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During a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, the surgeon removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,775

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Barbs I'm ready to finally start posting about my journey as it has finally began. I'll tell you all about me and then give you a timeline on what I have done this far.. So I've been a chunky girl all of my life. My highest weight was 260lbs. I've since loss and 100lbs and plan to lose 20 more... READ MORE

I've gone from a size 22 to a 12-14 after gastric bypass and am needing a tummy tuck. I originally just wanted a panniculectomy but my insurance wouldn't pay for it and when I started researching the price it was just too expensive for what I was getting and I realized I could get more done in... READ MORE

Sorry this is lengthy but I want to give you the entire story of the emotional roller coaster I went through before I did my surgery. So I am a military wife and a mom of 3 wonderful girls. My oldest just started college and my middle one is in highschool and youngest in 4th grade. I devoted 14... READ MORE

Hi RS Ladies, I am also one that has been stalking this site and I thank you all so much for posting your experiences. They have been a tremendous help in preparing me for my upcoming TT surgery on 9/5/14. I was grateful to have stumbled across RS in my obsession to find any every thing... READ MORE

As several women on RS, I've been stalking this site forever, it seems! lol! Well let me jump right into it. I lost about 70 pounds within the last year or so. After giving birth to my son in 2009, it left my body a wreck. I've finally got down to my "goal" weight. (Around 145 pounds) I actually... READ MORE

I have always hated my body since I had children. I could not believe how my tummy looked but thought, that it would take time and exercise and it would get back to normal. Well to my surprise it never went back to normal. I never thought I would have a TT as I am unrealistically scared of... READ MORE

Today I met with Dr. Christopher Davidson for a consultation about changing my body through plastic surgery. I used to be 215lbs, and through diet and exercise I arrived at 140, but then unfortunately bounced back to 165. I’m 29 years old, and my body hasn’t been responding to my excessive... READ MORE

I am scheduled for surgery October the 14th I'm very excited I have very high expectations I've been researching this for years I saw three doctors the last doctor I saw was the one I chose. I have 3 children the last two were twins in my early 30s I was overweight lost 50 pounds exercise take... READ MORE

I have a tummy tuck surgery date of oct 20, 2014. So very excited! I was 19 when I had my first baby and she paved the way for the other two later, stretching out my tummy beyond what it could handle and gave me my stretch marks. They have bothered me since. I have wanted a TT forever. Finally... READ MORE

I did my tummy tuck with Dr.Ortega on September 17th and I am more than happy with my results. Dr.Ortega took his time with me to explain everything he would do and answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed at all and he is very knowledgeable. Even at the follow up visits he took his... READ MORE

Hello Realselfer's! I'm happy to have found this site and I'm looking forward to sharing with you our journeys along the way! I hope to find others getting a TT the same week as me so we can give each other support during our recoveries. I'm less than one week out from my Tummy Tuck. I've... READ MORE

Well it's time. Time for me to put myself first for once. I have 3 kids 7, almost 6 and almost 4. After my first 2 natural births getting back in shape wasn't too bad. I gained 70lbs and 72lbs but I worked out really hard and got my body back. For my 3rd I had to have a c section due to a... READ MORE

As stated in my intro, I am a 36 y.o. mother of three. I am trying to undo all the damage done to my body from having my three wonderful kiddos. I have already had my bladder tacked into place which has been totally worth it (and covered by insurance) and now I am going after my awful baby belly... READ MORE

15 years 1 month 8 days That’s how long it’s been since I consulted a PS about a TT. I am 57 years old; 5’6”. When I was in my teens I weighed 110 lbs., in my 20s I weighed 120 lbs. During the course of my first pregnancy (age 29) I gained 60 lbs. and gave birth to a gorgeous 11.1 lb... READ MORE

3 years ago I lost 35 pounds over a year's time. I also worked with a personal trainer in a small group training program for 2 1/2 years. No matter how strong and firm I got I couldn't lose my spare tire. I finally came to realize the only way to get rid of it is a tummy tuck. So I'm on my way..... READ MORE

I'M a 38yr old mother of Four I wanted to get this done for some years now im getting a TT, lipo, fat transfer with dr.robles was torn between her and dr. Aquino anyone with any kind of info would really be appreciated also looking for a surgery buddy will be there on Oct.14, 2014 for surgery on... READ MORE

Hello! I've been reading posts, off and on, on this website for years, debating whether or not to have a tummy tuck. Now my surgery is all scheduled for August 11th! I'm having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks. I have three boys, 10, 7, and 3 years old. My first... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 3in and weigh about 168-170lbs. My highest weight was 206 about 10 years ago. I gained alot of weight from being on steroid injections for back pain. I have maintained my current weight for several years and ready for this beached whale belly to finally be gone. Ladies any advice you can... READ MORE

Came across this site a couple months ago doing some research on some doctors. hope to get more info on here. Looking for some info on Dr Franklin de jesus and Yily de los santos. I'm 31 yrs old weight 196 height 5'7 Mother of 3 After my 3 kids I still have this belly I cant get rid of I... READ MORE

Have wanted to do this for several years. Have 3 sons, 29, 25, 19. Youngest one recently moved out so now I'm taking care of myself. I'm nervous as surgery will be in 2 days. I'm concentrating on the out come so as not to freak out on the actual surgery. Will post pictures in the near... READ MORE

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