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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I wanted to start this review pre op but my work schedule was impossible. So I'm three days post op right now and I will try to contextualize my journey. First off, I need to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the courageous ladies who have shared their stories and offered encouragement. I am 5 feet... READ MORE

Surgery is in 5 days so nervous ! I keep having nightmares about the surgery for some reason.Dr. Chris Thomson is my surgeon. He spent almost 1.5 hrs at my consultation appt with him. Very professional , extremely realistic &doesn't sugar coat anything. He agreed to also perform lipo of the... READ MORE

I decided in 2010 to have a breast reduction. 4 years later took my first step and had my reduction on Nov 26th 2014. Taking the next and finally step and getting a TT on Sept 29th 2015.It has been an up and down rocky road with this mission to have a TT.No turning back. Everything is paid in... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm here today to finally start my rs journey. I've been doing the obsessing as most of us do prior to finally saying "I'm ready to really do this". I'm 27, with 2 children, a man, 2 cats, full time school and a part time job. So yes my plate is full. Last month I was at my highest... READ MORE

Am a single mum with a 7 year old...I need to get my groove back...my pooch tummy looks horrible...it has a life of its own.....it grows when I add weight no matter how much exercise I do.........I just need it gone....I would like to wear a dress without spanks on....and tuck in my jeans... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember, the puffy roll of skin & fat around my middle is an insecurity I've carried with me - physically and especially emotionally. I don't like to be in pictures, because all I see is The Roll. It's impacted my dating life in negative ways. It's on my mind pretty... READ MORE

I am a mother of 2. Im 32 years old. I had my first child at 17 and ended up with toxemia and completely stretched my skin to the max. I never bounced back from that. I go in for the TT im the morning. Ive been reading the blogs for almost a week now and find them helpful. My nerves are on edge.... READ MORE

Hey ladies I'm Ashley I'm from Galveston Texas I'm the mother of 4 and I'm looking into TT lipo bbl and just maybe chin lipo it depends. Well I was supposed to go with Franisco Rodriguez but I want my waist snatched to the GAWDS if you know what I mean. I want a Semi-Vixen body I've heard some... READ MORE

Im 5'1 and 130 lbs, I am not considered fat but I do have a lot of stretch marks and flabby skin from 4 pregnancies. I hope to loose most of the stretch marks and get a flat tummy. I work out and watch what I eat but I know I will never reach my goal of regaining my body with the surgery. I... READ MORE

Hello new Friends, this is my first post, I am following many of you....you ALL are so inspiring. I've been a realself stalker for about a month now. I've given up instagram and FB for this site. Obsessed would be an understatement. I looking to partner up with someone interested in a Dra.... READ MORE

I finally took the plunge and scheduled my TT for Dec 17th. I had a BA/BL in June and feel great. I Was convinced I didn't need a TT and could work my way into flat abs. After much research and discussion with my PS, I finally conceded. This loose skin will never conform to its old ways. ... READ MORE

Hello, I had been looking into getting a TT done for a very long time. I have finally got it I'm on day 1 after surgery not only did I get a tummy tuck I also had back & flank liposuction as well. It is what I was expecting, not able to move around too much lots of swelling....as of right now I... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck and liposuction of flanks performed by Dr. Vinod Pathy on Sept 3 2015! First week was very difficult but after that it was a breeze... He is an artist and it was absolutely worth it! The first 5 days you will initially question "why did I do this to myself"? After that it was... READ MORE

Hello everyone :) I had a tummy tuck procedure with Dr.Patel about three weeks ago. He was the first Doctor I had a consultation with and I immediately knew he was the one. I was so nervous but during the consultation he made me feel so comfortable. His staff is awesome and really friendly, the... READ MORE

Hi there after much debating I decided to share my tt experience as reading everybody else's has been such a great help and support before and after my surgery I am 31 years old with 3 boys aged 13,8 and 3 I pretty much did most of the damage with my first pregnancy when I was 17 where I gained... READ MORE

I am a happy wife and mother of 3 girls, weighing 9, 10 and almost 11 lbs, even with strict diet, we created giant babies. 2 babies back to back, I am no 50 lbs over weight. I am 5 months postpartum , and just now starting to Work out . I swear I do not even recognize myself. It is almost... READ MORE

I will be in Santa Cruz Bolivia for over a month next month so I thought this would be an excellent time to fulfill my wish that has been my desire for over 30 years which is to reduce the size of my breast. They've serverd its purpose( breast fed 3kids) and now its time for me to enjoy the next... READ MORE

Initially, I wasn't sure about posting anything on RS. But, it is because of RS that I learned of Dr. Manuel Diaz's work. I have been researching for doctors months and it has been an exhausting process! Initially, I had my eyes on Dra. Robles. I am a plus size woman and her work is great. But,... READ MORE

I did it and i feel great. It is day 6 and my drain was removed yesterday. I stopped pain killers after 3 days and just took my last antibiotic today. I have one more Valium to help ne sleep tonight. I have been walking hourly and eating as clean as,possible. No constipation. Im still very... READ MORE

I've hated my tummy since I had my son 10 years ago then when I had my daughter 6 years ago I lost every bit of confidence I had. My partner doesn't want me to have a TT loves me the way I am he has finally come round and supporting me. Our sex life is gone my confidence is that bad it makes me... READ MORE

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