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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I am so nervous and scared 8 more day till surgery. i have been reading online on after care po. i hope i do well. i will be posting before and after pics. I hope this helps others make their decision on the procedure. For me i made the choice of tt cause ive always exercise and always eating... READ MORE

I can't wait for my TT procedure next. My procedure is scheduled on Dec 14, 2015. I will be traveling from VA to Dalton, GA. I plan to stay in the area for a 1 week following the procedure. I'm excited and anxious but look forward to the new me! I plan to get a thigh lift once I cross this... READ MORE

Hello all, I am new to real self but have been looking at all the reviews and pictures and they have helped me alot. I went to see Dr. Benjamin on July 29th for a consult on smart lipo but after he saw me he told me smart lipo would not give me the result I desired and that a tummy tuck would... READ MORE

I am looking for a flat stomach and waist. i have struggled with losing my stomach for over 20 years now. i had a gastric sleeve and lost 55 pounds so i have a lot of hanging skin and fat. i am very excited about the surgery and looking forward to crossing over to the flat side.. i so... READ MORE

Like many here,i have been three years browsing on Realself.I did my research one many doctors. Im 25 years old and mother of 3 beautiful sons. I will do this because my past pregnancies. I trust her and love her work of dr.Beaz. No negative reviews about her at all. So i made contact with her... READ MORE

After losing weight after having my child nearly 12 years ago and now at stable weight of 8 stone 9lb (give or take a few pounds), height 5ft 5ins, it seemed no matter what I did eating wise, exercise wise, nothing seemed to improve my chunky middle and what I call my sad face belly button. I... READ MORE

I'm a 33y/o mom of 4 girls....I'm over how I look in clothes and naked. So I'm planning my surgery for September or October 2016. I'm 229lbs and would like to be around 190 before then so im pushing my surgery back.. I'll get a BBL..TT.AND LP.... I'm excited even though I have a while to go. I... READ MORE

So far so good. I met Dr. Kasden for the first time on Jan 23rd 2014. I had been contemplating getting a tummy tuck for a few years but never had the nerve to check it out. So, I began searching in Dec, reading reviews and compiling a list of desired top Dr's. in the area. Dr. Kasden was... READ MORE

I am super excited and counting down for surgery date on Nov 20! Its been a long time wait. My husband is being supportive and on board with me. As I get older my metabolism is slower and it is so hard to drop this weight. I have tried exercising, eating better, etc but nothing works. Dr. Liland... READ MORE

Hey RS!! I am currently in Miami sitting in my room waiting to go into Spectrum to see Dr Ortega in 5 hours. I'll be getting a TT with Lipo to the flanks. Hired a private nurse to come help me for a few days. Really nervous, but even more so excited. I had a 10lb baby almost 2 years ago and I am... READ MORE

I am a 39 year old mother with two teen age kids and a 5 yo. I had lipo 10 years ago after hearing my husband talk about people with a "front butt", and it was the best decision I have ever made. That was after watching many ps shows and consultation. Since I know that i am not having any... READ MORE

Ive had the same stomach my whole life. Hanging skin and flab as long as I can remember. I live a healthy lifestyle nowadays and have lost over a hundred lbs through changing my lifestyle and eating habits. But here i am with the same damn stomach. Same at 162 as it was at 265...what a shame.... READ MORE

Ok here we go.... I am 35 years old I have 6 children (4 by birth 2 by blessing) 5 of them are girls. AAAHHH and the youngest is a lil man. I have an amazing and supportive husband. I have a full time job and then come home, as most of us do, to my full time family job. As long as I can... READ MORE

I am very, very anxious about all of this. I'm at a steady weight of 189. I may lose a few pounds before the surgery, not sure yet. I have confirmed my date, and paid my deposit with Dr. Medina. I will arrive in the DR 2 days before the surgery and leave 12 days after the surgery. What I am... READ MORE

Hey I have recently had tt with mr and lipo to flanks. I had surgery nov.25 here in my city. I am 22 with one son who is almost 5. I have already had bbl and needed to finally get rid of this loose skin and excess fat! So far I have had no pain, just minor discomfort and minor back pain from... READ MORE

On 10/21/15 I leading up to surgery I never experience nervous thoughts but instead optimistic & trusting in GOD! The staff was awesome. Anesthesiologist & nurse stopped by the next day to chatter w/me Bc my name was on the list the next day. Dr. Bolling was impeccable he was understanding when... READ MORE

I am not exspecting to leave the hospital like hot jessica rabbit.I understand it will look worst before better.I am expecting to see a phenomenal change in my figure at the end of this journey. I am a little worried about damaging one procedure while trying to recover from another. I trust my... READ MORE

Although I am a couple of months away from my scheduled tummy tuck, I thought I would begin posting so I could chronicle my own results. I am 48, 165, size 12. I had a hysterectomy last year and since then, am having a difficult time losing weight. Although, in all honestly, with as gross... READ MORE

Today I had my preop and all went very well. Dr. Ravi and office staff is soooo nice. Answered all of my questions and was very thorough. I can appreciate that any day. His assistant was so interpersonal I felt as if I have known her for years. Dr.Ravi is very nice and funny too. Not only did I... READ MORE

Hello RS, I have been doing research on doctors in DR to do my surgery. I have narrowed it down to Dr. Robles and Dr Medina. They both have impecable reviews, Dr Medina's price is about $500 or so more for the same procedure but I REALLY REALLY love her place of surgery and RH (My Home RH). ... READ MORE

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