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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
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It took me about 10 years to decide and/or realize that I needed a tummy tuck and to come to terms with having it done. I was so sick of looking good in clothes but hating how I looked out of clothes. I had so much loose skin, so many stretch marks and stubborn fat bulges. I was so worried... READ MORE

Hello TT sisters, I've been looking forward to a TT for about 4 years. I promised myself that I would get one when I turned 50, in retrospective I have 10+ years of good times, but I should've bit the bullet at 40 :( I'm at the eve of my 51 and I think time has come. Unfortunately for me, my... READ MORE

I had a consultation today for a full abdominalplasty with muscle repair and scheduled my surgery day for the 20th of April!!! I am so excited to finally be having this done. After the birth of my first born my weight peaked out at 276lbs. 8 months later I became pregnant with my youngest who... READ MORE

I decided to go with Dr. Hughes because of his confidence and ability to reassure me that I'd have good results despite a huge scar on my belly. One PS didn't mention making me a waist, another said he wouldn't touch me because of my scar so i thiught I'd be stuck with this belly forever.... READ MORE

I work for a weight loss company as a leader for the 7 years I've kept my weight off! I've dreamed of this for forever! I never thought it possible and my dream is coming true my only regret I did not do it sooner! But timing is always the way it is supposed to be right :) my kiddos are teens... READ MORE

I have always been overweight, and most recently lost about 50lbs on my own. Was at a stand still for a while. I tried ilipo to help lose some of my stomach fat, which did take off a few inches but nothing significant. Finally decided to go for a consultation for a TT a month ago and had sx... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I'm totally obsessed over RS. I've read most journals thoroughly, and I'm confident in my desire to enhance my physique. However, WHERE DO I START? I'm for certain that I want Baez. I submitted a Consultation request via RS. Last night I dl Whatsapp to reach out to her that way. I... READ MORE

Im 29 and im hesitant cuz of the upcoming pain but excited for a new ME! My surgery is set!!!!! After 3 long years of postponing this its finally time to treat myself. I have 2 beautiful children i was blessed with a boy and a girl. I think that is more than i can ask for.... i am having a ETT,... READ MORE

So I am really about to do this thang! I found this site by accident or should I say a BLESSING....... It has helped me in so many ways..... I lost weight and wanted to do something about my body. My weight was 260lbs and I now weight 200lbs at 5'9. I first found a doctor on here that would be... READ MORE

I've wanted to do a Tummy Tuck for a while now. Had my 5th baby over 4 years ago. All natural but extra skin and stretch marks. I crossfit 5 days a week and am really strong just can't get rid of the skin. I'm super crazy nervous to do this but am trying to just make it to the surgery without... READ MORE

Modified TT scheduled for March 13th! Yay I'm so excited but also feeling very guilty about having the downtime and my poor husband to pick up all the slack. I weight lift 5 days a week and eat pretty healthy but nothing will flatten my stretched out faschia and loose skin that makes me have a 3... READ MORE

I've been all over this site for a year originally planning on going to DR but decided I'd rather stay close to home. I have decided to use a doctor from Vanity Cosmetics but need to find the one who will give me the best results and the thinnest scar. Vanity has some great specials and my... READ MORE

My procedure date is approaching and I am getting nervous. I'm not nervous about the surgery itself, but the preparation itself is making me nervous. My Surgery date is Jan. 28, I booked my hotel today. The hotel is a lot more expensive then I expected. I will be traveling from out of state and... READ MORE

Had a consult with Dr. davoudi quoted$7300 had consult with Dr. losken quoted $6300 very nice Dr. Now going for a consult for smart lipo with Dr. Moody. Trying to decide what procedure to do Tt or smart lipo . My greatest concern is the scarring& recovery time. I want to choose very wisely... READ MORE

So with my first pregnancy I put on 42kg. Before I was pregnant I weighed 60kg. At the end of my pregnancy I weighed in at 102kg. I lost all my weight after having my daughter but was stuck with all this extra skin around my stomach region. I had 2 more children and put on 35kg with each... READ MORE

After having two kids, via c-section, my tummy isn't the same - especially after having my daughter 3 1/2 year ago. I look 4 months pregnant all the time and my tummy skin hangs. Constantly pulling up my shorts or jeans over it. I have tried wearing SPANX, but those get so hot. Maybe it is just... READ MORE

So far I am happy considering what my tummy looked like before. However I am ready to work out so that I can see my maximum results. I am still very swollen and going on eight weeks. I still have stretch marks and I have tried everything possible to get rid of them, even this surgery. I have a... READ MORE

Well I decided to have a tummy tuck with liposuction after my husband and I decided we were done having children. ..three kids later it seems like they did a number on my tummy:( but my husband promised Me we'd work on my body after our children(high five to kept promises) ..so my Surgery date... READ MORE

My goal is to have a flatter tummy as well as my breast not sagging, what do you think? I should choose for my procedure I have no other health issues and exercise every day . I want to feel young again I am 44 years old . I am looking for a plastic surgeon that is use to working with healthy... READ MORE

Initially, I wasn't sure about posting anything on RS. But, it is because of RS that I learned of Dr. Manuel Diaz's work. I have been researching for doctors months and it has been an exhausting process! Initially, I had my eyes on Dra. Robles. I am a plus size woman and her work is great. But,... READ MORE

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