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WORTH IT RATING based on 8,210 reviews
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During a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, the surgeon removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall. LEARN MORE ›
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Ok so I know that this is gonna be long, sorry!! After getting sick and being put on heavy doses of steroids, gaining 80 lbs in 2 months, being on one form or another of steroids for 11 more years until I finally said ENOUGH. Tried every diet in the world even researched Gastric sleeve surgery... READ MORE

About 3 years ago I lost 30 lbs. I've kept it all off and have become super active in the gym, biking and water sports. No matter how many crunches I do my stomach never gets flat and I always have skin sag. I've also noticed that my back has fat on it that I also can't seem to get rid of. ... READ MORE

Nearly 10 years of hating my tummy I've finally got an end date. After getting pregnant at 17 and having extreme oedema from pre-eclampsia my tummy was left looking a saggy mess. Still with or without this operation my darling daughter was the best thing that happened to me. I tried many times... READ MORE

My name is Ramona, I am 4'-11" and weight 170Lbs. I have one beautiful five year old son. I will not be having anymore children so I have finally decided to focus on myself for a change. I have fluctuated with my weight since I was about 20. When I was 23 I weighed almost 200Lbs. I began to... READ MORE

Ever since having children in my 20's I've been complaining about my mid-section. It's just in my head all of the time! Why? I feel something has to be done about it, because I'm still unhappy about my appearance even though I workout at least 5 to 6 times per week. I'm at a place in my life... READ MORE

I had my first consultation 8/12/14 with Dr. Scott Green out of Sacramento so far so good he seems really nice and knowledgeable. I was referred to him by a good friend of mines who also had a tummy tuck by him. he's kind of pricey! I'm going to have two more consultation one with Charles... READ MORE

With 47 days 21 hours to go I decided its time to share my/our journey. My daughter has her blog up under Tbull2014. My story goes like this! I'll be 60 in Feb 2015. I had would for years in the trash and recycling industry. Lets just say I've always been sturdy!!! LOL. I'm just shy of 6 foot... READ MORE

I'm a 36 year old mother of a 1 year old little girl. I have never been very small but have always wanted to be able to wear a bikini. Even when I was 175, I had a belly. I have been obsessing about getting a TT for the las 5 years or so but I had HMO and I knew I would need a referral to get... READ MORE

We'll tomorrow is the big day! Running around getting set up, your photos helped me....of what to have ready. I talked to my Doctor today he is great! Just talking to Dr. Edelson comes my nerves . I love that you blogged you progress it gives me some source of reference to go by and that really... READ MORE

I will be getting this much needed procedure done really soon. Any advice for preparing to be down for a while with two small kids? My husband will do the best he can but it really concerns me not being able to do things. Had two c-sections not sure what to expect as far as pain goes. Any other... READ MORE

On March 26 I had a TT with MR, lipo to lower and upper back and flank areas, the actual incision never hurt but what it killed me was the lipo, also my PS did an excellent job with my abs that I couldn't walk straight until week 4 , I'm so grateful I had 5 weeks off from work, today is... READ MORE

I'm looking to get a TT in the next 2 months. I've had several consults with the PS in Fl. I'm looking at a few in particular. Dr. Thomas Fiala in Orlando, Dr. Michael Diaz in Melbourne, and Dr. Stanley Castor in Brandon. I also want a Breast lift and reduction but I'm not certain I'll be... READ MORE

Before, during and after my procedure I was made to feel as if I was the most important patient there. I had the best care and compassion from Dr. Ringler and his team. I was a little nervous but that was quickly resolved by the comfort of the nurses, doctor and their willingness to answer my... READ MORE

I have 2 adult kids and after 20 years of hiding my hideous tummy, I'm finally getting a tummy tuck & lipo (flanks). Nervous, anxious, but excited. I can't believe I'm 5 days away from the "flat side" I'm 5'10 170lbs, but I ONLY gain weight in my gut and I look like I'm 4 mths pregnant... READ MORE

Had a consult with Dr. davoudi quoted$7300 had consult with Dr. losken quoted $6300 very nice Dr. Now going for a consult for smart lipo with Dr. Moody. Trying to decide what procedure to do Tt or smart lipo . My greatest concern is the scarring& recovery time. I want to choose very wisely... READ MORE

I am scheduled for surgery October the 14th I'm very excited I have very high expectations I've been researching this for years I saw three doctors the last doctor I saw was the one I chose. I have 3 children the last two were twins in my early 30s I was overweight lost 50 pounds exercise take... READ MORE

So...after many years and much deliberation, I've finally decided to do this. I've agonized over my belly for years, trying everything under the sun to get it in shape, only to feel completely defeated by the fact that every other body part will tone except my belly! I've worked with a... READ MORE

I've wanted a tummy tuck since having my first child 14 years ago. I'm tired of covering my body and not being able to wear the type of clothing i want to wear. I work my butt off in the gym and watch what I eat but the problem is no amount of dieting and running is going to get rid of these... READ MORE

I had a floating TT a few weeks ago. Before the big day I had visited about 8 different surgeons all of which agreed I needed a TT. I had a lot of excess skin around my BB and a ventricle hernia. After several meetings I decided to go with Dr. Marcel Daniels. He made me feel comfortable and... READ MORE

I am a bit nervous. I am 33 and had 2 very large children (9.6 lbs and 9.4 lbs) 13 and 10 years ago. After spending money on braces for both of the kids, dance lessons, swim team, muy tai boxing, etc. I am ready to finally do somethig for me! I have wanted a full tummy tuck for sometime. I have... READ MORE

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