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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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The procedure, in my opinion, was well worth it. It has given be back self confidence. The recovery wasn't as painful as I thought but it did take a little longer to get back to normal than I thought so I would recommend taking a full 2 weeks off to rest. Since the procedure I have had many... READ MORE

I decided to have a tummy tuck and a brazilian butt lift. I did have a Little worries about my Brazilian butt lift but I had to be patience. Now its starting to settle, I'm still swollen but I'm starting to see the results. And my tummy tuck I love it when I first seen it. My down time was about... READ MORE

I'm currently 5'1" and 180lbs. I wear a size 14 pants and xl to 1x in tops. I had a consultation last year in St Louis (was at 196 then) and was told I need to lose more weight, at least to 165lbs. I exercise regularly and track my calories and exercise with my fitness pal app. In a year I've... READ MORE

Well where do I start I've wanted a tummy tuck ever since I was 13. I HAVE NEVER EVER HAD A FLAT TUMMY. I was not always fat , over weight, but not fat. never felt comfortable around friends. So I'm able to get this done. I would like TT/lipo,BBL and breast lift and implants. I have been... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction done by Dr. Pousti a few years ago. I decided that i needed to get a tummy tuck done after having my kids. I decided to go back to Dr. Pousti because he is very sweet and he gets the job done. My results are amazing and I do not trust the hands of no other surgeon except... READ MORE

I'm ready to get rid of this ugly saggy skin #! I can't even imagine how a flat tummy feels like . It feels unreal that it's finally going to happen . I'm getting a tummy tuck , liposculture of waist , arms, armpit area, full back and full abdomen if yal ladies would be so kind and give me some... READ MORE

My motivation was to lose my flap. Lol. After giving birth to my second child, I decided to improve my overall appearance. My surgery went great! Although, I suffered from extreme anxiety (pre and post). I did encounter minor complications but I'm recovering slowly but surely. I'm looking... READ MORE

5'2", 195 lbs. gained a lot of weight in my stomach area, hips & knees due to thyroid issue & arthritis in the last 10 years. Having a TT w/Lipo & Lipo on my thighs and knees. Have been thinking about this for a very long time. Hubby gave me the go-head to get it done this year. Procedures are... READ MORE

I put this off after years of telling myself that I could cope with my body image for the rest of my life. I even joke about the brain on my stomach and tell myself that it"s okay. I had a date all set up only to give myself palpitations and ultimately cancel due to extreme nerves. Family... READ MORE

After researching since January I have decided that I am ready to have a full tummy tuck with lipo to the waist and flanks and hips along with a breast reduction and a lift. I am going to have the procedure completed by Dr. Tania Medina as her work looks really good and she has awesome reviews.... READ MORE

Never in my dreams would I have imagined having 5 children, nor a Tummy Tuck! So glad I did. After my set of twins (7 lbs each!) 2 years ago, things were never the same again. I was left with that dreaded mommy apron, haven't felt like myself since before this happened so after much research I... READ MORE

I am a 37 year old mother of two boys. I am 5'10 and currently 185lbs. I gained 80 pounds during my pregnancies. I am very active and ran track on a college level, although I work out daily I have not been able to get rid of the access belly fat and skin. With a lot of research and consults I... READ MORE

I feel like an expert after all my research and stalking this site. I am 24 yrs old with two kids 2 C-section weighing 180lbs and desperately in need of my body back with a little extra. I want to get a tt, bbl, lipo of the inner thighs, arms and full back. Baez reply to me after a day with a... READ MORE

I have always been plus size. However, after 3 kids I got lazy. I have been working out for about a year and half. I am seeing good results everywhere besides my stomach area. My frame is smaller then my stomach area which makes me look huge. I am ready for a change!! I am going into this... READ MORE

I had adominiplasty in June 2013, I had wanted it for years after having children but didnt have the courage to go for it, I had another child then thought enough is enough, it stopped me wearing clothes and I wasn't confident with body. I recovered very well and quickly, I was in hospital 8... READ MORE

47 yr old Mom 100 lb weight loss Tummy Tuck-Extended with Lipo Flanks Now it's time to get my sexy body back! I have been on this site since 3/30/15 reading all the Tummy Tuck Reviews and I have to say all the information has helped me immensely! I work in Surgery at one of the largest... READ MORE

I had stretched skin from 3 pregnancies (3 c sections in 2 years 11 Days) which only looked worse when I lost weight. I had put it off because of the pain and the cost and basically because I was afraid but after losing 38lbs I thought it's now or never the day of the operation I cried from fear... READ MORE

I've lost 60 lbs from my lap band surgery in 2013. Last year I had the BL, BA, fat transfer and lipo. I had this done in FLorida. I wanted the tummy tuck done at the same time, but the surgeron would not do it together. I am glad I waited. Next Monday I am having round 2. Tummy Tuck, and... READ MORE

I can only describe my body as being destroyed by a single pregnancy. That really is how it feels. I gained 70lb during my pregnancy in 2011 and I have lost 84lb in the 3.5 years since then. My stomach was stretched beyond the point of elasticity and it hangs from me like an apron of blubber.... READ MORE

After having two kids who are now 35 and 30, I am finally going to get the tummy tuck I've wanted for over 3 decades. Due to financial reasons I never even thought I would be able to afford. But thanks to my mom and my hubby (2nd husband) it's going to be possible. 55 days and counting. I'm... READ MORE

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