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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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My stomach drives me crazy, it doesn't matter how much I work out, it still sticks out! I train 5 times a week, inc Crossfit. From this site I realised that I could have a split that never repaired post pregnancy. I saw 2 ps, one told me that it was about 18cm. Now if I do a plank and look down... READ MORE

TT with lipo of flanks. All the excerise and diet has improved my life for the better. But at 50, the gut will not leave. I don't expect to look like I am 20 again just want my clothes to wear beautifully. Like everyone else excited and nervous. The RS website has been so helpful on research... READ MORE

Hello RS friends. I've only recently found this site, just a few months ago. I am in ok shape. I run a few times a week and try to eat healthy. I have 4 kids, all delivered C section. With my first pregnancy I started at 100 lbs. size 3. I was just 18 years old. I gained 60 lbs! My body was ok... READ MORE

Having extra loose skin for 23 years and it got worse with each pregnancy, it was finally time to have it fixed. I'm a size six who always looked 5 to 6 months pregnant. I love being outside in a bikini, but was always very self conscious around others. So after debating the TT surgery for the... READ MORE

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck and liposuction of flanks and thighs TOMORROW. I am VERY excited and REALLY a nervous. I have spent quite some time reading others journeys on RS and I feel I am as prepared as I can be. My recovery room is setup downstairs in my home. I rented a power... READ MORE

I really enjoy seeing everyone's experiences and results and posts of the before surgery, the recovery process, and the end results. It is an eye opener and has helped me have realistic expectations of my own journey. I've been planning this surgery for the past two years now. I'm hopeful that... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck in June of last year and found out I'm pregnant in December! I've seen a lot of women questioning pregnancy after tummy tuck and I just thought I'd share my results. No one could even tell I was pregnant until I was about 8 months. My level of discomfort is pretty high but... READ MORE

I just want a semblance of my body back. I am 26 years old and had a couple complications and went from 165 to 315 pounds in 9 months and have busted my ass to lose all of it and show my children that though mommy is fat she is healthy. So, I am doing this for my children and so I can wear a... READ MORE

HOLY SMOKES tomorrow is the day. I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve lost 140 pounds with the help of a lap band over 9 years ago. I have been left with bat wings and plenty of stomach flap which remain no matter how much I work out. So I’ve decided to do something it... READ MORE

I am very, very anxious about all of this. I'm at a steady weight of 189. I may lose a few pounds before the surgery, not sure yet. I have confirmed my date, and paid my deposit with Dr. Medina. I will arrive in the DR 2 days before the surgery and leave 12 days after the surgery. What I am... READ MORE

My first post on rs! Been stalking other TT'ers on here and I'm so ready for mine on 12/29! Here are some pics I've finally got the nerve to post! currently 143 at 5'5'. Been working out like crazy the last 5 yrs but can't get rid of this belly. Gonna try to drop abt 5-7 more lbs. Advice... READ MORE

Hi RS friends! Been reading tt reviews for a few months now so now it's my turn. Been doing hundreds of abdominal's weekly at my local gym, along with swimming, biking , walking. I'm 5-2, 135lbs but can't loose this flabby belly!! So after a lovely visit with my favorite ps Dr. Daniel Atwood in... READ MORE

I've been stalking real self for about a year in regards to tummy tucks. I have a vertical scar from an emergency c section 14 years ago. I also have had laproscopy surgeries that have left my belly button misshapen. I'm 5 foot 4.25 inches. :) and weigh 128. I my weight is steady . I want... READ MORE

Here are the fast facts; I am 33, I will be 34 at time of surgery. I am 170cms tall. I have 2 daughters - D#1 (02) was 9pd4oz, D#2 (08) was 6pd neat. Pre pregnancy I was 63kgs and busty. I generally wore size 14 clothing. Pregnancy #1, Over 100kgs at full term. After baby 1 and got back to... READ MORE

I did it because I wasn't happy the way I looked. I'm so happy with the result and my husband loves it. I fiel great. I think I made the right desition. I can't ask no more. Every time I look myself in the mirror, I could see that I look fantastic. I recommend it to any person who wants to do... READ MORE

Going in for consultation for tummy tuck maybe lipo to flanks and mons area I havent had it done yet Im going Tuesday March 17th 2015 I hope the Luck of the Irish is with me I wander If I book that day if they will give me a discount I got quote of 8100.00 Any kind of suggesting would be... READ MORE

Hello everyone my sis In law recommended dr.yiylyplastica, I have to leave my this month. Im looking forward to having the surgery for my birthday mid November. Traveling all the qay from NEW york. I pray everything goes well. This is my first time having a cosmetic procedure. So far everything... READ MORE

I'm a mother of 2 beautiful children and suffered from depression every time I had to get dressed, especially for an occasion due to my undesirable hanging belly. I'm sure most women can relate to this! I had wanted to do a tummy tuck for a long time but was so afraid of all the unknowns. I... READ MORE

My name Linda N, I am 40 yrs with 4 kids, I had always had these gross love handles and lower back fat. i decided to get lipo done on my upper/lower abs aswell as the lovehandles for the overall look and I want to do a same times with full tummy tuck + buttock(fat grafting), I went to many... READ MORE

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