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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I've gone from a size 20 to a size 4; from 240 lbs to 170 lbs, which puts me only 10 lbs overweight at my height. I wear my dream pants size now. The deep stretch marks above the pubic area and the droopy skin especially around the belly button is not my dream though. I'm having a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Surgery in less than 48 hours...so nervous...first patient of day....i have to be there at 4:30am...so worried of the pain...if i could handle labor i should be able to handle this :) Been calling the office since 2010 and never had the courage to make the consultation appt. The big day is... READ MORE

Long story short. Put a ton of weight on when pregnant with my Eldest son. Fast forward 17 years and I have finally got it all off and am healthier and stronger than I have ever been but have been left with the saggy skin that the fat used to fill out. I'm having a tummy tuck and medial thigh... READ MORE

I've considered this procedure for years now but, nervous about complications and expectations not being met. I'm a black female, 34 with family, and a Mommy Tummy. I've done lipo to flanks before but was a huge waste of time and money. This time I want RESULTS and I want it done right! I read... READ MORE

Dr. Munish Batra is amazing doctor. He has great bedside manor and actually cares about his patients. I consulted with him back in May in regards to me getting a tummy tuck. I used to be real overweight all my life, weight fluctuated and I had 2 children via c section. No matter how much I... READ MORE

My goal is to have a flatter tummy as well as my breast not sagging, what do you think? I should choose for my procedure I have no other health issues and exercise every day . I want to feel young again I am 44 years old . I am looking for a plastic surgeon that is use to working with healthy... READ MORE

I am now in the faze of trying to decide if I should get a tummy tuck or liposuction I have lost over 100lbs and still have 50lbs to go most of my weight is in my lower abdomen area I still have a little muffin top at the top of my abdomen with the huge weight lost I have a lot of excessive fat... READ MORE

I am a mother of two beautiful girls. One is 10 and my baby is 1. I am also married to a supportive husband who is going to help me through this process. I have been wanting a tummy tuck since I had my first child. Now that I have had my last baby it is time to get me back!!! I have been... READ MORE

I had always been a petite, size 0-2 girl, friends praised how fit and healthy I looked before I got pregnant. I only gained 28 lbs. from my 1st pregnancy. Since I breastfed my child, I was able to lose all the weight within 6 months. The 1st pregnancy didn't leave me a single stretch mark or... READ MORE

Went down for surgery at 10.30 am.. Very tearful ???? but staff were lovely and yes I woke up ???? Pain wise it, I won't lie, above belly button was really sore. Felt like I'd done a days worth of ab work and then some. No pain elsewhere.Had to stay down in recovery longer, due to blood pressure... READ MORE

It is now 7 days before my surgery. I am soooo excited but nervous at the same time. I have my preop this Thursday where pictures will be taken and for the last time I will see my belly hanging when bent over. I will be making my way the store to buy garments, etc... Any suggestions? I have been... READ MORE

I have my fair share of fat, excess skin, and stretch marks that I have been beyond ready to part ways with. After having both of my children I was quick to reach my previous pregnancy weight. However, like many other women I was left with the wonderful parting gift of sagging skin, separated... READ MORE

I can't wait to have my body back after 15 years!!! I had my first child when I was 20 and gained 90lbs during my pregnancy. Because I was young, I lost the weight pretty quickly, but my stomach was left with saggy skin and tons of stretch marks. I didn't plan on having any more kids and always... READ MORE

I come from a family of heavy set females and so I never been small in size. The smallest I have been is a size 10/12 and that was on my wedding day 32 years ago. However; I have always had large breasts but a smaller back and waist until two C-Sections. My children are 33 and 23 and having... READ MORE

Hey..I'm new to this but wanted to share.im 27 with an 9 year old..when I gave birth at 18 I was 120 and since then my weight as went up but as a result of my pregnancy I got tons of stretch marks. .the most I ever weighted was 220..I have pouch around my stomach. .can't wait to get fine I'm... READ MORE

Finally had my consult and scheduled for TT with lipo to inner thighs and flanks. I am currently 5'4 138lbs. Hoping to get down to 132lbs by surgery date. I am extremely nervous and excited. I have wanted this for over 10 years just too scared to go through it. If you have any advise for... READ MORE

I can only describe my body as being destroyed by a single pregnancy. That really is how it feels. I gained 70lb during my pregnancy in 2011 and I have lost 84lb in the 3.5 years since then. My stomach was stretched beyond the point of elasticity and it hangs from me like an apron of blubber.... READ MORE

Sooo tired of not looking great in my jeans anymore. I had to by larger skirts to fit my waist then have to take them in through hips and legs. I still have lots of swelling. I am top I should go downseveral sizes !!!!!! I'm only five days post op so I have at least threes before I have... READ MORE

I have dieted and used a gym for the past 10yrs but still cannot move that tummy. Have a c section 16 years ago but my tummy still looks like I'm due next week. I weight 10lbs and 5ft 4ins. looking forward to do a tummy tuck with muscle repair and a breast lift. My body deserves it as my 40th... READ MORE

Ladies, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences on this website, this is why today I am sharing mine. Happy mother of two young ladies, and after a very difficult experience found my Prince. America has given me a new opportunity. I am from South America, and the whole experience of... READ MORE

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