a great comfort level at your first appointment. My experience was extraordinary from start to finish. The surgery I had was a brachioplasty (arm lift). Unlike many of the patients who have this surgery I did not... READ MORE

Arm Lift, Breast Lift With Augmentation - Baltimore, MD

I'm 59 years old and lost 160 lbs ten years ago. After years of my skin drooping more and more I was finally able to have these procedures. The breast lift and augmentation surgery went well. My surgeon, Dr. Larry Lickstein, did an amazing job. The size and shape of my breasts was exactly what I... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck ,arm Lift ,lipo,Bbl 2017! - Dominican Republic

So here I am at the age of 27 finally making this dream a reality ! I have suffered from body insecurities from a very young age . I lost a lot of weight due to stress when I was younger only to put it on quite rapidly causing me to have access skin on my stomach and arms at the age of 13! I... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, Extended Arm Lift (Breast Lift and Augmentation-separate Review)

I've always struggled with large arms. After having weight loss surgery and losing 97 pounds, my arms were still and issue. My online consult was initially for a breast augmentation with an areola lift (my breasts suffered from my weight loss as well) and an arm lift. Dr. Sozer suggested Lipo to... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Brachioplasty (Lower Body Lift, Thigh Lift and Fat Transfer to come) - New York City, NY

I am getting ready to start my skin removal journey! I was sleeved on 10/22/15 and have lost 113 lbs. I need a lot of work done as I carried the weight all over. I want a breast lift, brachioplasty, lower body lift, thigh lift and fat grafting (since my butt is completely gone!). I met with a... READ MORE

35 yr old with lipo and Axillary brachioplasty

It's going very well. I was given Oxycodone for pain and took it every 4 hours for the first 30 hours and have now switched to ibuprofen for every other dose. Mobility: I can lift little things and have a decent amount of mobility moving my arms forward. I am not attempting to lift it over my... READ MORE

10 Years After BAD Arm Lipo, Doing the Arm Lift on Tuesday the 18th.

Im waiting till Tuesday at 8am for my AL. Ive had a BAD arm lipo 10 years ago and now going to reduce this boulders and tighten the skin. The Dr will also do lipo to correct the irregularity. I am terrified to revisit this trauma I started 10 Years ago. Ive been getting some support and looking... READ MORE

45 Yr Old Ready to Get my Tummy Tucked an my Bat Wings Removed.

I had the gastric bypass in 2009. I lost 80lbs (yeah) but of course I had loose skin on my arms (bat wings). I worked out 5k runs, lifted weights and all but back of my arms looked like Popeyes's lol.. My tummy wasn't really bad but I had a cesarean and the Doc cut me horizontal instead of a... READ MORE

Arm Lift After 100+ Lb Weight Loss and Lipo - Wesley Chapel, FL

I am planning to have an arm lift done after having lipo several years ago. Although I have exercised and lost weight, my skin elasticity is gone. I am getting married in a few months and would like to have beautiful arms. Hoping that I have enough time to recover and have minimal scar before my... READ MORE

Arm Lift, TT, Lipo 100lb Weight Loss - Dominican Republic

I have chosen Dra Robles in the Dominican mainly because she seems pretty conservative with her work. And it is said she works well with weight loss patients. I just want to look regular which is hard to do after loosing 160lbs. #saggyskin I originally started researching plastic surgery 2... READ MORE

48 Mother of 2 Beautiful Grown Adults - Staten Island, NY

I have a wonderful family an amazing husband who is supporting me 100% on my decision to make myself over. After being overweight for so long. 13 yrs ago I did a gastric bypass.. Best decision I've ever made in my life. I've loss so much weight and hate my arms and stomach. It's time to take... READ MORE

Arm Lift with Lypo and Tummy Tuck - Saginaw, MI

I have lost 75 lbs and my arms have bothered me for the last several years aling with my sagging belly. I was told the tummy tuck would be bery painful and not much on the arms. That is false. Tummy tuck has been sore but not excutiating. Pretty much like the c section except with drains. My... READ MORE

48 Year Old Who Recently Lost a Lot of Weight

In January of 2016 I underwent a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. At the time of my procedure I weighed 303 lbs and am now at 185.. My arms have always been big; even when I was a much thinner teenager. Now, I have a lot of loose skin that needs to be removed. That's the first thing that needs... READ MORE

Tank Top Ready! - Grand Rapids, MI

After reaching my goals of a 100 pound weight loss I had extra skin that just didn't shrink back after the endless hours at the gym. I had my lower body lift with Dr. Renucci and after seeing my results from that I knew he was the right surgeon to transform my arms. Surgery was 3 hours, he... READ MORE

Arm Lift, Bra Line Lift and Lipo.

Dr. Fisher did my inverted T tummy tuck this past November and did such an amazing job improving the look of my stomach by removing all the excess skin and pre existing scars that I could not wait for him to get a hold of my arms and back. The procedure took place yesterday, I had an extended... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mom with Wing Arms - Brooklyn, NY

So today I had my procedure done with Dr Vo'skin I was so nervous and scared after reading all the negative reviews about him... Any way I still went ahead and went through with my procedure I must say it was not so bad at all I told one of his staff all the negative reviews about his not... READ MORE

Wow! Arm and Breast Lift makeover.

Hello fellow Real Self patients. Like you I have been browsing this site for some time planning, dreaming, and gathering information. My background: 49 year old female with three adult children that I raised by myself. Being a single parent, the needs of others were always put before myself.... READ MORE

34 Years Old, Lost 155 Lbs...time to Fix the Arms! - Pittsburgh, PA

So, a little about me. I rapidly gained a significant amount of weight in my early 20s (120 lbs in 8 months!) and remained obese for about 8 years. I finally managed to lose it all and then some (155 lbs total) over the last couple of years. I'm now maintaining at around 145 lbs (I'm 5'10").... READ MORE

Finally Getting Rid of my Bingo Wings

For many years my weight has gone up and down like most ladies on here. I finally decided last year after my husband and I nearly dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, to get fit again and lose my weight once and for all. I have lost almost three and a half stones over the past 18 months and... READ MORE

Time to Get Rid of These Arm Flaps! - Jacksonville, FL

Over the last few years, I steadily lost about 130lbs. Now that my weight has been stable (I would like to lose 10 more) for about two years, it's time to start the journey of removing this excess skin. I'm starting with my arms for a couple of reasons, mostly because they bother me more than... READ MORE

Arm Lift/excess Skin Removal - Miami, FL

After losing 160lbs, my arms were my biggest insecurity, with nearly 6 inches of hanging skin. I opted to have a combo surgery (arm lift & extended tummy tuck) with Dr. Ortega at spectrum aesthetics in Miami, Florida. Dr. Ortega explained to me in detail why my arm skin hung the way it did,... READ MORE

Long Overdue Arm Lift - Wesley Chapel, FL

As others say, after spending a year following this website I feel like I should share to possibly help someone else. I've been hiding my arms for 30 years. In my case, they were ruined by the age of 12, this is what 30 year old stretch marks look like after weight loss. I struggle with... READ MORE

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