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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,725

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I have 2 adult kids and after 20 years of hiding my hideous tummy, I'm finally getting a tummy tuck & lipo (flanks). Nervous, anxious, but excited. I can't believe I'm 5 days away from the "flat side" I'm 5'10 170lbs, but I ONLY gain weight in my gut and I look like I'm 4 mths pregnant... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I'm a 35 year old who currently has surgery scheduled for December 11th. Reading everyone's stories and all the forums and FAQ on this site has helped a lot, but I think it has also kind of freaked me out in the process. Although at least now I'm informed so some of the stuff I... READ MORE

OK....getting up the nerve to post pics! First had to buy a camera and clean up my bedroom! lol....never know what is going to show up BEHIND you! Being depressed because i don't have more of a support system. NONE in fact. Leaving my hometown in Illinois, to have the surgery in Florida. Recoup... READ MORE

I am 34 years old and the mother to 4 beautiful girls. Two are biological and two are from my husband's first marriage. I got pregnant with my eldest daughter when I was 18. I'm 5'5 and went from weight 120 to 210. It was my own fault. I was depressed to be pregnant as a teen and I was doing it... READ MORE

40 yr old mother of 4...... after my 4 children, I have stretch marks and baby fat. I'm getting a tummy tuck w/ Lipo. Can't wait to see the change it makes on my life . Waited long years for this procedure, I've always done for my children, 3 are grown ,one left. So......I want to do something... READ MORE

I am super excited to start a review - I'm coming to the US from Asia for a TT - with lipo on my flanks, mon lipo and it and will be part of the TT/lifted and a thigh lift - at least that's what's on the menu. I've only met with my surgeon over the phone and he's only seen pics!! My consult is... READ MORE

Hell ya it's was painful, me being a nurse, I weighed all my options, first night my boyfriend thought I was gonna OD .. I knew what I wanted and needed.... Which was pretty much ...every freakin thingx 2.I jus forgot to my drug regimen by him before I went in to give my 6 lbs of flesh... READ MORE

Can anyone recommend DR Yager? Tummy tuck and lipo? Thinking of having surgery with him in the spring 2014 I'm 32 mother of two. I have stretch marks and looking to do a tummy tuck I will like to make decision soon. I was thinking of traveling to DR to do but don't think it will safe there, how... READ MORE

Hello Robles Barbies and all other Barbies! I'm so nervous I'm new to this community but I've been lurking for some time lol :-)!! I've been reading and looking at pics of the previous sx Dr Robles did and I'm very excited, I originally had a scheduled date in Miami for 7450 but that didn't... READ MORE

While reviewing Dra.Duran's photos on Instagram I came across a young lady's photo who shared her experience On YouTube. She mentioned RS in one of her videos and I've been on here reviewing stories ever since. The only reason why I'm interested in Dra. Duran's work is because of her results not... READ MORE

Hello RS ladies! I have been reviewing this site for several months now and decided to go ahead and post. I have TT scheduled for Dec 11th and am feeling really nervous about it. I have two boys, ages 5 and 8, both over 8 1/2 pounds at birth. After my second son I weighed 233 lbs, and lost about... READ MORE

I am a 30 year old mother of three with an scheduled Tummy Tuck on 12/19/14. My surgeon is Dr.Stephan Finical of Charlotte Plastic Surgery. I became a mother at 20 years old, gaining 70 lbs. All of stretch marks that you see, solely occurred during my first pregnancy. I was very sick & on bed... READ MORE

After researching several Houston area doctors, I met Dr. Greg Bancroft and immediately felt comfortable with him. I called my BF and told her we had found our doctor! What....I can't do this alone, so my BF is doing it with me on a different date. She loves Dr. Bancroft too! We are very... READ MORE

I am so proud of everyone for posting their photos. Maybe I'll be brave enough. Surgery is in 30 days. I'm not nervous. Just concerned bc I will be recovering on my own, and I'm not sure about pain tolerance. I have a large blob of skin in my pubic region that has prevented me from wearing a... READ MORE

After having 3 kids I am so ready to get my body back and this will be the ultimate birthday gift that I could give to myself.  I am 5"5 167 lbs & been working out for the past 6 months. I have lost close to 20 lbs, but the BELLY still remains and from what I have learned the flab is not going... READ MORE

All my life I have always had a tummy on me, nothing that I couldn't suck in. But after having my 3rd child, and gaining weight from poor eating habits, I found that sucking in my stomach was no longer an option. I tend to wear loose fitting shirts, because I'm embarrassed about my rolls of... READ MORE

I have finally decided to do this after thinking about it for years. Reading all of the posts from my fellow RS sisters has really helped with setting realistic expectations and knowing what I should be asking my PS before the surgery. My TT date is December 18th. I'm posting my "before"... READ MORE

This soon to be recent 40 year old w/(2) children final made her appt. to getting the slim body she once had before the attack of the Husband, Kids, and Mac & Cheese. Lol! I'm sooooo excited and nervous at the same time. I researched, I watch videos, I've gotten counseling, and now I'm ready... READ MORE

41 year old mother of 2 beautiful children. I am ready to get snatched in the waist! I have wanted this for years. I had major concerns about cost, scar etc fast forward 5 years second consult and I have decided to do it. After speaking with a PS in Nashville he reassured me there are several... READ MORE

I've always been fairly small but after 3 C-Sections I was left with a vertical and horizontal scar on my tummy. I'm ready for a change and have finally scheduled my surgery after a great consult with Dr. Tattlebaum for 17 Dec 14. I'm excited and nervous at the same time but looking for a... READ MORE

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