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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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TT lipo and BBL I'm a farily petite woman who is ready to get my body back! I have always had a tight petite body until I turned 30 the weight slowly creeped up on me. I have had 2 C Sections and now have that flap over my vagina. I have chosen to go with Dr. Lima because the pictures of his... READ MORE

Ok had surgery on Monday, went in feeling super excited I've waited so long! Then last min Dr recommends that we not tighten my muscles due to gall bladder scar, he indicated the muscles will be so tight it might stretch & pull in the inscion were new scar & gall bladder scar meet! He sincerely... READ MORE

I have been overweight my whole life, never under 140 since I was 14 (except for one day at 139!), and 267 at the highest. As a college freshman, my weight ballooned to 250; I then lost 90 lbs. This pattern was repeated at least three more times over the years. My weight gradually crept up... READ MORE

Hello real selfers!! I have of course been stalking the site for a while and have FINALLY mustered up enough nerve to post. I will be having my surgery in a few weeks with Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills, Ca. I went to a couple of consultations prior to him but none of them were a good fit for me... READ MORE

Ok, hi. Im Netta. Im a 28 year old mother of 3. I have always been a little...a lot overweight. I really started to gain when I was in the 6th grade. It happened so fast that before I knew it, I was graduating from the 12th grade and I was almost 300 pounds. I would lose a few here and there. I... READ MORE

I have finally decided to focus on me. After 3 C-Sections and failed marriages, I am ready to start again with my new husband and best-friend. I would like for him to have the best of me and I would like to travel the world with my husband, be healthy and stunning in a body that looks almost as... READ MORE

Hello everyone; I'm 33 years old 2 kids, Need a Tummy Tuck tried to see sagging skin, I'm tired to exercising and dieting. I'm 5"2 and currently weight around 133 lbs. I have been wanting for a tummy tuck for a while. I know that I found the right Doctor wen I met him of course Dr. Jonathan... READ MORE

Hi RS I am new to the site and I am so thankful for all your stories that are helping to make my decision to claim me back so much easier. I am waiting on my quote from Dr. Fatima Almonte. I am amazed by her skill and relieved to see so many positive reviews consistently which puts my mind... READ MORE

I am 47 years old, and have never had children. I have had some major fluctuations in my weight over the years, and things have not gone back the way they used to be after my last weight loss of 60 lbs. I have had my initial consultation that went really well, and have my date set. Nervous... READ MORE

I am 36 with 4 kids and have been blessed in so many ways. I'm actually not too unhappy with my self image I just want to tighten things up and bring things back together from having 4 babies with 8.5 lbs being the smallest to 9.3 lbs being my largest which has kind of stretched things out :/ .... READ MORE

I have been working out incredibly hard to stay in shape for my age, and I just wanted my tummy back. I'm happily married, very athletic, with 6 grown kids and 6 grandchildren that I spend tons of time with out doors. I haven't felt confident in a two piece in years, so I felt it was my turn... READ MORE

After being married for 22yrs to my lovely husband, 3 wonderful children and 2 beautiful grand babies I decided I wanted a new body. I had tried several different diets, had a consultation to have the lap band; however, my husband's insurance didn't cover it. I had almost given up until a... READ MORE

I've always been athletic and used to being comfortable in my skin. I had two babies within 3 years both of which were over 9lbs (the first was 10lbs!). I gained 50 pounds with each baby, and lost it pretty quickly through healthy diet, exercise and breastfeeding. However my stomach never... READ MORE

After having two children I was left with a protruding stomach and sagging skin. I tried exercising and dieting thinking that this would help flatten my stomach. Doing this did help a little but the bulge was still somewhat noticable. I was tired of being asked if I was expecting. I would buy... READ MORE

Tummy tuck after VSG. SCARY for all involved! Two years ago I weighed in at 296lbs and am currently 186lbs, soooo i decided it was time to continue fixing the mess that I had made of myself. I meat with Dr Leadbetter on 7/7 and he seems confident that this will work well for me. Currently I am... READ MORE

My motivation for getting abdominoplasty was not for the reason most people do it - in fact, you're probably looking at my photos, wondering why I did anything to my post-pregnant belly that looks pretty darn good after carrying children, two of which were over 9 lbs. My reason for tucking the... READ MORE

After three c-sections, my abs were beyond help. I had loose skin, uneven cuts and loose abdominal muscles. Surgical intervention was the only option. I went to Dr. Tattlebaum with AT Cosmetics in Rockville MD. He is an absolutely amazing doctor. His no-nonsense, no BS approach ensured I would... READ MORE

Extended TT, muscle repair, ultra body lift, panniculectomy, rhynoplasty, septoplasty. Have had my labs and EKG, just waiting for the clearance from doctor. I was scheduled to have this done in two parts, but now all proceedures will be done on the same day. I am both excited as well as scared.... READ MORE

At 44 I decided to do something for myself. I am just sorry I waited so long. I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and Lipo to flanks and inner thighs on October 12th. I am amazed at the results . Dr.Prada and his staff are wonderful . He does excellent work. The results of the surgery are far... READ MORE

I've considered getting a tummy since after my pregnancy with my first child. I went from 170 to 250 lbs while pregnant, mostly d/t retaining a lot of water. I lost the weight after a year but still had a stretched out flabby stomach which I'd never had. I wanted one more baby so after a year... READ MORE

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