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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I've been lurking around reading posts and wishing I've done this sooner BUT here I am 7 weeks pre op and getting nervous. I always had a protruding stomach and after 2 kids it didn't get any better. I've done all of the dieting in the books, lost weight, gain weight, nothing helped. A couple of... READ MORE

Im 18 years old 5'7 with no kids,40DD in bra and i weight 240 lb. im about to get married. I have always been fat and that has bother me alot. I went to gyms many times and took different kind of products to loose weight but nothing did any results,so im looking forward to do a tummy tuck,,a... READ MORE

I am 42 years old. I have had 5 pregnancies which resulted in 4 children and 1 miscarriage. I have always had larger breasts than I wanted. In high school, I was a 36-24-36. At the beginning of my first pregnancy at the age of 17, I was underweight and an anemic. I was told to eat and the more... READ MORE

I expect to have a hernia repaired, look better in figure skating dresses, and maybe get a little stronger. Of course, I am nervous of the unknown. But, I have not time to be nervous. I am skating in a figure skating show with an expected large audience in the thousands in late August (to... READ MORE

Had a consult with 3 doctors. It was a very difficult decision as I had 3 different opinions as to where the scar from my old belly button whole is was going to be. In the end I picked the doctor with the more extensive portfolio. Although I wished I could go with the doctor who initially... READ MORE

I am a mom of 5 little ones, (2 set of twins) and I need a mommy makeover in the worst way. I am scared, but confident in the fact God makes no mistakes. I not only want a better body, but to boost my self esteem. I have paid gym memberships, personal trainers and NOTHING is helping. Then about... READ MORE

I had my last child at 41 and as you can see my body never recovered. I waited until I was postmenopausal to have my work done. Dr. Case did a full Tummy Tuck with Lipo to the back, flanks and epigastric areas. I have had a pretty smooth experience. The first couple days I was taking pain meds... READ MORE

Dr.Don Fontana is the surgeon who did my rhinoplasty last year & I am very pleased with the results. I had a non plastic surgeon, Dr.Rosemary Verghese do smart lipo on my abdomen. It was a huge mistake. I got a big seroma and it is now lumpy & wrinkled. I'm hoping Dr.Fontana can fix it so I can... READ MORE

I've wanted a TT for the last 6-7 years and put it off for one reason or another. I'm fit and realized how easy I lost my zest to maintain it because nothing would help me get rid of this hideous stomach. I was tired of my self esteem taking a hit and just decided to do it. Best decision I've... READ MORE

I keep pinching my belly and visualizing the new me. It's so exiting to be getting a new lease on life. I'm sooooo nervous but I know what NOT getting the sx will mean for me and my confidence. I NEED TO BE HAPPY!! My expectations are realistic. I'm not perfect , I just want to be a better... READ MORE

I started my research 2 years ago and finally decided to go with Dr. Pantoja for a Tummy tuck, lipo ,and fat grafting. I've read tons of reviews here that helped me alot. I am hoping to get a date in March when my daughter is off school so my mother can take care of her when I leave to TJ. My... READ MORE

TODAY is my surgery! I can't believe it's here... So far so GREAT. Dr Pousti has made this decision so easy for my husband and I. I was very nervous to go through with this surgery. Is it worth it? After having two kids the aftermath on my stomach was depressing. I'm a tiny 120 pound woman and... READ MORE

I'm excited about my upcoming procedure. I'm flying out to Atlanta for the pre-op and surgery at the end of the month. Although, I'm nervous I cant wait to see what the final outcome will be. I want to achieve the perfect fitness physique by my birthday and dream vacation. I actually found my PS... READ MORE


I'm 24 yrs old, I have a 6 year old daughter. I had her young. Loved my body before. Hate my body now. During pregnancy gained over 50lbs I was left with ugly stretch marks and a pouch. I want to do this for me, to feel better about myself. Been looking at Dr. Yily's dolls and I think she will... READ MORE

I am starting to get a little less nervous. I have been having a hard time getting use to that I am volunteering changing my body, the body God gave me. I am having a hard time thinking about how much I have wanted this since I was a kid and now the time is here. I having a hard time looking... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I have been following reviews for quite some time now. I have wanted to do this for about 15 years now. I have actually went as far as pay a deposit, but I backed out. The real truth is, I chickened out. I've had each of my children by C-section and everything went great. I'm ready... READ MORE

Im a small build and I only weigh 50kgs and have stayed the same weight since I can remember. I have had four children, my first was at 16 and the other three were all in my 20's. I had a belly full of stretch marks and my belly button looked like a frowny face. My tummy used to get itchy and... READ MORE

Hi all!! I've struggled with weight issues ever since I was dignosed with PCOS and 2 children, both c-sections. I have found a caring PS that understands my issues! I am 5"5" and weigh 230 pounds. I am scheduled for both prodcedures in Nov, 2015 and I am beyond excited!!! ( and scared!). I'm... READ MORE

Just like many of you I have been researching plastic surgery abroad. I had joined many Facebook groups that mentioned many doctors all over the world. The group led me here to real self. To be honest at first I did not like the site because it was not user friendly. I also did not see anyone... READ MORE

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