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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,700

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I'm shopping for tummy tucks. I've had a lot if fluctuation in my weight over the years from 135 to 260. I'm also interested in a bbl and some thigh and knee work. I've contacted Dr Cardenas for an estimate and am awaiting her response. Posting the pictures are so difficult to do it really puts... READ MORE

After having 2 kids, I have a ugly saggy belly with ugly strech marks, need a flat stomach, so I'm doing a TTuck w mr and lipo on the flanks, in one more week will be doing my Ttuck... I'm so ready to have a flat stomach, I'm putting strech marks lotion in my belly, so when de Dr pull my skin... READ MORE

I was considering going to D.R for my sx. Changed my mind. But in a recent patients opinion which doctor has more pros than cons? DR.SALZHAUER OR DR.SALAMA in Miami? I love both of their shape work! Shape shape shape! Molding&sculpting technique must be on point! I am asking your opinions but I... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I am determined to have Dr. Cabral as my surgeon. I have gotten quotes from Baez, Molinas, Medina and Robles. However, Dr. Cabral has won my vote with his compassion. I called his cell phone on Duarte's Day which is a DR holiday. Not only did he answer but he also gave me... READ MORE

I have had weight gain and weight loss and never had a large tummy until I got older. I'm very nervous but I have complete confidence in my surgeon. Having a TT and liposuction of flanks, back, lateral breasts and a small bit off the outer thighs to correct a previous liposuction surgery. I'm... READ MORE

All my life I have always had a tummy on me, nothing that I couldn't suck in. But after having my 3rd child, and gaining weight from poor eating habits, I found that sucking in my stomach was no longer an option. I tend to wear loose fitting shirts, because I'm embarrassed about my rolls of... READ MORE

My name is Kryss and I am mom to an 11 YO girl who is the light of my life. I chose to get healthy so I could be here for her when I am old and gray and I lost 130 lbs . Now I have excess skin all over my stomach region. I really thought I would lose the two tummy thing, nope! Still there! I... READ MORE

5'6" 130 lb. mommy of three who is more than ready to be rid of extra skin and stretch marks!! I will have a full TT with MR on Dec. 20th. I exercise 5 days a week but no exercise can fix loose skin so I am finally getting this done. I have 3 great kids and of course they were worth the damage... READ MORE

4 years ago I had my son. I was 129 lbs before I had him and a size 4. Now I am 130 lbs and have to wear 9-11 just to fit my stomach. I live everyday thinking about my stomach. I hide it pretty well in clothes but it's so uncomfortable. Monday morning I am calling to schedule a consultation and... READ MORE

Well 5 years later and I'm finally getting a tummy tuck! Went in to pay and have "before" pictures taken today. I've been super nervous all day because now it's real! I went back and forth for years on the whole tummy tuck thing. I'm totally fine with most of my lovely lady lumps and I'm truly... READ MORE

I had 4 full term pregnancies with large babies (9+ pounds) and at my highest weight was 338 pounds. I had weight loss surgery in Oct 2011. I lost 160 pounds. My abdomen was a wreck. Lots of hanging skin that would get recurrent infections. I needed surgical intervention! I feel that my... READ MORE

I've wanted to do a Tummy Tuck for a while now. Had my 5th baby over 4 years ago. All natural but extra skin and stretch marks. I crossfit 5 days a week and am really strong just can't get rid of the skin. I'm super crazy nervous to do this but am trying to just make it to the surgery without... READ MORE

I am 43 years old. Mother of 3. Ages 14,11 and 10. 5'5" 128lbs. I work out very regularly and eat well but can't get rid of the extra skin on my abdomen. I have been reading these reviews like an addict and they have given me some peace about my decision to go through with the TT so I figured... READ MORE

I'm 34 years old, mother of 4 aging from 15 down to 8. I've needed a TT since my second baby as my first pregnancy I gained so much weight then two months after giving birth and no time to shed the weight I found out I was expecting again. They are 11 months apart and boy did it take a toll on... READ MORE

Surgery April 6th - 21st Rest Home: Serenity (cabral ) Cabral $5500 w/o BA $6500 with Finally starting my RS journey after all of the stalking. Ig DRdollLA. I've found plane tickets from $409 through Jet Blue that's something like amazing. I've researched my rest home. I've just been doing... READ MORE

I lost a lot of weight (82lbs) in about 9 months following a much-needed hysterectomy. I had been depression eating, and that surgery lifted my spirits :) I had always had issue with my belly button, but the weight loss left me with excess skin on my thighs and belly. I don't care about the... READ MORE

I for some time been thinking of getting a tummy tuck. So my goal is my diet I told myself I wasn't having no more kids so go a head in get started. I just want a fresh start I want a new me I really hope u can help me out. I'm hoping that someone can get in contact with me so I can acquainted... READ MORE

I hate the way my stomach looks. Atfer 3 c sections ive been left with a saggy overhang. I had my last baby a yr ago and got tubal ligation done aswell. I was overweight after my second baby and so within the last year ive exercised and managed to get down 10st (still classified as overweight... READ MORE

I will have a combination of procedures; starting with my plastic surgeon doing a liposuction of my flanks, then my gynecologist will take over to do a sling, and a laparoscopic hysterectomy, once that area is completed my plastic surgeon will take over and do a full tummy tuck with muscle... READ MORE

I have pretty much never had a very good mid-section. Even before kids i had a tummy pooch and stretch marks on my hips and thighs. I've never been big, but i guess i just don't have very good skin elasticity. i am 5'3" and i tend to weigh around 126-130 lbs. I decided to get a tummy tuck after... READ MORE

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