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During a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, the surgeon removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall. LEARN MORE ›
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I have never been comfy with my body, i was chunky when i was younger and after loosing Almost 60 pounds i was left with loose skin and a frowned belly button, after i had my son 7 months ago it got way worse, and im so fed up with it im ready to get my tummy tuck and lipo! Cant wait to pop out... READ MORE

As a result of Crohn's Disease I underwent many series of surgeries. This past April I decided to go ahead with a full pro-colectomy which suffered poor wound healing, as a result from an infection. Soo after 8/9 of 6 open holes being packed they finally closed however they formed into dimples... READ MORE

I am a bit nervous. I am 33 and had 2 very large children (9.6 lbs and 9.4 lbs) 13 and 10 years ago. After spending money on braces for both of the kids, dance lessons, swim team, muy tai boxing, etc. I am ready to finally do somethig for me! I have wanted a full tummy tuck for sometime. I have... READ MORE

I am a 39 yr old mother of 1 child (who is an adult now). As far as I can think back.. I have been insecure about my body. After I had my son, I had become rediculious insecure. I would not get undressed in front of ANYONE! Guy, girl, family..no one! I've lost a couple of boyfriends thruout... READ MORE

I had 5 pregnancies with the 5th resulting in twins with 3 of the deliveries via C-sections. I've always been on the thin side, however I gained 70 lbs from 2001-2007. I got to a point that I just didn't care about me or my weight anymore. I couldn't climb the stairs without becoming sob and my... READ MORE

Hello Ladies.. I scheduled this surgery about a month and half ago and I had a split minded every second. I was so fearful about the pain. I am 135 lbs with 5.5' tall. I am okay not to have done but the stretch marks. I gained about 60 lbs on the first pregnancy and my stretch marks began...... READ MORE

I have my tummy tuck booked for 3 weeks time and I'm so nervous/I almost don't dare to be excited in case I'm disappointed. I'm worried my scar will be too high, I'm worried the operation will go wrong or that I'll die and leave my twin daughters who are 2 years old without a mummy just for... READ MORE

I'm a 46 y/o Mother of 3 (17,15 & 6).im 5'3" & when I decided to lose weight 2 years ago, I was 182. I got down to 133 & am probably 145 now. I work in an office & Finally decided to get a TT. I didn't do a ton of research because I knew this was something I desperately wanted & I had a budget.... READ MORE

I am a 39 year old wife and mother of two boys, my oldest is almost 19 and my youngest is 10. I have wanted to do a Tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo for the past 5 years. I did a consultation in 2009 with a Doctor in Orlando, but due to unavailable resources and how expensive it is in the United States... READ MORE

I'm 47 year old mother of 4 (ages 13,15,21,23). I had one case toon and the rest vbacs. My first one ruined my body and the rest just added insult to injury. I'm getting a full tummy tuck with minimal lipo along the upper abdominal area. I quit smoking for this surgery, my true goal was to quit... READ MORE

I am a very active mom of 4 children. My favourite thing in the world to do in the little "me" time I get is to do something active. I love crossfit, running, yoga or just lifting weights. I decided after baby #3, when we were done having children, I would get a tummy tuck. BEST thing I've ever... READ MORE

I am so ready to have my flat tummy back! I got really bad stretch marks with both of my boys. The Dr said that I had lost muscle tone in my stomach so no matter how much I work out I will always have a tummy. The tummy tuck will get rid of most of my stretch marks and it will be flat once... READ MORE

From back boobs to huge "hate" handles that need to go !! After a long long desire to have them trimmed & years of frustration with diet and exercise my body has no intent in changing shape so ........ I have to trim the fat myself ! My first consult was today . I don't think I need to doctor... READ MORE

I come from a line of curvy females. Genetically I have been blessed in so many ways. I certainly don't look my age (a new grandmother!) and my three pregnancies have left me with no saggy belly, and no tummy stretch marks. However, life saving surgery as a young teenager left me with surgical... READ MORE

Date has been set! I met with two surgeons on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. I had an appointment set with a third, but canceled after talking with two. Each Dr. said pretty much the same thing, but it was the approach that was different between the two. I brought a list of questions to ask each one.... READ MORE

So I've always had a flat tummy until I fell pregnant and gained roughly 30kg's each time. Even though everyone said it was only my tummy that was big!!! I've lost all the baby weight 6 months after my last child - and now weigh a healthy 65kg's. I love exercising and try to make it to the... READ MORE

Hi I'm in the uk but this site has really helped me. I've been for my pre- op assessment and the date is fixed. Nerves and excitement are all mingled into one. I have terrible stretch marks and loose skin following two pregnancies. Then over the years I've and put on and then lost weight.... READ MORE

I would like to have a flat tummy for the first time in my life. I had lipo and it made me lumpy. I also just had stomach surgery after an accident. I know I will have scars but having a tummy that I don't have to wear baggy clothes over is what I have dreamed of. Bikini is not in my plans but... READ MORE

Where do I start iam a mother of three with three c section . I am a veteran after 10 years in. Now I am ready to get back to me I work out five days a week and just cant seam to get rid of the tummy. I am going to MGH and I am soo ready to go now . I am going to the teaching hospital I have... READ MORE

Hello. I've been addicted to this site since I googled all about tummy tucks. I love how people get back to you and have weekly pictures and updates. I decided I'd post my experience to help and for my own refection. Right now I'm 2 days post-op but before I got to this point I lost an... READ MORE

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