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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,700

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Ok so here we go... My stats Age 35 (36 day of surgery) 2 fat ass babies that destroyed me 2 c sections Height 5'8 Weight 182.4 (all muscle of course ;D ) I cuss like a sailor and I'm a complete smart ass. I will do my best to edit my words...no promises :D I, of course, am trying to lose... READ MORE

I am 36 years old, I have 3 awesome kids, I love to run but can't seem to get my bikini body back. I am Getting super nervous now. I am having tt with mr and Lipo of the flanks. Only 8 days left! Just praying I survive. I am happy to have all you ladies to share this experience with as I am... READ MORE

Preparing for tummy tuck after c-section, loss of stomach muscles to tumor, hysterectomy - skin is hanging! My tummy will be a little more complex due to previous surgeries... I'm still loosing weight and I can't wait to nail down my surgery date! I already have 2 huge scars on my stomach so... READ MORE

The last 3 years have seen my belly - which hasn't had many flat moments - get worse and worse. My husband and I changed our entire diet - cut out desserts, added more fruits and vegs, changed from ice cream to frozen yogurt, etc - and he lost weight but I didn't at all. I am on day 5 post... READ MORE

I am a mother of two teenage girls who had normal pregnancies but at the time of birthing I encountered complications. These led to a number of health issues including surgery for umbilical hernia and ventral hernia. As years passed by, my abdominal muscles became weaker, and looked disfigured... READ MORE

I went in on Tuesday and paid my fees, now I'm in the middle of a waiting game. It hit me today that this time next week I'll be dropping off my kids with my sister and getting everything together. My sister is taking the kids for two weeks and my husband is taking the first week off. I'm... READ MORE

I'm excited and hands down choose Dr. Baez. So far so good, I commend this doctor for what seems like excellent results according pictures and reviews on her behalf. I'm comfortable with her good communication thus far, detailed emails and affordable pricing. Just waiting for my surgery date so... READ MORE

My time has come! I honestly don't know if I would have had the courage to go forward if not for all the candid women (and men) on Real Self. I'm one of those that needs to know all the nitty gritty of what to expect so a heartfelt thanks to all of you! My consultation was November 21, 2014... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 and weigh about 200 pounds my highest weight was 250 after I had my kids everything changed for me now I'm a hot mess and plus I'm super short lol so about two weeks ago I said have to do something about this now so I said I'm going to have a tummy tuck and get it over with now I'm... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! I've been looking at this site for years,had lipo in 2011, but didn't write a review. FINALLY had my procedure 1\12\15 and actually started writing my review the night before but lost it & didn't start again because it was 2am at the time lol! I'll start by saying that I've gotten... READ MORE

41 year old mother of 2 beautiful children. I am ready to get snatched in the waist! I have wanted this for years. I had major concerns about cost, scar etc fast forward 5 years second consult and I have decided to do it. After speaking with a PS in Nashville he reassured me there are several... READ MORE

I have three kids 5 and 1 year old twins. Always had a great figure. My first child I had at 37 weeks due preeclampsia. I gain 50lbs with that pregnancy they weight came off fine. But I was left with a saggy belly full of stretch marks. My second pregnancy was good. The doctors were on top of... READ MORE

I just began my research and if all goes well, I will be traveling to the Dominican on March 2015. My goal is to get a TT LIPO & BBL. I'm 5'11 190lbs and my goal is to have a bod like Trace Ellis Ross or Nicole Murphy. I want to have a nice shapely natural butt not a donkey booty. I reached out... READ MORE

I only have just recently have started my search into plastic surgery. Pretty sure who I want to do my surgery and have a consult scheduled for January 8th, 2015 and I have a "penciled" in date for surgery on February 4th, 2015. I work in the hospital setting and am VERY familiar with this... READ MORE

Hey ladies!! So as most of you on here who feen on this site, I can definitely say I'm obsessed lol I see the good & the bad, & I like that. First off I'm 23 mother of a 6 yr old. I just recently met someone and am now a little bit more optimistic about having more kids in the future, but so far... READ MORE

I'm now 3days postop. I'm doing a lot better than I thought it would be. I just can't stand up straight because my tummy feels so tight. So I have to walk hunched over. The dr injected exparel to numb me up to 3 days. Exparel is wearing off because when I get up that's when I feel the pain. I'm... READ MORE

I've been struggling with loss and weight gain for years ever since I had my kids. Even when I got down to my ideal weight and was doing kickboxing 6 days a week I couldn't get rid of my stomach. Things have changed a lot since then and I'm definitely not as active and I gained quite a bit of... READ MORE

Ive been stalking this website for a while now so its time i share a little of my story. After losing all the wait i gain with my first pregnancy (70-80lbs) i became pregnant with my boy which left my stomach with alot of excess skin and my self-esteem not so great, so i considered a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Im 22 years old. I currently way 288. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, fat transfer to butt and breast. Lipo of back, arms a thighs( I'm really not o sure about the thighs doe) I don't wanna pay more than 7500 for everything. Everything includes travel, procedure, garments, Meds, recovery house... READ MORE

Ok, I will be having my tummy tuck with minor Lopo to the upper abdomen and flanks on January 6th 2015. My surgery will be done by Dr. Jackie Yee at Bakers Plastic Surgery. I have seen two of my friends tummy tucks by her and they look amazing! I am 100% happy and confident with my choice of... READ MORE

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