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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,700

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I am a 54 year old AA female wanting to have TT done for many years. I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. I am scheduled for an extended TT with lipo of the flanks and hips and muscle tightening on December 5th 2014. I will be staying in the hospital overnight. Went for my pre-op... READ MORE

MY DREAM HAS FINALLY BECOME MY REALITY!!! :))) I'm 46, mother of two adult children, divorced for 6 yrs. and finally gaining my self esteem back - and happy (only took me 46 years! Lol). I've wanted a tummy tuck since my daughter (the youngest of two) was born 25 years ago. I had a ruff... READ MORE

I've wanted a tummy tuck since my daughter was born 8 years ago. She was a huge baby at 9lbs 13oz, and being 5'3" with a short torso, well you can see the pictures. I knew we would have more children, so I put the surgery out of my mind. My kids are now 6 & 8 and my husband had a vasectomy so... READ MORE

Haven't had my surgery yet I am schedule for april 8 with dr cockran in Columbus ga I am so excited and can't want to have this belly go. I am about to go on a diet to loose at least 10-15 lbs by april. which me luck guys, want to say a big thanks to all the ladies that has chose to share their... READ MORE

All my life I have always had a tummy on me, nothing that I couldn't suck in. But after having my 3rd child, and gaining weight from poor eating habits, I found that sucking in my stomach was no longer an option. I tend to wear loose fitting shirts, because I'm embarrassed about my rolls of... READ MORE

Hi BBL sister. I have started my count down 18 days to go to TJ. I will be having a TT, Lipo to lower back waist and inner thighs. I am scared of the healling process but i cant wait to have a new body. I was in a very bad relationship, my exe was psychologically, verbally and sometimes... READ MORE

I'm a 46 y/o Mother of 3 (17,15 & 6).im 5'3" & when I decided to lose weight 2 years ago, I was 182. I got down to 133 & am probably 145 now. I work in an office & Finally decided to get a TT. I didn't do a ton of research because I knew this was something I desperately wanted & I had a budget.... READ MORE

I'm 37, 5'8" and about 175 (on a good day). I started out at about 145, then had 3 kids in 4 years keeping on about 10 pounds for each pregnancy. After my second pregnancy I noticed skin changes around my belly button, but luckily no really big stretch marks. I'm all set to have my TT with... READ MORE

I have my tummy tuck and lipo in 3 days. I'm feeling super excited. Dr. Salama office crew is great! Count down time! I did pre op April 28 every thing was explained perfectly and I was very comfortable! Dr. Salama was on vacation but the girls made you feel as if he was right there. Very... READ MORE

I scheduled my surgery for November and I wish more than anything it was tomorrow! I maintain 16% body fat year round, I work extrememly hard in the gym and eat very clean. I have done a fitness show and was STILL so self conscious about my stomach--after having 2 kids (5 years old and 3 years... READ MORE

Very nervous, scared and excited all at once. Looking forward to not having to wear spanx with everything! My surgery is scheduled for 12/11, full tummy tuck, lipo thighs, breast lift and implant replacement. Have my arnica montana pills to take after and a walker to avoid back strain during... READ MORE

I have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck for 10 yrs now. I have 3 beautiful babies. Im a wife. I have sacrificed everything to make my family happy. Now its time to do something for me. I will be 32 years old this year. So its either now or never! Im very nervous and I don't know how to... READ MORE

I'm a try and stick to the basics and update appropriately so that I can help others contemplating going through this process. Also, I didn't find not one review on real self about my plastic surgeon so I wanted to write reviews about him in case someone else is attempting to find more... READ MORE

Had 1st C Section at 19 years old. Had 2nd child child at 26 years old . First csection ruined my stomach. Now I have an abdominal overhang. I hate my stomach and ready to feel normal again! Ready to buy cute panties and bra sets and not hide my stomach in oversized tshirts. Ready to wear 2... READ MORE

I've been trolling the site for a while and I finally decided to pull the trigger. I'm so scared right now. I am turning 39 in January and decided to do this for myself as a bday gift. I'm going for Tummy Tuck, Liposculpture (full back, full abdomen, flanks, waist, thighs, arms, under neck), and... READ MORE

Just looking for a boost in confidence. I want small breasts A small waist and since I have big thighs I want a nice big butt. LOL I'm interested in having work done this summer. If I could Afford it, I would do it now so I could be ready for summer. A loan would be ideal. But then school is... READ MORE

My stomach was nasty and embarrassing! I always wore baggy clothes to cover my stomach. I had an umbilical hernia as well so it made the ugliness even worse! I'm almost 2 weeks post op and am so excited to wear normal fitting clothes. I already feel better about my body! I'm totally glad I got... READ MORE

Ready to have a partial tummy tuck with aqua lipo and fat grafting. I'm 40 years old with a 11 yr. old and also a 19 yr. old. Tired of my tummy having to be hidden - always. :( Don't want the perfect tummy... Just want the pouch to go far, far away. I'm nervous about the recovery period. I work... READ MORE

Well losing weight was always my motivation, I was a 200 pound girl on a 5'3 frame!! I needed to do something about it. So I started my weight loss journey. I ended up losing 70 pounds in my weight loss journey. I now weigh 130 and that was the day of surgery. I have not weighed sense than at... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 3in and weigh about 168-170lbs. My highest weight was 206 about 10 years ago. I gained alot of weight from being on steroid injections for back pain. I have maintained my current weight for several years and ready for this beached whale belly to finally be gone. Ladies any advice you can... READ MORE

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