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During a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, the surgeon removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,775

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I'm ready to kill this stomach and get a new one! Excited because my sister is having a BBL in Miami now. I too want to my some adjustments. TT, lipo to my back flanks and my love handles. Deciding on a doctor has me stuck. Comparing procedure pricing, travel, and supplies. I really like the way... READ MORE

Hello ladies! First off some background! I am a 32 year old mother of an AMAZING little 3 year old who is the light of my life! I am 5'8 (technically 5'7 1/2 but I'm rounding up) and about 185 pounds. I carry most of my weight in my belly, flanks and upper thighs (doh!). I have yo-yo'd over the... READ MORE

Hi, I'm new to Real Self :-) I live in the Atlanta Area. I am 32, married with four kids and I am sooo ready to have a FLAT stomach. Honestly I don't remember ever having a flat stomach...I always had what they call "baby fat". After giving birth to my third child my doctor advised me that my... READ MORE

I am 55 years old. My children are in their early 30's & after having them I never got my figure back. In the last few years I lost over 50 pounds & at 55 decided I wanted to like the way I looked again. I was tired of trying to find clothes that would cover my tummy & no matter how much... READ MORE

Here I am finally ready to start my review and journey with surgery. I'm a 33yr old mother of a cool nerdy 15 yr girl, I work in activities in a retirement community and I'm a gym freak. Im here because in 2012 I started my weight loss journy losing about 80lbs in 1 year through prayer,... READ MORE

Ok had surgery on Monday, went in feeling super excited I've waited so long! Then last min Dr recommends that we not tighten my muscles due to gall bladder scar, he indicated the muscles will be so tight it might stretch & pull in the inscion were new scar & gall bladder scar meet! He sincerely... READ MORE

I want a Tummy Tuck after three csections and two hernia with mesh repairs. My stomach is hard or firm to touch, extends out (look pregnant) and i do not have the excess fat that is required for a tummy tuck?...am no DR but i am in healthcare. and from looking at my pictures there has to be... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember, I have been incredibly self-conscious about my stomach. I am formerly morbidly obese and after losing more than 100 pounds I have decided it's time to take the next step in my journey so I am having an extended tummy tuck on July 22, 2014. I have spent the last... READ MORE

I have had 3 consultations with different doctors. Dr. J has been the most patient, nicest, honest, down to earth Dr. I'm exited to get this done after many years of wishing I can get a mommy makeover, and in just one week my life will change forever. I'm super exited, and not to mentioned very... READ MORE

I'm glad I chose dra.medina. after losing almost 150 pounds my body was completely flaccid, my self esteem was very low, I had not buttock let and my front part was gone, everything is flaccid, it was a disaster. I visit many plastic surgeons but none gave me the confidence that from the... READ MORE

I am a bit nervous. I am 33 and had 2 very large children (9.6 lbs and 9.4 lbs) 13 and 10 years ago. After spending money on braces for both of the kids, dance lessons, swim team, muy tai boxing, etc. I am ready to finally do somethig for me! I have wanted a full tummy tuck for sometime. I have... READ MORE

I have my tummy tuck booked for 3 weeks time and I'm so nervous/I almost don't dare to be excited in case I'm disappointed. I'm worried my scar will be too high, I'm worried the operation will go wrong or that I'll die and leave my twin daughters who are 2 years old without a mummy just for... READ MORE

I am ready to do this. Let's see, I am 5'6 and 160lbs. I have lose skin in my belly and lots of fat in my hips. I am looking to do a TT, BA, Liposuction in waist, flanks and back. I am in in the search for my doctor. I decided that I want to travel to DR, Santo domingo to do it. I know the main... READ MORE

I paid for my procedure today and had my prep appointment. I am so nervous and so excited at the same time. I'm mostly concerned about being gone from work and feeling quite guilty about it - I work with my family company. I know that this will make such a big difference in my life, so I know... READ MORE

Tomorrow will be my first appointment with a PS about getting a TT. I have been seriously considering this for three years, but I just wasn't quite ready. Up until last year, I had never had surgery or been put under, so that was a huge worry. After having my gallbladder surgery last year, I now... READ MORE

I have been considering a tummy tuck for at least five years, but could not make peace with the scar. Finances were an issue in that it was hard to justify a medical procedure that was unnecessary. Any hoo, As I get older I notice my stomach just gets uglier and that's where my fat likes to... READ MORE

Hello, I am attempting to follow the lead of another author here who called herself Blubber Belly No More (BBNM) who carefully documented her entire pre and post op procedures, the physical changes, emotional ups and downs, and included the incredible photos of her surgery for several months. I... READ MORE

3 days post op and I am feeling really good. I have been trying to keep myself from doing too much around the house. Feel tightness around midsection (of course!). Which was much needed. I have always known I wanted to have a tummy tuck. My husband was the one who finally pushed me to do... READ MORE

I can't quite believe that this is all happening....after 18 years I am finally in reach of having a normal looking Tummy. I'm a happily married uk mum of three. We started our family young, with my eldest son arriving by c-section when I was 18 weighing in at a whopping 10lb 2oz! My second... READ MORE

I schedule my Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction this coming friday. Im so excited. I often find myself picturing what i will look like. Ive bought 2 bikinis although i may be over thinking my results. Buy either way im still looking forward to it even though its 5 months away. Im sure it will fly... READ MORE

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