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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I am a 38 year old wife and mother (although I've never been pregnant or had a baby biologically). I work full time from home as a nurse and home school my daughter (who will be a Senior in the fall). I have always struggled with my weight and last year I decided that enough was enough. The... READ MORE

Wow where to start.... I've been reading others stories on here for two weeks contemplating whether I should write anything and I decided what the heck, let's do this. Maybe someone will find my posts inspiring or helpful. I have 8 days until my surgery. I am nervous, excited, hopeful, anxious... READ MORE

After doing several months of research I feel my best choice is Dr. Cervantes and Aragon. Stoked for my mommy Makeover, Neck lift and BB. Leslie my coordinator has been great to work with during the whole process. There past patients have been a huge help in my decision. There is a great support... READ MORE

I'm 36 and have three boys all by c-section. I have the classic c-section "shelf". I'm so excited for my surgery on August 31st. I'm having a tummy tuck with lipo. A lot has gone into making this decision. Before and After having my kids I've always worked out and eaten pretty good. Over the... READ MORE

Had a surgeon and surgery date set. However I felt really uncomfortable. I decided to meet with another surgeon at a different hospital. I am so glad I did. We connected much better and I felt he had a better plan. I need to lose 15 pounds to have a better outcome. I have 10 weeks to do it. I... READ MORE

I have finally scheduled my consult with Dr. Rizzuti at Greenville Plastic Surgery. I am nervous but excited. I guess im more nervous with them saying that I weigh too much to have surgery right now but i know that deep down its just fear talking. I am ready to repair my DR, cut off this loose... READ MORE

I am anxiously awaiting my TT surgery. trying to get as much information and advise as i can before i go in. I am trying not to be surprised. This has helped me get much needed information and it helps that you all have been through it or will be going through it. I really appreciate any advise... READ MORE

I am new to this site and so happy to have found it! I have read so many stories over the past month and it makes me so excited for my procedure! I'm a mom of 2 who has always struggled with weight. 3 years ago I started working out and eating right and have lost 80+ pounds. But stuck with an... READ MORE

At only 25 I was told I had to lose weight (a lot of weight) or I was going to die young... So I did what any person who is scared would do... I changed my whole life. and much to my surprise this time it worked and I lost over 150 pounds in 1 1/2!!! I have been able to get it off but have never... READ MORE

I am young, beautiful, and sexy, but, lately I have not felt that way because of the stubborn back fat and high tummy. Its so hard at times to undress in front of my husband, but that all is going to change. I have finally make up my mind to go to the DR. My doctor will be Rafael E. Estévez. I... READ MORE

I was tired of having a big tummy and looking shapeless after two children. Wanted to look and feel sexy once more. I knew i was going to have a tt, muscle reoair with lipo of my upper and lower abs, bra rolls as well as extra lipo to the waist so that it will be cinched in and i can have an... READ MORE

My procedure is on April 8th. I am doing a full tummy tuck with lipo on the flanks, banana rolls, saddle bags and inner thigh. I'm 15 days out now and starting to get extremely nervous. I scheduled this back in January and thought I would lose 10 lbs in preparation. However, I'm a serious... READ MORE

I have surgery in about six weeks and I am super excited and nervous about the pain. My kids were super large at birth and it really wrecked my mid section. I work out 3-4 times a week and eat fairly healthy. I've lost weight recently but usually stay around the same weight. I am not trying... READ MORE

Hi every one. I am on the real road now had my second consultation now just got date through to day 24 th March hope all goes well. I have been swimming like a fish this pasted few weeks. This is a long story but will cut it short. Since being younger I have always not liked what I see when I... READ MORE

I have wanted a tummy tuck since my first baby was born. She was two weeks overdue and I was huge at the end of my pregnancy. I still looked ok after the first, but the second pregnancy led to so ugly distortions to my abdomen. I have no stretch marks, but my skin looked like that of a 90 year... READ MORE

So far I've had my consultation and today I had the blood work and check up done that the surgeon requires. I've lost around 80 pounds and have quite a bit of extra skin/sagginess hanging around on my stomach. It makes me very self conscious and I am so excited to have it removed. My pre-op... READ MORE

On May 12th, i am scheduled to have a TT at Vanity Cosmetics with Dr. Hasan. I was referred to him from a co-worker and I am so excited.... Does anyone have any advice for me?? Currently I have an adominal hernia from my last pregnany, and it makes me look preggo still. ughhhhh, i can't wait to... READ MORE

Excited, and nervous. I've had 2 children, both delivered by c-section and gained a good amount of weight during my pregnancies. The skin is hanging around 5 years later and just hangs down over my clothes. It's uncomfortable to wear jeans and I don't feel confident in my clothes. I'm a runner,... READ MORE

I love this site!! Ive been searching for years for support and people who understood and may have the same issues. After my c section for daughter who is now 4, ive been scarred. A big hanged pouch, I HATE IT!!! Im from the Bahamas where are medical system is not advanced. So ive been pursuit... READ MORE

I will be having a fleur de lis tummy tuck on Thursday, I had my pre-op and all seems well. I go in at 12.30pm so it will be an afternoon slot and my surgeon said around 3-4 hrs. I have never had a surgery before so I'm going to be terrified Thursday morning. I'm excited about having this done... READ MORE

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