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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I'm sure a lot of women can relate.... sometimes we give so much of ourselves to family that we forget to love ourselves. Well that's me.... I had my first child at 17 and from that point on the me I once known was out the door. Now don't get me wrong I kept my appearance up and portrayed to be... READ MORE

After many, many years and two abdominals and flanks liposuctions, I finally decided to go for a TT and upper flanks lipo. Since this website has helped me so much, I really wanted to pay it forward and start my review to help out others thinking about having this procedure done. I will post... READ MORE

Made my appointment and now gathering everything I need for my big trip to Costa Rica. So exciting but very frightening at the same time. Was able to get scheduled in short time. Dropped my estrogen, amitritpylin, Aleve pm (converted to tylenol pm) weaning myself off coffee. Boosting my vitamin... READ MORE

I'm only two weeks away from surgery!!! And I couldn't be more excited and nervous, I will also be getting a bbl at the same time which is what's freaking me out! The pain, and how will I sleep comfortably which I don't think will be happening lol I have all of my family's support but just sad... READ MORE

I went in to see Dr. Bohley for a consultation, and scheduled for the soonest possible opening. Six days after the consultation, hear I am, trying to recover, and writing this review. I'll try to post more about my experience as time goes by because I just had the procedure done today, and the... READ MORE

Ive have finally made my choice n thanks to all you on here. I've always thought of doing just thought it was a dream that I would never go Thur with it but yes I've book my procedure. With Stephaine Stover Miami Florida image cosmetic surgery clinic. I hope everything goes good scared but... READ MORE

I'm ready to remove the belly fat! I've exercised and it hasn't worked. I plan on losing 15 more pounds and strengthen my core and legs before the procedure. My body weight and proportion makes me a perfect candidate for this procedure. I'm not ready for the drains, but I'm ready for continued... READ MORE

I have been doing research for a while for a doctor in San Diego, Ca. I found some of the best reviews on Dr.Poustie and his staff which is why I wanted him for my Tummu Tuck. I called and spoke to Daisy and she booked my appointment immediately. My appointment went Great the staff was great. I... READ MORE

So I've been researching a lot and I'm just in love with Mrs. Baez ???????????? This is an email I sent here and her response 1) How sterile is the facility you work/operate in? Is it up to standards? it is like any hospital, you need to be realist that is not USA but we do have all our... READ MORE

After two childbirths 10 1/2 months apart and gaining 50pounds after I worked hard at the gym and clean eating I lost all the weight leaving excess tummy skin. I had my first consultation in 2009 and have finally saved up and chosen a surgeon out of three. I previously had breast lift/ aug 325... READ MORE

After having 4 wonderful kids, it was time to get my body back. I work out pretty frequently, HIIT, running etc but no matter what type of change and improvements i saw in the rest of my body, i never was able to get rid of my gut. Like most of us on here, I stalked everyone elses reviews and... READ MORE

Hello everyone, It feels strange to finally be joining this site as someone who is having surgery as opposed to just stalking all of you lovely ladies! :) A little about me: I'm 36 years old, 5'10, 128lbs, have 2 boys ages 5 and 2 and have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck since i had... READ MORE

I just want to be comfortable within my own skin. My clothes do not fit comfortable and I'm just sick of holding up my stomach up so that my skin will not irritate my groin area. I had my pre-op the other day and all is a go for next weekend. I am excited and now just ready to for it to be over... READ MORE

I had my consultamt with Dr. Vincent Naman today. I have decide to geta breat reduction goung from a 42dd to 36 C. I also asked him to give me a tummy tuck because I didn't want my stomach to look huge after the reduction. I am considered a Plus size girl wearing sizes 14/16 so 18 depending on... READ MORE

Hi all. I am 5 days PO and am feeling great. I had my surgery at Dolan park Birmingham UK. I have to say after reading a lot of bad reviews I have a very positive experience there. They were great I couldn't ask for more. Nurses were exceptional. I am not in a lot of pain and haven't been at... READ MORE

I am 5'7 about 130-135lbs. I work out a lot mainly running but also do a lot of beach body workouts. My kids were big both 9lbs and the last was 10.2lbs. I consider myself lucky because I have no stretch marks and no c-section scar. I am contemplating a TT but am scared to death of the scar. I... READ MORE

Hi dolls. I have been doing my homework and decided if I am going to do this, I am doing THIS! Who else but 'the king' to give my bod a little touch of life. I am 41, 5'4 130, New yorker. Just booked my date and sent away for my passport. Hemo is already 12.9 and I am here to share my... READ MORE

Since I am done having kids, I have decided to do something for me. I became pregnant with twins unexpectedly at 25 years old, weighing in at 240. I developed preeclampsia and by the time I delivered, I was at 315. I'm 5'6", and now down to 205 lbs :) I am still working on losing the weight, but... READ MORE

It's been a while since I wanted to do something to have a flat stomach , I do excercise frequently but not even at my skiniest days been flat ., I think is the right time to do it , no more kids on the way and I want to have more motivation on getting a six pack . Currently I'm at 140 lbs, and... READ MORE

I wanted to start this review pre op but my work schedule was impossible. So I'm three days post op right now and I will try to contextualize my journey. First off, I need to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the courageous ladies who have shared their stories and offered encouragement. I am 5 feet... READ MORE

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