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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
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I am 5'4" & I weight 125lbs. I gained 85 lbs with our 1st son & no matter how much I work out I can't get rid if the excess skin. I am finally doing the tummy tuck. I work full time & our youngest is 3 so I hope this goes smooth & I return back to work after two weeks. I'm nervous & would love... READ MORE

Surgery April 6th - 21st Rest Home: Serenity (cabral ) Cabral $5500 w/o BA $6500 with Finally starting my RS journey after all of the stalking. Ig DRdollLA. I've found plane tickets from $409 through Jet Blue that's something like amazing. I've researched my rest home. I've just been doing... READ MORE

I'm 42 a mother of 2 living in the uk I've been thinking about this for a long time now, so think it's time I done otherwise I wont, reading others comments and advice has really made me feel relaxed and at ease as well as excited, I have my 2nd consultation on the 15th jan then it will be 4... READ MORE

I schedule my Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction this coming friday. Im so excited. I often find myself picturing what i will look like. Ive bought 2 bikinis although i may be over thinking my results. Buy either way im still looking forward to it even though its 5 months away. Im sure it will fly... READ MORE

I'm 37, 5'8" and about 175 (on a good day). I started out at about 145, then had 3 kids in 4 years keeping on about 10 pounds for each pregnancy. After my second pregnancy I noticed skin changes around my belly button, but luckily no really big stretch marks. I'm all set to have my TT with... READ MORE

I just was wanted to have myself back.. I hated the muffin top and the stress of trying to find clothes to hide it... It was time ... I been discussing it for a year. And I found a doctor who made me feel like family .. The whole office was amazing.. The procedure was only a couple of hours and... READ MORE

I have a 5 finger width gap in my abdomen which starts from my rib cage to my pubic bone. I have a prolapsed colon which I'm scheduled for a corrective operation in a month by a colonoscopy surgeon. The surgeon also wants to fix my disastasis recti as it is also contributing to my symptoms.... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for my TT on March 18 with Dr Thomas Mustoe. After interviewing many doctors, I felt like he understood the medical need I have for this procedure. I had three children within 5 years. They were between 8-9 pounds. I started off at 110 pounds and gained roughly 50-55 pounds.... READ MORE

I am 21 yrs old and a single mother of a beautiful 5yr old. Anywho she left me w/the ugliest stomach ugh!!!! Alot of my friends were able to have babies & bounce RiGHT back or their babies gave them this bad asx shape (hips & butt)! Unfortunately I wasn't that lucky.. I have no hips and a lil... READ MORE

I am 34 years old. I have 2 kids, 15 & 12. i weight 130 lbs. I had a microscopic hysterectomy 4 years ago (so no more chance of pregnancy) I have wanted a tummy tuck since after the birth of my second child. As you can see by my before photos i have loose wrinkly skin on my tummy. I didn't gain... READ MORE

1 more day until my tuck!! Last year was when I had my first introduction to 'diastasis'... When I realized what that meant I just instantly knew I needed to have it fixed! I have multiple issues with my spine and have been suffering with back pain since the end of my 1st pregnancy nearly 12... READ MORE

The DATE IS FINALLY SET for a full Tummy tuck and Lipo of the back and waist , I been stalking this site for months... I will be traveling from Memphis to Dr Cochran I search and search and research Memphis Doctors was not impress all I saw was breast implants..Lol... I wanted a Dr that have... READ MORE

T - 20 days to go... I have been thinking about a tummy tuck for a very long time, my children are 17, 14 and 13. I have always had trouble with my weight. I fluctuate between 140 and 175. Finally over Christmas break I looked at myself and said "it's time" January 1st took off to the gym. ... READ MORE

I've been on this site for over a year now reading comment looking at pictures and taking notes, I finally decided to have a tummy tuck I have 4 children my last 2 were c-sections and my stomach look horrible :-( I also had an emergency appendicitis which left an huge scar I'm very self concise... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I've been meaning to start this review for a while but time went by so quickly and now I'm already on the flat side. I'm normally a very private person, but reading the stories on this site and chatting with so many great people was life changing for me in terms of deciding when and... READ MORE

I am excited to lose this extra flab around my belly and start celebrating this body that created four wonderful children! I'm tired of hiding behind loose blouses, sweatshirts and jackets. I often shy away from family outings and photos because I'm insecure about my stomach area. In most of my... READ MORE

After several years of having a saggy stomach, I decided to have a tummy tuck. Have 2kids, a girl and a boy through 2 c- sections. I tried going to the gym and workng out 5 days a week but I would loose weight and tone everything. However, stomach never toned up, it was always saggy. Especially... READ MORE

Im having a extended TT in a week hoping they remove 10lbs or more of skin...i have 3 kids which were all by c sections and i lost 100lbs from gastric bypass...im still hoping to lose another 70lbs to get to my goal but its very hard losing weight..im gonna take advantage of the gym when im... READ MORE

Hi! New to posting after a few weeks of stalking posts, lol! I have learned so much from everyone's experiences. I have 3 kids and finally ready to fix my stomach after many years of wishful thinking. I recently had my consult and decided to go ahead with it just yesterday. Deposit down, pre op... READ MORE

I have had weight gain and weight loss and never had a large tummy until I got older. I'm very nervous but I have complete confidence in my surgeon. Having a TT and liposuction of flanks, back, lateral breasts and a small bit off the outer thighs to correct a previous liposuction surgery. I'm... READ MORE

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