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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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After losing 120 lbs over the past 3 years, I had much extra skin that needed to be removed. On May 13th, 2015 I had a full abdominoplasty, lipo and muscle repair. The procedure was around 3 hours in length (from sleep to wake) and pain upon awakening was a fair 10/10, but was controlled... READ MORE

I am anxiously awaiting my TT surgery. trying to get as much information and advise as i can before i go in. I am trying not to be surprised. This has helped me get much needed information and it helps that you all have been through it or will be going through it. I really appreciate any advise... READ MORE

I am a petite 41 year old mother of one. My daughter is 20 years old yet I still look like I am pregnant. I have wanted a TT for so long but I am finally in a place where I can do it and I am beyond excited. I just want to look and feel normal and be able to wear anything. Right now I have... READ MORE

I had the sleeve done in 2013. My highest weight was 268 my lowest was 173, with the stress of life I kinda fell off and gained some weight back I'm currently weight 205 lbs.... smh. I plan on losing at LEAST 15 LBS before I have my TT. Plan doing high protein and low crab diet and going to the... READ MORE

Hello all! After 2 C-Sec and 100lbs lost I had hanging skin. This to me was very unpleasant! For years I wanted to get a TT & finally did it. Now I expected a bumoy journey recovering However, I am now PO 16dys & I feel tired all the time, depressed, still extreamly swollen and bruised, and... READ MORE

Hello ladies I've been reading the reviews on this site for months already and thank you to this site, i decided to go with doctor Gordon Telepun. I can't still believe I went through this surgery, I have always been so scared of any kind of surgery, always thinking that im not going to wake... READ MORE

I have always been the "biggest" girl in my group of any friends I've had and it never really bothered me until I left school. I enjoyed food. I used to sit in my room every night while on my laptop just munching away on unhealthy food. In 2009, my friends and I booked a holiday to Ibiza. I was... READ MORE

I bad my little boy 7 years ago and after a not so straight forward birth slimmed down with ease. Nearly 4 years ago I had my little princess. Again a not so straight forward birth and at 9lb 13oz I ended up with an emergency C section. My weight was at it's highest and 9 months after having my... READ MORE

Ok so i have been on RS for over a year now. thank you to all the ladies that continue to update it is always nice to see the progress wether it's good or bad. I am not new to plastic surgery i had BBL and lipo( abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back and outter thighs) in May 2014. I do have a... READ MORE

Dr. McGuire did a breast reduction on me in 2006 and I was very happy with the results. Since then, I have wanted to go back for a TT. I'm so tired of having to purchase clothes that will hide my stomach and feeling so badly about my appearance. I am very nervous about doing this and the... READ MORE

So this is my first time ever doing a review. A little background: i am 24 years-old 5'9" tall and i lost ~89 lbs when i was 18 years old (i went from 256lbs -167lbs). due to the massive weight loss I was left with a lot of extra skin sagging on my belly along with terrible stretch marks; which... READ MORE

I am a 30 year old woman, married with two kids aged 3 and 1. I have been fat since my adolescence and always struggled with weight and body image issues. I tried so many diets and attacked the gym but apparently my relation with food was pathological. Anyway, I decided to get a Mini gastric... READ MORE

I started with weighing 115lbs. And a 23 inch waist before I had children...:) After having children I gained about 10 lbs. which I still looked pretty good and skinny... As soon as I turned 30 yrs old I received an instant 10 lbs. for my Birthday!!! BAH!! And within the last year I gained... READ MORE

I wanted to do a tt with lipo and breast augmentation , Im very exaciting about it but at the same time nervous , everybody tells me that jonathan is the best of the best , in looking forward to see him in 2 weeks my tt is going to be on june 12 , i always wanted to do this but i said noooo... READ MORE

Hi, wonderful Ladies. I've been reading your journals and learned so much from it. So I've decided to start documenting my journey and hopefuly it will be helpful to others as well to me. In the last several years my weight fluctuated between 128 lb to 154 lb, my stomach protruding due to... READ MORE

Hi, I am brand new to the site and have been reading up on the stories here and have enjoyed all your pics. Thanks for sharing. A little bit about myself. I am probably the oldest on the site (52) but having been wanting a TT for about 30 years. I had my 1st c-section when I was only 17... READ MORE

I'm going in for a tummy tuck tomorrow afternoon! Pretty excited but finally starting to get nervous! Posting my before pictures now and will continue with updates throughout my healing process! Any tips or advice any of you ladies have? I'm also getting lipo on my legs as well. My biggest... READ MORE

I've been on RS since 2013 and have read a ton of posts. I am finally ready to do this, so I decided to start posting my journey along this path to a new me and I have picked the best surgeon ever. Dr. Hubbard and Julie have put me completely at ease with everything involved. I am 5'4 and weigh... READ MORE

Great website. Starting to get nervous about my tummy tuck coming up, and I don't even know if this is going through because I haven't been able to write reviews. I've been looking at a lot of pictures pre and post op, have been reading a lot of posts on what to expect. I feel relieved to know... READ MORE

I am 36 next month mother of a 13 yo and 10 yo and have decided I will not go another month hating my belly!! I am having a TT with lipo July 16th!! I'm scared, excited, anxious, so many emotions going on!! I've been reading everyone's experiences and thank you ladies because its totally calming... READ MORE

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