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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
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I am 34 years old, petite 5'1", 117 lbs, physically fit mom of 2 beautiful daughters ages 2 and 12. I have been wanting a tummy tuck since 2003. My oldest daughter wreaked havoc on my stomach. I was 97 lbs when I became pregnant, and topped out at 167 lbs!! I never knew my stomach could stretch... READ MORE

Hi everyone, My name is Gaby, I am an 27 years old mother of a 3 years old baby boy who is my pride and joy! I live in Europe ( The Netherlands ) but I am from the Dominican Republic. I have always struggled with my weight, after having my baby boy it just got worst specially my waist area and... READ MORE

So with my first pregnancy I put on 42kg. Before I was pregnant I weighed 60kg. At the end of my pregnancy I weighed in at 102kg. I lost all my weight after having my daughter but was stuck with all this extra skin around my stomach region. I had 2 more children and put on 35kg with each... READ MORE

I really am scared to death of having my tummy tuck, its due in 7 days.. I have been wanting a surgery for 11 years.. ( I have 3 kids and 3 c Sections, kids age is 16, 12, 4) .. and I couldnot get my self to do it.. I am such a wimp and my husband was never supportive of it... All of the sudden,... READ MORE

After a successful breast reduction last year (in Florida) I had put my 2014 TT/LIPO/BBL sx on hold because I GOT MARRIED in January (and was planning on having a 3 and last child!).. BUT it is NOT happening. No more babies for me.. Im sorry i put my plans on hold for someone else. I have... READ MORE

I am 40 and working my butt off to lose weight. I am 5'2 185 now. Goal weight is 165. People think I weigh less because I have curves and proud of them. I want to keep them too. Looking at getting a TT but the best Dr are out of state. I am leaning towards Dr. Cochran in Georgia and I am... READ MORE

I am a 27 year old mom of 1 .. I plan on Getting a Tummy Tuck Lipo and BBL in DR. Hoping To get snatched by Dr. Duran on June 2 2015!! After weeks of trying to reach Dr. Duran I used Bellavita Consultants and got my date!! Very excited for this journey!! I previously had Laser Lipo in Atlanta... READ MORE

Hi I am getting a tummy tuck, back lipo and fat tranfer(bbl) to the butt. This is something I have wanted for many years and have finally saved enough money to be able to do so. I will be traveling from Philadelphia to Columbus Georgia for dr Cochran to do my procedure. I will be staying for ten... READ MORE

I'm going for perfection!!! Dr Hasa Is Great but the Vanity Miami Office is a mess! Had Consult Doc says I need TT and Lipo... NO Extended!! Yay!! I'm so excited my sister is coming along for BBL with Hasan! Hands down he's the best! If you wanna a fat ass Go to Hasan!! I kind of scared about... READ MORE

I'm very scared because don't heard much about dr. O tummy tuck. I Heard about brasililian but not much about TT if some one had a TT with him will be very helpful to shared before and after pictures. I shan't this so much I whait for so long I need it God bless his hand so I never regret it .... READ MORE

I have been debating a tummy tuck for the last 2 years now. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Kenna in May 2013 and I got cold feet and chickened out! I was also considering expanding our family with one more child and didn't want to possibly "waste" money on something I could ruin again... READ MORE

I've been wanting a tummy tuck after the c-section birth of my first son. now that he's 10, and the other one is 7, we are in full "see the world-vacation" mode. i'm a busy working woman and just have never been able to get my abs back. time is limited as it is, and the tummy area just ruins... READ MORE

A year ago i had breast augmentation and it has been the most amazing thing! But the truth is, I really wanted a tummy tuck but settled for the BA instead. I did so for many reasons including: money, I needed to lose more weight first, and friends/family were far more accepting of the BA. ... READ MORE

I am beginning my journey from the belly bulge to a flat tummy! Today was my pre-op appt. I am 12 days pre SX and I am nervous as hell. I dove right in to it after procrastinating for so long on whether to do it or not. I did a lot of research into the techniques and doctors before making my... READ MORE

After many years of considering to do this procedure, I've finally come to the conclusion to do it! My body hasn't been the same since I had my 12 year old son. Motherhood is a beautiful gift and I wouldn't give it back for anything, but it's time to do something for me that will make me... READ MORE

So, I finally did it! Post op day 1 and all seems to be going well. Better than I anticipated, that's for sure. My husband and I arrived in Columbus the night before my SX, to avoid traffic from ATL. No food or drink aft midnight, per Doctors instructions. I washed my hair and showered with Dial... READ MORE

From the information I've gathered thus far from this site, I seem to be one of the lucky few who will be getting my TT mostly covered by insurance. I have a 6 year old, 4 year old twins and a 9 month old - which has left my body in shambles. I have a 3 inch diastasis that got worse after 10... READ MORE

I am 34 years old, 5' 2, 125 pounds. Before my surgery I was active but easily unmotivated by not seeing any change in my stomache ....I tried everything, running, Pilates, lifestyle change and I felt like my belly was the "elephant in the room" when it came to my body image. After 7 months of... READ MORE

So just like many of you lady's I've been stalking this site and decided to put down a deposit for a tummy tuck with Dr. Mel Ortega. I've been waiting a tummy tuck since I had my first child so I'm sooo excited that its finally happening soon :) I really hate all the extra skin and stretch... READ MORE

I have 2 children, ages 19 and 14. When I was pregnant with my son, my stomach errupted in stretch marks at about 7 months. I was very careful to apply cocoa butter and massage my skin to avoid this, but genetics and a large baby nixed all of my efforts. The stretch skin has always bothered... READ MORE

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