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WORTH IT RATING based on 8,062 reviews
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During a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, the surgeon removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,775

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I want a Tummy Tuck after three csections and two hernia with mesh repairs. My stomach is hard or firm to touch, extends out (look pregnant) and i do not have the excess fat that is required for a tummy tuck?...am no DR but i am in healthcare. and from looking at my pictures there has to be... READ MORE

I have never had a flat stomach,even as a teenager,and always wanted one. 3 pregnancies,tons of stretch marks and a hysterectomy later,my abdomen had seen better days. I love to exercise; eat well and take care of myself,maintain a good weight,but nothing could help my " pooch" on my belly. I... READ MORE

Hi all I have read some amazing story's and can't wait for my tummy tuck!! I have posted on here because everyone (I think ) is getting board of me talking about it at home and you guys will hopefully know what I'm going through, I'm Obsessed with pictures you tube any thing that remotely has to... READ MORE

Hello Ladies.. I scheduled this surgery about a month and half ago and I had a split minded every second. I was so fearful about the pain. I am 135 lbs with 5.5' tall. I am okay not to have done but the stretch marks. I gained about 60 lbs on the first pregnancy and my stretch marks began...... READ MORE

I have thought about doing my tummy for a long time but I am scared doing any cosmetic procedure. I am 34 years old mother of 2 boys ages 14 and 11. I had natural labour twice ( one 8 lbs and another one 10 lbs babies ) gained a lot of weight during pregnancies and never really got rid of my... READ MORE

I am very nervous but excited at the same time. I had a child 14 years ago by c-section and have this loose pouch. I would like to get more information on how to prepare myself for this. I was told by my doctor not to take any vitamins, drink coffee or tea or anything that contains herbs. I... READ MORE

Three Months Waiting For This Moment Anxiously. My Close Family Would Tell Me Your Just Fine After The Lipo,You Don't Need a Tummy Tuck! Yes, I Looked Great in Clothes,but When I Saw Myself in The Mirror Naked, I Had a pooch tummy! I didn't like What I saw. I Would Hate it! I would imagine my... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, First to all the dolls posted their journey on this site thank you was very helpfull to me. Secondly english is not my native language so their will be typo's/grammar issues. I will try my best to use google so please dont hold it against me(LOL). So my journey is starting and i... READ MORE

I apologize for the oddness of the pix. if any of them are too much either tell me to take them down or feel free to do them yourself. I am 3 yrs post opp on my gastric bypass. I lost 122 lbs. I had a full tummy tuck and removal of the extra skin on my thighs. I don't know what all to say I... READ MORE

I was absolutely thrilled with the entire process from the beginning. they were quick to respond to my initial inquiries, easy to get into, quick to fit me in the schedule, best pricing/affordability, the staff were all awesome. Dr. Fryer is amazing. After 2 weeks I am amazed at the results. ... READ MORE

Well it's time. Time for me to put myself first for once. I have 3 kids 7, almost 6 and almost 4. After my first 2 natural births getting back in shape wasn't too bad. I gained 70lbs and 72lbs but I worked out really hard and got my body back. For my 3rd I had to have a c section due to a... READ MORE

This has to have been the scariest surgery for me, why.... cause I chose to have it! Thank goodness for the valium the night before, otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have slept a wink. My surgery was scheduled first thing in the morning, yay, so I wouldn't have all day to be scared, anxious,... READ MORE

Im a mother of 3 beautiful kids and I carried all three kids full term. With my last child, my stomach was huge! I met a girl that was pregnant with twins and me and her was the same size.lol I consider myself as great mommy. I go out my way for my family. It's time to concentrate on me now and... READ MORE

Hello real self sisters. I am 24 and after having my daughter I have lost all self confidence. I had a c section in which left me with a pouch and tiger marks. I finally set my self a goal to be done by June in which I turn 25. And then my job tells me they will Close for two weeks in December... READ MORE

Hello all you lovely and brave ladies! I'm new to this and was just looking for advise on anything that may help prepare for a rummy tuck. I've read a lot of stories looked at so many before and afters and can't wait to do it. I have a consult Aug 25 and hope to book my surgery that day. Wish me... READ MORE

Hello! I an 5"4.5' (yes, i included a half of an inch ;)). I am 43 years old with a set of twins (18 years) and usually weight 135-140. I have gained ~ 12 pounds in the last 14 months, likely due to some inactivity due to chronic low back pain, which seems to be on the mend, FX. Like most... READ MORE

Well my procedure is scheduled for this Friday! I'm very nervous and a little scared at this point about the pain! I had all 5 of my children via c-section so I hope the pain is comparable to that. I am 36 years old married mother of 5! My husband is very supportive! Scared anxious nervous!!!... READ MORE

I'm planning to have a tummy tuck and liposuction with Dra. Almonte on Sept 15, 2014. The price she gave me was $4750 including 10 days at a recovery home or $4000 without. I'm awaiting confirmation of my date before I send the required $350 deposit. I'm traveling with my cousin who is getting... READ MORE

I'll be 50 years old in 5 months and want to feel completely sexy again. I'm tired of buying blouses too large in order for them to fit around my muffin top, and sitting in tub looking at my stomach on my lap (not sexy at all). Everything seems to made with that "hug your gutt" lycra in it. I... READ MORE

I am scheduled to get my TT procudre with Doctor Rafael Salas. I had 3 children by C-Section and I am really looking forward to getting my pre-childbearing belly back. I hope that his TT work on me is as good as all of the pics and praise that most patients experienced. I am so looking forward... READ MORE

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