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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
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I'm only 2 weeks and 3 days away from my tummy tuck, which is so crazy to think!! It's been a long time coming, and a decision I have made after thinking about it for over 2 years now. It's still not reality to me that it's actually happening! I went to a consultation last year but ended up... READ MORE

Hello ladies I'm finally getting it together. Very nervous but ready. I'm 49 two kids and 4 grands. which they say I'm perfect already. I decided to have the Lipo on back waist tummy tuck and fat transference to my butt. Dr.Robles is my choice for the procedure I'm trying to get all the... READ MORE

I mainly want my stomach flatttttt tired of this pregnant looking belly lol , also want a little of bit of booty !!! I do want my arms lipoed but doubt I'll do that definitely want my chin done I have a little double chin and hate it so much who else is getting work done by robles around that... READ MORE

So I have been stalking real self for awhile, chose my Dr. Hensel in February, and scheduled for 4/6/15. I have 3 boys 11,8, and 5. Since my last son I have been on a weight lost journey and changing the way I eat, since 2010 I have lost 100 pounds and have been at 185/190 for the past 2 yrs.... READ MORE

I had my first consultation with Dr. Jaime Perez today... I am very happy I found him. After much internet research, I was compelled to make the appointment based on his before and after gallery. For me, its all about the belly buttons and hour glass figure. He made me feel even more comfortable... READ MORE

Im going to be headed to the DR in less than a week to get my first Round of plastic surgery. I'll be getting a TT, Lipo, and BBL. With Dr Cabral. Anyone have suggestions to make my stay more comfortable? Has anyone else had a TT by him? Anyone who has any advice, experience or kind words... READ MORE

Always like my thickness always was muscular build. I HAVE 2 girls 15 and 13 with a few other failed pregnancies, really been unhappy with my body last 5 years always on the go still traveling working but after 10yr break up I decided to do something for myself. My daughters while only children... READ MORE

This isnt really a review..... But ive been searching for the right doctor to get my procedure. I live on Long Island Ny And lets just say for a tummy tuck and Lipo in the abdominal area is very expensive . Especially for a single mother like myself . It also sucks that i have to pay for thr... READ MORE

I had a huge vertical scar on my stomach that ruined my body I'm very young and I take lots of vacations so I definitely needed this procedure to enhance my beauty????. I got a breast lift breast implants liposuction on my flanks and a tummy tuck. I had 3 c-sections so that's why I needed the... READ MORE

I've had two 10 pound babies (gained 68 pounds with the first and 50 with the second) and have busted my ass off since they were born to lose the baby weight (and more). I seen results and was happy with my weight loss (got down to the weight I was in high school!) but still could never get... READ MORE

I am 13 days pre op. I have always wanted a flat stomach. I am hoping to get rid of my stretchy skin and flabby lower tummy. I'm very excited but extremely nervous at the same time. I don't want a T scar. Im scared I'll look worse then before I started. I had my pre op appointment and my ps... READ MORE

Ladies and gentlemenm, if you are looking for a plastic surgeon for whether it be a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or a BBL, your search will end here. I had a tummy tuck with Dr.Patel on 3/6/15. I'm now 1 month post-op. I had been thinking about doing a tummy tuck for the past 3 years. And... READ MORE

Im 31 year old mom of six married to a military man. Having six kids is an amazing thing I love having a big family but it has taken a toll on my body. Before getting pregnant for my first child I weighed 115lbs. First two children I was able to get my body to bounce back but after my 6th child... READ MORE

Ready to get rid of this pouch!!!! I read several reviews on my plastic surgeon which were all great! I went in for my consultation 3 weeks ago and met with my Dr. She is very thorough and answered all of my questions on point! She stated that I am a great candidate for a full tummy tuck. I met... READ MORE

I went for my consultation with Dr. Capella. He was very honest and made me feel comfortable. He did not try to push other procedures on me at all. I was able to schedule my surgery and am going through a roller coaster of emotions. Excited, scared, nervous! I have not had my procedure yet, but... READ MORE

I'm 25 with a 7 year old and haven't recognized myself in the mirror since before he was born. I'm thinking Tummy Tuck but truth is I'm kinda nervous now that it's becomeing a reality. I am excited as well though. Also doing some Lipo on my back. I hope everything will go well and hopefully... READ MORE

I am a 29 year old female. I am 5'1 & even though with clothes on u can't fully tell that I have a "booty do" ; I have one child & he definitely STRETCHED me! Even after working out, I haven't been the same since & I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing this ugly gut, so I decided to... READ MORE

I hope to loose this huge prego gut and get into a size 8-10 pants . I hope to wear a bikini again next summer and m goal is to loose 10-15 pounds by then. i havent had the procedure yet, I am going for 2 consults in July. To see what they say and compare costs. I am a mom of 2 ages 23 yrs and... READ MORE

I've been wanting this for years, but was to scared. I've had 4 children, a tubal ligation n partial hysterectomy, but never cut across my stomach. After years of research and many consultations. I found Dr Fred Hackney. I received a no drain tummy tuck with a little lipo on the side. That first... READ MORE

Preparing Tummy Tuck on Feb 11, 2015. I am 62 years old, will be 63 on June 11, 1952. Have no health problems; do take compounded hormones. Had 3 sons and kept a flat tummy. Did gain weight due to stress on my job at one time and kept it on for about 3 years; but have had it off for about 11... READ MORE

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