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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
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Ready to pack. We'll today I just have my periodo which is good because it was a big concert to me. I have a really abundance periodo and my hemoglobin get so low any time a have it. So now I have time to reace my hemoglobin after my period and before surgery.... It is any of you going to Dra... READ MORE

During my yearly physical, my doctor noted that my diastasis recti was severe and told me that it was probably affecting me in more ways than I knew. She recommended that I get a consultation for repair. The PS measured the diastasis as 4" and told me that I have a hernia as well. For financial... READ MORE

Feel better about me no stomach I been waiting for a long time just want to be happy Im happy already my kids are grown so it's about me now so I'm getting a tummy tuck and lipo Im getting to doit on April 15 2015 can't wait just not ready for the pain my family will be here but ready for the... READ MORE

Disappointed that no one answered when I called....I had to leave a voice mail. I hope that doesn't happen if I decide to go with him. The research I've done so far, he seems to be more expensive than other PC's in the area......................................................................... READ MORE

Basically I am completely exhausted with this belly. I have had it to the moon and back. After three c-sections being cut two different ways my stomach looks awful, not to mention extremely heavy. I feel like I'm carrying around an extra 10lbs. I am looking forward to the flat side. I think it... READ MORE

After 3 kids my belly hang down to me thighs. It was hard to look at myself in the mirror and get naked in front of my husband. It was time to make a change. My aunt had breast augmentation and she recommeded Dr Sabala. I was skeptical at first and try talking to other doctors. At the... READ MORE

I am a very fun and energetic mother and wife! I feel bad at times for being so vain but I really want a tummy tuck! I went to one consultation but won't be able to afford it until next year! :( blah! I am 37 years old (almost) and I want it done! I know that there are so many women out there... READ MORE

I'm very scared because don't heard much about dr. O tummy tuck. I Heard about brasililian but not much about TT if some one had a TT with him will be very helpful to shared before and after pictures. I shan't this so much I whait for so long I need it God bless his hand so I never regret it .... READ MORE

I had a consultation today for a full abdominalplasty with muscle repair and scheduled my surgery day for the 20th of April!!! I am so excited to finally be having this done. After the birth of my first born my weight peaked out at 276lbs. 8 months later I became pregnant with my youngest who... READ MORE

The DATE IS FINALLY SET for a full Tummy tuck and Lipo of the back and waist , I been stalking this site for months... I will be traveling from Memphis to Dr Cochran I search and search and research Memphis Doctors was not impress all I saw was breast implants..Lol... I wanted a Dr that have... READ MORE

Hi RS girls, I have been stalking this site for quite some time now. First when i got my BR last year, (which I LOVE) and now when I decided to go to the flat side. Sorry, I have no before pictures of the girls, I wasn'the brave enough to do it at the time. Taking those before shots... READ MORE

I have stretch marks and an overlap of saggy skin hanging over my C-section scar. I am excited to go in for my TT. I am having a BR at the same time. I am a 34G and am hoping to go down to a 34C. I have been working maximum hours and trying to get the house ready so I haven't had any time... READ MORE

After thinking about this, seeing several surgeons over 18 years and being afraid to do it...I finally got up the nerve and realized it's something I really need in order get rid of excess skin that does not go away with dirt and or exercise. My surgery is scheduled for May 7,2015 and I am very... READ MORE

Over 40, few kids, multiple abdominal surgeries... I never wanted a tummy tuck but I desperately want and need my abdominal muscles repaired and to revise/remove my scar. My abdominal muscles are overstretched on the right side due to major emergency surgeries. I still have issues regarding my... READ MORE

After I have my twins at 32 years old my belly was a mess, the twins was almost full size babies 7.6 and 6.11, I had try it diets, exercise and all that, that we all try, nothing really work, I had made a decision about TT and finally 12 years later I did it I m happy with my result, I'm still... READ MORE

So, I finally did it! Post op day 1 and all seems to be going well. Better than I anticipated, that's for sure. My husband and I arrived in Columbus the night before my SX, to avoid traffic from ATL. No food or drink aft midnight, per Doctors instructions. I washed my hair and showered with Dial... READ MORE

I had my consultation today with dr. Bottger and it went great. I been doing a lot of research for tummy tucks through out the year. I wanted my procedure done before my birthday in May also within enough time where I can go on vacation for my birthday. I made my payment and waiting for the... READ MORE

I am a 30 year old skinny fat girl with a pouch, Even as a teenager. Now I have two boys 7 & 5, which is enough children for me. I Never felt confident in a two piece, hopefully this will allow me to wear crop tops/swimwear without hesitation. I hope this TT will help me regain my confident... READ MORE

So with my first pregnancy I put on 42kg. Before I was pregnant I weighed 60kg. At the end of my pregnancy I weighed in at 102kg. I lost all my weight after having my daughter but was stuck with all this extra skin around my stomach region. I had 2 more children and put on 35kg with each... READ MORE

I have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck for 10 yrs now. I have 3 beautiful babies. Im a wife. I have sacrificed everything to make my family happy. Now its time to do something for me. I will be 32 years old this year. So its either now or never! Im very nervous and I don't know how to... READ MORE

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