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Abdominoplasty (more commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This procedure is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. Due to the amount of skin removed, a new belly button needs to be created. Liposuction might also be performed along with a tummy tuck, most often on the flanks or “love handles.” LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,725

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My name is Ramona, I am 4'-11" and weight 170Lbs. I have one beautiful five year old son. I will not be having anymore children so I have finally decided to focus on myself for a change. I have fluctuated with my weight since I was about 20. When I was 23 I weighed almost 200Lbs. I began to... READ MORE

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck with lipo with Dr Joseph Barnthouse this Thursday morning. Here are some before pics....disgusting! ESPECIALLY my back! I doubt this procedure is going to do anything for my back but this is honestly the first time I've looked at it while naked. I'm much more... READ MORE

I've wanted a Tummy tuck for 25 years ever since I birthed my last child. I am 5'5", 153 athletic build. I have yo-yo'd between 150 and 200 for past 25 years. I've dieted and worked out on and off but the loose belly remained. In May I started eating a whole diet, went gluten-free, dairy... READ MORE

I have been stalking this page for a year now. I have two children 7 and 1 years old. I workout and eat healthy. I can lose alot of weight and still have my pooch. When I lose a lot of weight my butt and hips disappear. I am 5'2 and weigh 158. I have been having issues with my belly since I had... READ MORE

Hi rs world! Let me start off by saying that I have been stalking all of you for well over a year and you are the reason I have decided to start my journey on becoming a better me! I am 27 years old and have 2 kids and a wonderful husband! My daughter is turning 8 in may and my son is 6. I had... READ MORE

Hi ladies. I hope this review reaches a few people. I was scheduled to have a TT and BBL 2 days ago. My hemo was too low so I've been working to get that raised. This gives me time to let yall know what I have experienced so far. I arrived in the DR, went through customs, paid my $10 and got... READ MORE

My name is Kryss and I am mom to an 11 YO girl who is the light of my life. I chose to get healthy so I could be here for her when I am old and gray and I lost 130 lbs . Now I have excess skin all over my stomach region. I really thought I would lose the two tummy thing, nope! Still there! I... READ MORE

I'm finally doing something for Myself, after 18 years of being married and my whole life hating my body I'm finally doing it ...I've had 2csections that didn't help at all the situation but in finally doing it, getting a full TT and lipo in the flanks .I hope it's not as bad as a csection well... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I guess I would be the first to write about DR Manuel. I am 33 years old with three children. I hady breast implant done and boy it was no fun. Was scared and I was in pain. Didn't think I qould go under thw knifw again. However due to my pregnancy my tummy stretch so.much it... READ MORE

So I am a 47 year old mom of six kids. I think I look not bad for having six kiddos. But......I've got extra skin from being stretched 6 times, I guess. I work out 6 days a week (cardio kickboxing) and eat very healthy. I've got muscle tone and good core strength, but I don't think anything... READ MORE

I'm 45 and have 5 kids. 2 was c-sections. 25,23,20,18 & 15. I have lost weight but the skin hangs. My hubby and I have talked about this for some time and decided it was time to take action. I am really nerves but ready to go. Tomorrow is my big day. Can't wait to see the new me. I... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I am 33 years old with two boys (13 & 10) and I am 5'9' weighting 197lbs. I have been so self conscious about my body since I had my second son. My friend and her sister had procedures done by Dr. Yily in February 2014 and they love it, so they’ve help to make my decision to go... READ MORE

This soon to be recent 40 year old w/(2) children final made her appt. to getting the slim body she once had before the attack of the Husband, Kids, and Mac & Cheese. Lol! I'm sooooo excited and nervous at the same time. I researched, I watch videos, I've gotten counseling, and now I'm ready... READ MORE

I have two kids 6 and almost 3. Always had a great figure. Two 9+lb babies later I can't even stand looking at my stomach. I'm finally doing this for me and my family, it's for a healthier happier me! My husband like all loving husbands I'm sure said, you will be doing this for you because I... READ MORE

I have been wanting to do this for a while now, years! I spent a lot of time researching online the pros and con. I am a mother of five & after my last child I had a woman issues that led me to have a hysterectomy. That's when I really knew I was ready to do it. I had surgery on October 16, 2004... READ MORE

Hi I'm new and don't really know if I'm doing this right yet! I am 28 years old and have 5 kids including twins. 11,7,4 and my twins are 1. My tummy tuck is scheduled for March 25th and I'm excited and nervous and thinking do I really want to do this....well of course! but there's something... READ MORE

In March 2011 I contacted Dr. Basu's office and was going for a Tummy tuck, Booked it in July of 2011 and the date was set for Jan 2012. Sadly we had to back out and shortly after we decided to add to our brood, finishing our family with 3 beautiful babies. (9.5 lbs, 9 lbs, and 8 lbs were their... READ MORE

3 years ago I lost 35 pounds over a year's time. I also worked with a personal trainer in a small group training program for 2 1/2 years. No matter how strong and firm I got I couldn't lose my spare tire. I finally came to realize the only way to get rid of it is a tummy tuck. So I'm on my way..... READ MORE

I had old scars and a bulging belly!! I excercised 3/4 days a week but it wasn't enough. I had a flap of fat that hung over and made me depressed. I ate well. No junk food etc..I am thrilled with my results!! The care and compassion that was given to me from Dr. Hankins, Bambi and Samantha was... READ MORE

I decided to go back to Dr. Hedden after he did my breast augmentation bc I had looked for a good dr for about six months before hand. I saved enough money that I didnt care about the price I ONLY looked at before and after pictures and client reviews. He waa my favorite. Now that being said-... READ MORE

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