Tummy Tuck Overview

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  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) removes excess skin and stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss. During a tummy tuck the plastic surgeon directly removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall.
  • Tightening the abdominal wall pulls in the abdomen (seen best on side view pictures) and corrects any bulge or diastasis that resulted from having children
  • If you happen to have a significant distance from your lower ribs to your pelvis (common if you are tall), then the mid-line tightening will also cause notable bowing of the musculature along the flank region, and this will improve your hour-glass figure.
  • For most patients, between 30-50% of the abdominal skin can be removed. This gets rid of any stretch marks that had been present on that skin. The remaining skin has to be stretched out to cover the whole abdomen, and this intrinsically makes it thinner.
  • A new belly button is created. With "standard" scar length tummy tucks, the rotational component of aligning the scars helps pull in the waist line (improving the hour glass shape as well). Longer scar lengths (extended abdominoplasty) has the benefit of an anterior thigh lift.
  • A surgeon may perform liposuction in conjunction with a tummy tuck (most often the flanks or "love handles")


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I need a tummy tuck really bad however I'm looking for a Dr where I can make payments. Ease help me find a really good Dr.
Can payment arrangements be made to have this done? I have a lot of extra overlapping skin need to be removed. Its starting to cause me to have very low self-esteem
IM32year old ihave 6KidsMy tuMMy looksvery bad what can I do To have My wonderful tUMMy.baCK
Hello, I'm a 51 year old man , with diastasis and a second hernia. I did not develop diastasis until a couple of years after being placed on several medications. I had developed gastroenterolgical issues. A Belly button hernia, repaired poorly as to aesthetic of the bellybutton's appearance. Now I have a mild to significant diastasis , a larger belly button hernia again, distended abdomen and the inter abdominal organs, intestines. Could any of these be medical issues where my insurance would pay for the necessary repair of the hernia, diastasis, via a Tummy tuck? Also, I had written on this forem before and received great advice from many Plastic Surgeons. I weighed in at 198.6 lbs in January of 2014 and am now steady weighing in at 150-152lbs. I lost the weight on my own and a bit too much muscle! It was not by choice. I have concerns that there may still be just a bit more inter abdominal fat that could be lost in that area. The Chief of Plastics where and other surgeon who would repair the hernia, suggested the only weightless Medical Doctor around this Hospitals Physician's Practice. She would not have a consultation without a cash payment upfront of $100.00. I thought this ridiculous and thus loss the weight on my own. One Plastic Surgeon suggested that I may want to consider the hCG diet, which involves the daily injection of a hormone that on the basis of a 400 calorie diet for 40 days. This hormone purportedly makes you metabolize mostly fat instead of shrinking your muscles. With the loss of the weight done. I would like to find a local physician to administer this hormone as my diet in completely under control. Just to get rid of ANY excess intra-abdominal fat remaining. Any thoughts to all parts of my comment would be greatly appreciated ! Sincerely, Splittingabdomen1
What doctor does this for $7000.
What doctor does this
Where are you from
I'm from NC
I want a tummy tuck
Very helpful
Ok looked at calendar and it's September 17th today. One month before my TT date. Still confused about all the answers I got from the MD's on this site about Pre Op testing. Some say I need them others say I don't. I have thought about it and I will get the labs done by my GP. I know the doctor well, he operated on a family member and I trust him. I am still so scared about the general anesthesia but this site is helping me deal with it.
Go for it