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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I've been reading this website for months...mostly for wish pics but personal account aswell. I'm finally days away from my tummy tuck and thought I would share my before/after with everyone. I have been wanting a tummy tuck pretty much since my son was born 7 years ago. I went up to about... READ MORE

Had a great consult w Dr ward mid feb. Got called up on a cx for surgery date may 12. Very excited! I have known I wanted this for many years. Even before my last baby, who is just about 1. Tired of ppl asking me when I am due! 3 weeks pre surg today and in much anticipation! At consult I was... READ MORE

I've decided to finally get a tummy tuck. I have exhausted all efforts to get my body back pre pregnancy and at this point the only solution to get rid of the loose saggy skin is to get an abdominoplasty. It's extremely frustrating knowing that I work twice as hard as other people to get back... READ MORE

Finally had my consult and scheduled for TT with lipo to inner thighs and flanks. I am currently 5'4 138lbs. Hoping to get down to 132lbs by surgery date. I am extremely nervous and excited. I have wanted this for over 10 years just too scared to go through it. If you have any advise for... READ MORE

My expectations are to get flatter stomach. I am ready to get back to my sexy looks. My appearance has me feeling bad. I hate how i allowed my body to get out of control. Getting my thighs and chin done as well I'm so ready for this. I hate that I did not do this sooner. I went to Dr.Kole in... READ MORE

I am 13 days away from my TT w/ Lipo of the flanks, with Dr. Sato. I am excited and like anyone else undergoing surgery a bit nervous. My experience as an OR nurse, has helped to calm some fears as I have a good knowledge of the surgery and have realistic expectations of the recovery and... READ MORE

I am excited to have this procedure done. I have been wanting to have a tummy tuck done for past 8 years now, however it wasn't in my budget. I have saved my money and I am now traveling to Miami to have it done. I am nervous. This site has helped me understand the procedure more and I am... READ MORE

Since I found out my husband is okay with this (I never thought he would be), all I can think about is when I can get rid of the tummy skin that has held me back for years. My highest weight was 270 lbs, that was at the end of a pregnancy with a 10 lb, 11 oz baby. He was my third C-section. ... READ MORE

Ok at 1st I was going to Yily in July but had a change of heart when I came across Dr Hernandez. He's been on point about everything any question, concerns worries etc he's pretty much been straight forward and honest! My date has been set for July 10,2015 I'm very excited I'm getting a Tummy... READ MORE

I dunno. I feel like my questions are stupid and annoying. To the point where i don't get responses on here anymore. Also the ppl I comment on don't really respond. One did, she was very nice. My experience on RealSelf hasn't been the best. I got way more answers and knowledge and support on my... READ MORE

Hi everyone so excited about my up coming tummy tuck I've got two children 3 &5 and they were both born via c section, since then I have lost 60 kgs and I get reoccurring infections. I workout every day and they are from rubbing and hormonal changes too. I want the surgery for this reason and... READ MORE

I expect to have my kangaroo pouch from pregnancy to be removed with a tummy tuck along with any extra flab on my belly.... I'll be having liposuction to the flanks along with muscle repair as well.... So far, I am excited, but extremely nervous as well to be put under and wake up in intense... READ MORE

I am a very fun and energetic mother and wife! I feel bad at times for being so vain but I really want a tummy tuck! I went to one consultation but won't be able to afford it until next year! :( blah! I am 37 years old (almost) and I want it done! I know that there are so many women out there... READ MORE

Finally ready to shine and stop feeling sorry for myself! Done with this excess weight and flab that I've been carrying since the babies...I am finally going to do something about it as gyming isn't quiet doing nothing for me..yep csections are rough on the bod..down payment sent $300!!! Ready... READ MORE

Ladies, I've been waiting for this day for 17 yrs....I had my first child at 16 and she destroyed my belly. I have not been able to show my stomach since I was a teenager. I was even embarrassed then because of my outie. I'm getting a full TT, Lipo, and hernia repair. I've been waiting for the... READ MORE

So, I've lost 65lbs since I discovered my husband was unfaithful. My kids are grown, and I'm focused on myself. I'm still losing weight, want to get down to 160 before my sx. Started at 246. I'm 176 now. So that's 16 more lbs to go. I'm hoping to get the procedure done in June or July. I... READ MORE

I have wanted a tummy tuck since my first child was born 10 years ago. I weighed 120 when I got pregnant, and 220 at the end of it. That kid wrecked my body. I swear, it had nothing to do with all the yummy food I shoveled in my face 24/7. I went to 3 different consultations. They all seemed... READ MORE

Its been over a year since I did my BBL with Dr. Salama, and anyone who has looked into a BBL I'm sure has come across him, lol. He is the ass man!!! I also did a review on my BBL with him and it turned out AMAZING! Anyways, a few years ago i had a child and gained a ridiculous amount of... READ MORE

Hey guys ! I'm glad I found this community ! I am 21 no kids ( I do not plan on having kids for atleast another 10 years , if I even have any) I recently have lost 75 pounds (15 more to go! 5before & 10 after) my stomach has never been flat & I'm so excited and nervous for this ! Any advice or... READ MORE

I initially reached out to Dr Jose Leon I didn't receive a response for about a month and then I received a email from his new assistant. It appeared he was in between assistants. So I declined. Although he did call me personally. So it was Dra. Yily or Almonte...I decided on Dra. Almonte. I... READ MORE

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