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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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Like so many others I have been obsessing with this site for weeks. I wasn't sure I was going to post but so many of you have been such a blessing to me through this process, I felt it was only right to share my experience to help someone else. Because of my profession I have a strict policy... READ MORE

Hi everyone im 29 yrs old and have a wonderful 9 yr old girl who keeps me on my toes. My life is all about her but have recently recently decided to take a step back and find what makes me happy... i started going back to school (finished my first year!!! Yayyy) and realized now I want to... READ MORE

After spending over a year of reading a multitude Realself users reviews & experiences , I finally felt ready for a TummyTuck . A bit of my background ; I am 27 , 2 daughters ( 10 & 6 ) & have lost 90lbs over the past 2 years . UGH did I look awful outside of clothing , despite the yoga... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old. Having children at an early age help my poor dieting aid in my unwanted stubborn belly fat. I've juicing dieting and exercise but it just won't disappear ???????? So now I have resulted to the surgical part of it. What I am expecting is to have my body back the way it was before... READ MORE

My goal it to get tummy tuck, liposuction and bbl ... After 7 children it's time to start to think about myself. .. I pleased every one goal .. so now it's mari time .. my husband and children don't agree with my decision. ..my husband is will to ride with me in my journey. . He been trying to... READ MORE

I've had a lower tummy pooch since I was six years old! I distinctly remember being dressed in my ballet outfit looking at the other girls wondering why I was shaped differently with a more fleshy tummy and pooch. Ugh! This tummy tuck has been on my mind for a LONG TIME! I'm latina, 4'11 and... READ MORE

Have had loose skin since childhood weight-loss over 12 years ago. Am very fit, healthy, work as a fitness & nutrition professional, and am at about the weight I can comfortably maintain for the rest of my life, but the loose skin is both unattractive and uncomfortable. Hoping for an... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I'm totally obsessed over RS. I've read most journals thoroughly, and I'm confident in my desire to enhance my physique. However, WHERE DO I START? I'm for certain that I want Baez. I submitted a Consultation request via RS. Last night I dl Whatsapp to reach out to her that way. I... READ MORE

Hi , I'm Martha , after my 3 pregnancies nothing remained the same ! I am very flabby belly and my confidence was down , I was researching and trading on the surgery here in the US , but is very expensive and a friend told me about tj , and decided to investigate about the best doctors, and... READ MORE

I am seeking a flat tummy and abs. I want a smaller waist and a more rounder booty, nothing too big but definitely something more than what I have already. I am considering Medina and am looking at a December surgery date. I am working hard in the gym to get my BMI below 30 and really... READ MORE

After 2 c-sections my stomach was left very saggy and ugly. I was always ok with my body except my belly region. I had a lot of loose skin and a lot of fat around my mid-section. I decided to get a consultation so I researched plastic surgery online and found smith surgery. I was ecstatic that I... READ MORE

I am leaving this morning for San Diego to get what I am referring to as a body "re positioning" after losing 80 pounds with the gastric sleeve Sept 2013. Things just fell down. Love how easy the weight control is but not how I look now. My weight has been stable for 1 year, I feel very strong... READ MORE

Hello Dolls!! I am a 33 yo wife & mom of 4. With my last pregnancy I was on bed rest from week 18 until delivery at 36 weeks. Thank God my son made it!! However that did a number on me and I have not recovered!! Can't totally blame my beautiful children but I will say Prior to kids I was... READ MORE

Hi ladies, Just a little about myself I am 26, i have one son(3yrs) AND I AM THE BIGGEST I HAVE EVER BEEN!! Before my son i was 163,5'1 and thick as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still All ASS but now i have stomach and arms too I am now 228 lbs and I will no longer blame it on my son because he is... READ MORE

After two lipos I decided its time for a tummy tuck. I had second thoughts about it but I can't handle the fat anymore. Deposit has been made and appointment set for Dec 23. I know right before Christmas but this way no I can have the rest of the year off with time to recover. Can anyone give... READ MORE

I was supposed to get a mommy makeover with Dr lopez collado, but there where some aspects of his team that I didn't liked. Basically the lack of attention before the surgery. So a month prior to the surgery I changed my mind and decided to get surgery with Dr. Fernandez Goico. He and his team... READ MORE

Just want to make this short and hopefully helpful...I'm happy to have stumbled on to this site it has proved to be very helpful and although I did not find my 1st PS for a different procedure on this site I did find my 2nd PS on realself, Dr. Fatima Almonte. I know there is much critism by some... READ MORE

So...... After months and months of research, reading reviews, and prayer, I've decided to go through it and get a tummy tuck. I'm 5'4 around 139 lbs and it's time. I have two kids, 15 and 6. I had my son when I was 18 and it wrecked my stomach. I've lived with this saggy horrible belly long... READ MORE

After losing 50 lbs and changing my life style plastic surgery to get off the lose skin was the next best thing. ( recovery is hard so far but I'm sure in the long run will be worth it). The healing process it seems slow did I mention slow. As I said over all so far worth it. My clothes even... READ MORE

I had my tummy tuck w/limited Lipo done by the one and only Michael Decherd! & I just can't thank him enough for the magic he worked on me! I barely hit one month & Iam super happy & I can wear a bodycon dress w/no problem! He's very sweet &makes u feel comfortable I truly recommend him! You... READ MORE

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