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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I had a csection 8 years ago pondered 3 more kids since. I am in much need of a tummy tuck! My breaking point was going to the beach with my cousin and her little boy asked why my stomach was so messed up and hers wasn't. I know kids don't know better and it shouldn't have bothered me so but It... READ MORE

My time has finally come to do what I've been wanting to do for years. I've decided to go with Dra Fatima Almonte for my surgeries. I will be getting a tummy tuck, liposculpture (full back, full abdomen, flanks, waist and armpits) with a BBL. My surgeries are scheduled for August 17, 2015. ... READ MORE

I have searched online for years now and just 2 weeks ago finally decided to send in my down payment to Dr. Medina. I'm going to lipo and a TT for now, if everything goes well(God willing), I want to do a BL for round 2. I have 2 GORGEOUS kids and do not plan on having any more. Although... READ MORE

After losing an excessive amount of weight, I was left with an abundance of skin that I knew I would need to eventually get removed and after saving for a couple of years I was able to afford the operations that I was looking into. I went to a couple of consultations and found everyone... READ MORE

Hello everyone i've Been wanting for 8 long years to get a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. But i wasn't a candidate for a long time because i was to skinny and didn't have enough body fat to transfer. I am also a gastric bypass patient. .so it was hard to now put on weight. .so in may i... READ MORE

I was tired of how I seen my self every day in the mirror, so I called Dr. Bancroft, I came in for a free consultation, he was so friendly, explained what would be done, said I would be a different person, it was hard for me to see what he was talking about. June 22, 2015 I had my tummy tuck,... READ MORE

I am planning to go to DR for a body make-over I'm a little nervous but I have been stalking this sight for a couple of months now and my worries are now minimal the Doctor I choose to do my SX is DR. LUIS LIMA VARGAS so I will keep you guys posted on my journey I already contacted Janet his... READ MORE

I have nothing but good things to say at this point ,the communication with Dr Robles team has been excellent and question that I have has been answered and her work looks great. I anticipated this surgery for over 5 yrs and finally after taking care of everyone else it's time for me to be happy!!!! READ MORE

I am a mom of one, am 30 years old, 5ft tall, 105lbs. and recently got engaged to the love of my life. He has a son I adore, and we are happy with our little family of four.... No more babies :) Soooo, I have been researching for over a year, have met with 6 doctors, and considered multiple... READ MORE

I am 5'7 about 130-135lbs. I work out a lot mainly running but also do a lot of beach body workouts. My kids were big both 9lbs and the last was 10.2lbs. I consider myself lucky because I have no stretch marks and no c-section scar. I am contemplating a TT but am scared to death of the scar. I... READ MORE

I am like everyone else on here. I have been reading stories on here for a year now. It's been great reading all of the journeys.(: I am 40 years old, I am around 210lbs and 5'4 ! I will try and lose some weight before my surgery but I am ok if I do not. My Dr. Told me that new studies have... READ MORE

I lost over 100 lbs. I am a proud mommy of two beautiful children ages 7 and 2 .I always wanted the tummy tuck since losing the weight plus I have always wanted larger breast since always lol!. So here I go .I have very happy with my results so far. I realize I have a ways to go ,but I am very... READ MORE

Hi every one! First of all thank you so much for all your posts and pics it’s been so helpful for me in making decision and now I am planned to have my TT done this 16 of June yey!! Very nervous! I am 5.2feet/158 height and 58kg/127lbs. I have gone tru pregnancy twice and the last one was... READ MORE

I wanted to start this review pre op but my work schedule was impossible. So I'm three days post op right now and I will try to contextualize my journey. First off, I need to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the courageous ladies who have shared their stories and offered encouragement. I am 5 feet... READ MORE

Surgery is in 5 days so nervous ! I keep having nightmares about the surgery for some reason.Dr. Chris Thomson is my surgeon. He spent almost 1.5 hrs at my consultation appt with him. Very professional , extremely realistic &doesn't sugar coat anything. He agreed to also perform lipo of the... READ MORE

I want to bring back the sexy lady inside of me. My stomach has not been flat since I started having kids. I have 2 of them & my oldest is 21. I am a grandma and a wife. I have wanted lipo and TT for long & I discovered real self & been hooked every since. Reading your reviews help me to decide... READ MORE

I decided in 2010 to have a breast reduction. 4 years later took my first step and had my reduction on Nov 26th 2014. Taking the next and finally step and getting a TT on Sept 29th 2015.It has been an up and down rocky road with this mission to have a TT.No turning back. Everything is paid in... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm here today to finally start my rs journey. I've been doing the obsessing as most of us do prior to finally saying "I'm ready to really do this". I'm 27, with 2 children, a man, 2 cats, full time school and a part time job. So yes my plate is full. Last month I was at my highest... READ MORE

Am a single mum with a 7 year old...I need to get my groove back...my pooch tummy looks horrible...it has a life of its own.....it grows when I add weight no matter how much exercise I do.........I just need it gone....I would like to wear a dress without spanks on....and tuck in my jeans... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember, the puffy roll of skin & fat around my middle is an insecurity I've carried with me - physically and especially emotionally. I don't like to be in pictures, because all I see is The Roll. It's impacted my dating life in negative ways. It's on my mind pretty... READ MORE

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