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Abdominoplasty (more commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This procedure is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. Due to the amount of skin removed, a new belly button needs to be created. Liposuction might also be performed along with a tummy tuck, most often on the flanks or “love handles.” LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,725

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I have been wanting this for over 10 years now. I'm 30 with two kids. Im 5'4' and 155 pounds. I had my youngest when I was 19 and my second child 1 1/2 years ago. I gained 65 pounds with each pregnancy. I had c-sections with both babies. After my first child I worked really hard to get in shape... READ MORE

I was that anxious patient with a score a few points too low for care credit. A lump sum of money that had to go to household expenses instead of getting the chance to spoil myself for once. So after 2 + years of multiple consultations with Dr. Pousti and his staff I thought for sure they would... READ MORE

Hi all I have read some amazing story's and can't wait for my tummy tuck!! I have posted on here because everyone (I think ) is getting board of me talking about it at home and you guys will hopefully know what I'm going through, I'm Obsessed with pictures you tube any thing that remotely has to... READ MORE

I have only just begun, as I met Dr. King today and have preop may 10th and surgery May 23rd. This doctor rocked and so did the staff they all did their best to work me in from the get go. I started here asking for a consult which was free after I mentioned real self. They were able to get me in... READ MORE

So I was scheduled for my surgery for Jan. 25 but i have to reschedule it because I wont have all the funds until the end of the month and now i had to reschedule my pre opt appt due to weather. Is this a sign i shouldnt go thru with this. I have had two csections 13 yrs apart! I completed my... READ MORE

I always wanted a tummy tuck. I have three kids and I'm 41 years old. My doctor is doctor Mel Ortega he does great work but I felt he could of spent more time with me. I felt rush. But other then that everyone at the office is great especially Jenny. Everyone is so very helpful and if your... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get surgery for 3 years now. It all started 3 years ago when I had Gastric Bypass surgery and went from 5'2" and 280 lbs to 135 lbs. I have been stable at 135 for 2 years now. So I think it is time to take care of my poor saggy body. Since I have lost so much weight I... READ MORE

After having a very large baby 26 years ago, I was left with a saggy belly, a ton of nasty stretchmarks, and a bulging midline. I absolutely hated my stomach! At 50 years of age, I looked 6 months pregnant, no matter how much weight I would lose or no matter how many ab crunches I did. I... READ MORE

Hi everyone. If you are anything like me- I enjoy looking GOOD! Im a African American 28 year old female who was ready for a CHANGE. I had my TT on 3/5/2013 in Jackson, MS. I got a TT because I have 2 children- 12,3- and my belly was sitting in my lap =). I felt ok with my appearance (wearing... READ MORE

Today I met with Dr. Christopher Davidson for a consultation about changing my body through plastic surgery. I used to be 215lbs, and through diet and exercise I arrived at 140, but then unfortunately bounced back to 165. I’m 29 years old, and my body hasn’t been responding to my excessive... READ MORE

Hello, Im new to realself and have been researching on tummy tucks for the past month. I'm 24 yrs old and have one child who was 10lbs at birth (c-section of course). I have that "pouch" that I just cant get rid of. I changed diets and added exercise in to my routine but I have extra skin that I... READ MORE

I have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck for many years. I have of always put myself last raising my children and now it's time to think about myself. I feel like it's the perfect time do go through with the procedure. My children are grown youngest 18, I have a great career that I worked... READ MORE

I'm just at my 2 week mark of TY with muscle repair, breast reduction and lipo, it's really a Rollar coaster ride, I can literally feel my nerves waking up, and sometimes my abdominal muscle contract so tight, like I'm stuck in a sit up or a abdominal crunch that won't let go, I'm just a little... READ MORE

Hello all! I am age 42 and I finally got up the nerve to schedule my tummy tuck! I scheduled it so that it would run through my winter break from school (yes I'm a student). I have about a month off and I figure by Christmas time I'll be somewhat recuperated to celebrate…hopefully! I will... READ MORE

OK....getting up the nerve to post pics! First had to buy a camera and clean up my bedroom! lol....never know what is going to show up BEHIND you! Being depressed because i don't have more of a support system. NONE in fact. Leaving my hometown in Illinois, to have the surgery in Florida. Recoup... READ MORE

After having my twins boy & girl , my son (Caleb) weighed 6.4lbs, & my (Abby)daughter 7.2lbs both 21 inches long, it was a shocker to my doctors a petite girl that weighed 125lbs to carry so much baby weight, full term I was out of work for 3 months because of the weight I was carry, as you can... READ MORE

I always wanted a TT after my first pregnancy 6 years ago. It left me with a lot of stretch marks and a hanging belly. I had to do a hysterectomy so I decided to do them at the same time. So I asked my Ob and he suggested me Dr. Polo. I have to say he is amazing, takes good care of you. I just... READ MORE

I've wanted my tummy fixed since my first C-section. I had my first baby at 20 years old, and I went from 98 pounds to 167 pounds at delivery. My beautiful baby girl left me with a ugly tummy. So after weight ups and downs. I finally got my weight down to 122 at the age of 29 with lots of hard... READ MORE

I am a single mother of 2 beautiful little girls and have been dreaming of having these procedures done for almost 5 years. I have done extensive research and have been emotionally and physically ready and now I finally have the money! I will be going from a b/c cup to a DD with a full tummy... READ MORE

After many years spent in the gym, age and the big "M" finally caught up with me.I have had 2 c sections and 1 appendectomy, but until about 4 years ago my stomach was flat and metabolism good. Thought if I did enough sit ups and cardio,would never have to do this,(lipo & tt), boy was I ever... READ MORE

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