Male Tummy Tuck

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Men most frequently undergo a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to remove excess skin following extreme weight loss.

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I'm a 41 year old English man who has been diabetic since the age of 3. This has involved having insulin injections since 9th February 1977. For many years, my parents and I were told that the best place for me to inject was in my torso/abdomen area. The problem is, due to the fact that not... READ MORE

I had gained alot of weight after highschool and decided I was disgusting and wanted to look and feel good, I wainted to live a healthy lifestyle. I succesfully lost 110LB dieting and working out. Even after all that, 2 years I worked at it. I still didnt have the body I wanted and it really... READ MORE

This was so easy and great. I had a Tummy Tuck (extended scar) and Skin removal from my side of my chest/and armpit. Doctor Barnett was awesome and his staff was incredible they made it so easy and very comfortable. I had the best experience, people always ask about scarring and I scar well but... READ MORE

I’ve been a lurker on Realself for years and this community has been nothing but amazing when it came to planning, preparing for, and executing my much-desired tummy tuck. Hopefully I can give back a little with my story as well as provide encouragement to other men who are considering this... READ MORE

Growing up I was always into sports - baseball mainly and then moved into ice hockey later in my teens. Loved being active however a dysfunctional home life (parents going through divorce, bankruptcy, losing our house..etc) essentially demoralized my color-blind and legally blind mother who... READ MORE

After years of yo-yo weight loss I was over 100lbs down from my biggest. After focusing heavily on my diet and training routine I was able to get my body fat down to single digits. However, it still wasn't good enough and I couldn't get the lower abdominal definition I should have had at that... READ MORE

Always been a chubby little kid, but it was never a huge problem until I turned 14. Started gaining weight rapidly and by 18 I was 342 pounds. The summer before University, had a moment of clarity as if I could finally see the life ahead of me if I didn't change. Worked out + dieted (Atkins)... READ MORE

I am retired and noticed that I had a sagging stomach which did not look good at all. Dr. Law said he could take away most of the fat and also most of the loose skin that was there and make things look a lot better. The procedure was very simple and the results have been amazing - and it's hard... READ MORE

After losing 80lb I had bad lose skin. I decided that I wanted my excess skin removed. I knew that working out like I was would never tighten the skin flap. The surgerie went smooth however I had a drain for 4weeks. My doc said I probably had a hematoma. Now after over 4 months I still have a... READ MORE

My whole life (adolescents on anyway), my weight had been the source of a profound self consciousness. If you're here at Real Self researching, I probably don't need to tell you the disparities of being obese, nor the struggles of getting healthy. What an amazing feeling to finally make it here... READ MORE

Had a lap band 3 years ago. Been waiting for this surgery. I met with 3 plastic surgeons before Dr. Chiu. In 20 minutes of meeting him. I knew he was the one I wanted to do my surgery. Ask Charlotte, probably the quickest signing on the dotted line she has ever had. He has the credentials but... READ MORE

6 days PO. I feel great, but know I need to manage my activity. I'm a 49yo male, have had a fold in my belly since I was a kid (had double hernia surgery as an infant which may have contributed). No matter how fit, I got, it was always there. I battled weight issues related to family, job , and... READ MORE

I'm 21 about 6'3" tall when I was 17 during my senior year of high school I lost a bunch of weight going from ~295lbs to ~210lbs. I had a male breast reduction with another surgeon last summer and then toned up a little but my weight had plateaued even though my skin was getting looser on my... READ MORE

Lots of skin, making it hard to run, or sleep without feeling like I had a towel wrapped up in a ball under me all night!! So, after losing over 40 inches on my waist (from a 76 inch waist to a 34), and 265 lbs, it was time since I had stabilized at around 170 for the last 6 months.I did use... READ MORE

Just scheduled a circumferential lower body lift with lipo for Aug 29, 2014. I'm a 35 yr old male living in Washington, DC. I lost 190 pounds after having bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve) in Feb, 2013. My weight has remained constant for the last 6 months and now I'm looking to deal with all... READ MORE

I had gone from over 300# to just under 175# and had the dreaded loose skin. I worked out a lot (running half-marathons, daily Pilates, tennis, volleyball, biking, etc.) and realized that at my age, my skin was about as tight as it was going to get on my own so I decided to get some outside... READ MORE

I am a 53 year old male with an ugly tummy due to an old surgery and weight loss that left ugly stretch marks, hoping there is a cure! i have yet to see a doctor but am debating, any advice would be appreciated, i have bounced up and down in weight but have finally stabilized at a weight i think... READ MORE

I was in the military when I was young, and used to be in great shape. Over the 15 years that followed, I really let things slide. At my heaviest, I weighed nearly 300lbs. A couple of years ago, I took control and got my weight down to 210 through diet and exercise. I looked decent, but it... READ MORE

Dr. Sohn had done a mini face lift (a previous review) and I was totally thrilled with the results. Next I was gonna do a fat transfer just to fill things out. I changed my mind and went for the Extended Tummy Tuck. At first he kinda thought I didn't need it till I took my shirt off and saw what... READ MORE

I used to weigh in right at 265+ pounds at 5'9 1/2. Over 2-3 years I went to the gym and lost the weight, actually got down to 155 lbs at one point. On the date of the surgery I weighed about 175. I actually had to delay the surgery over 1.5 years due to life issues that arose. I finally had the... READ MORE

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