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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I scheduled my Tummy Tuck today! Yikes- I am scared but also excited! I went in for a consultation about 3 weeks ago to talk for a tummy tuck as well as breast reduction. Before my first pregnancy I was 5'6", 125 lbs, 32 F chest. 8 years and 3 c-sections later (all kids between 9-10 lbs) I am... READ MORE

I had my daughter in 2013 and my pregnancy did a number on my body!! I said I would wait until I have more children but its been 11 years and I'm ready to feel good about myself again!! I have a decent size chest and butt my main problem is this stomach that is covered in stretch marks and extra... READ MORE

After loosing half of my body weight I had masses of spare skin and thought 'Why not' I approached a Plastic Surgeon and discussed my 'flabby tummy & bingo wings' and they suggested having both procedures doing together, at this stage it was just a general chat and if I decided to go ahead I... READ MORE

I weighed in at 237 in October 2014 and decided enough was enough. As of April 2015, I'm down 45 lbs due to lifestyle changes (primarily diet) and I'm progressing in this journey! I'm planning to schedule my TT in November and as of May, will be on a go hard health and fitness count down to lose... READ MORE

I have been a patient of Dr. Emily Kirby since the summer of 2014. I met with Dr. Kirby for body contouring procedures after I’d lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise. From the moment that I met with Dr. Kirby, she didn’t treat me as a patient… she treated me as... READ MORE

Hey ladies, i've been reading all your real experiences on this site for about 2 weeks now; wow amazing results. After pregnancies, my tummy lost its shape completely. My last baby was 10 lbs and on top of that I had toooo much of amniotic fluid. i've decided to have my procedure done soon. Dr... READ MORE

Over 40, few kids, multiple abdominal surgeries... I never wanted a tummy tuck but I desperately want and need my abdominal muscles repaired and to revise/remove my scar. My abdominal muscles are overstretched on the right side due to major emergency surgeries. I still have issues regarding my... READ MORE

I have literally stalked this page for years and am finally serious enough to actually write a review and get started on this journey...All of you ladies have helped me in so many ways! I am a 38 year old mom to 2 beautiful daughters who are 17 and 13. I am 5'3" 127lbs. I have maintained... READ MORE

Finally got medical clearance. I'm a type 1 diabetic. I've used insulin pumps before and it left me with internal scar tissue. My second child was in the 97th percentile the entire pregnancy and was delivered at 37 weeks and weighed 10 lbs 2.6 ounces. He stretched my body to its limits. I will... READ MORE

9 days 23 hours till my surgery with Dr case! So excited! I will post pictures and how it goes and the recovery experience! So far pre op appointment was easy,and a breeze tge most uncomfortable part is the before pictures.... ugh I always dread that part -_- but Dr case and his staff are always... READ MORE

Today is day 2 of my TT. I had my TT with Dr. Koneru in San Antonio. Loved him. He was very sweet, funny and patient with me. His office staff were also very sweet. I lost over 100 pounds a few years ago and have kept it off but the skin has always bugged me so I decided to finally do something... READ MORE

Hi! I have been trolling (lol) this site for the past 2 years and am finally ready to take the plunge. Surgery is in 3 days! Yikes! I am all researched out but am still having significant anxiety over this. My take away is this -- everyone is different and heals at different rates so you... READ MORE

Finally I got the nerve to be selfish and do something for me! I was so tired of looking in the mirror seeing that tummy that I knew would never go away. I have lost weight but not where I needed. I had dog ears that were depressing. I am now waiting to see the new me as I start my new chapter... READ MORE

47 yr old Mom 100 lb weight loss Tummy Tuck-Extended with Lipo Flanks Now it's time to get my sexy body back! I have been on this site since 3/30/15 reading all the Tummy Tuck Reviews and I have to say all the information has helped me immensely! I work in Surgery at one of the largest... READ MORE

Hello RS! I have been stalking this site for awhile now! Trying to find people that look like me before to see their afters!! I am a larger girl having a tt and lips! I am 209 and I have had wls about 4 years ago. I have PCOS and it is very hard to lose weight! I have been about the same weight... READ MORE

Hey RealSelf world. So just started reasearching this whole plastic surgey world about 8 months ago and I've gotten really serious about 5 weeks ago. I've been consistently gaining weight over the past year. I've never really gotten back to my pre pregnancy size and my oldest will be 15 in... READ MORE

Hi ladies!! I've been researching Plastic surgeons in Tijuana for the last 8 months. I initially had selected to have my tummy tuck, lipo to the sides and back and fat graph to my butt (BBL) with dr. Pantoja. But Ive 90% im with Dra. Cardenas n now I kinda want Dr. campos.. Someone please give... READ MORE

Hello lady's I am 43 year old mother of big boy . Petite 5.1, 150 lbs . I want to say goodbye to this big belly my plan is for September and want to lose 10 lbs . I have had weight gain and weight loss four years ago I reaching 202lbs the plan that helps me maintain and lose weight is... READ MORE

First off, when people tell you that this is one of the most painful surgeries to recover from, believe them. I've had several surgeries and this is by far, the most painful. On the other hand, I am positive the end result will be worth it. Between the skin from my 110 pound weight loss, my... READ MORE

I am 114 days out from my surgery! Reading everyone's stories has become an addiction for me. It gets me so excited seeing how wonderful everyone's experiences have been and I just can't wait to be on the flat side! I am 5' and at my heaviest I was 267 lbs...I underwent gastric bypass about... READ MORE

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