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WORTH IT RATING based on 7,839 reviews
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During a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, the surgeon removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall. LEARN MORE ›
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I have lost over 50lbs and my tummy is the only place I do not see improvement. I have had an issue with my overlaping stomach since the birth of my first child and it may have gone down, but it also hung lower... I go in for my pre op appointment of Friday. I am excited and nervous all... READ MORE

HI! I am 27 yrs old and i have a 3 yr and a 17month old! in the picture i already had my first child , but now that i have my second i have alot of loose skin. Im nervous about recovery so i need alot of support! I have told none of my freinds really...not sure how they would take it. This is... READ MORE

I did it bc I had a stomach full of stretchmarks and at such a young age I just wanted for once go to the beach and enjoy myself! not be so insecure. week 1: really no pain just a lot of discomfort and not being able to manage on my own. Terrified when I have to lay in bed, my BF has to make... READ MORE

I am a very active mother of 3 children. I eat extremely healthy and I just couldn't get rid of the "mommy pouch" I had. I also had protruding belly with stretch marks. All my life I never had a small belly, even in 8th grade I remember telling my older sister one day I would have a tummy tuck.... READ MORE

Hello RS Sisters I am brand new to this website and I already am addicted to it, love it, the sisterhood, the help, the different opinions, are so helpful and informative... ahhh just love it. I am having a tummy tuck with liposculture of the back, butt lift, thighs and arms (thinking, but... READ MORE

OK so I've been stalking this site for months now and finally decided to share me story. By the way, coming here is like my new addiction..Pinterest who? Candy Crush ain't got nothing on this site! So I'm 37, 5'7 190lbs. I'm married and have 2 kids, ages 8 & 12. I feel like I'm writing a profile... READ MORE

Omg!!! im so hapy with my results. so im 23 yrs young and my body was too damn horrific for my age. 1. my left boob stop growing when i was 12 so my right boob was bigger, 2. when i was pregnant with my son i gained 100 pounds so i was 213 with him, (my original weight is 120). i lost all that... READ MORE

Alright ladies, first of all, THANK YOU to all of you who have shared your experiences here because I don't think I would be as prepared or confident in my decision without you. Seriously thank you. My stats are as follows: I am 32, 5,5', 147 lbs, and have 3 kids. I am scheduled for a full... READ MORE

Hello everyone Well it's official, I was approved for my financing for my TT, I'm excited and really scared. I had my consult with my PS, He also did my reduction in 2011 which I love, now I just need to schedule. I would like to do it in mid august because i'm in a wedding in October. I have... READ MORE

Hi everyone I am very excited because it's almost time to go and get my tt n lypo done by dr walkiris Robles ... I heard so much things about her that's good things though .... I already start talking my iron folic acid vitamin c and B complex ...I have my date already and I also make my down... READ MORE

I'll be 50 years old in 5 months and want to feel completely sexy again. I'm tired of buying blouses too large in order for them to fit around my muffin top, and sitting in tub looking at my stomach on my lap (not sexy at all). Everything seems to made with that "hug your gutt" lycra in it. I... READ MORE

I promised myself when I turn 40 I'm going under the knife. As I approached my over the hill mark I started researching and happened upon this site. I was hell bent on Dr. J, Dr.Perry and Dr.Ghavami. I already knew I was going to have to go into my 401k and prepared myself mentally that was... READ MORE

Very happy with dr I have picked. Dr hosn , San Luis obispo,ca. Getting tummy tuck aug 21 and breast lift with augmentation in February . Dr doesn't do them together . Super excited and super nervous. When I went for consult I felt at ease right away. I am worried about the pain after and being... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get a TT for about 3 years now. Somehow, it was not meant to be before, Life always came in the way and the TT always got postponed. After having 3 kids and no matter how hard I try, my stomach still hangs and looks very nasty. I call it my two pack (of rolls...LOL) 1... READ MORE

Can someone tell me about getting a TT and BBL at the same time? I hear mixed reviews that it's to much pain to do both at the same time because you cant lay on your tummy or but. Please help. I don't tolerate pain very well, so I am looking to chat with someone who have actullay had this done.... READ MORE

Hi guys. I an dead set on having my tummy tuck done in October. I have even worked out the leave with my job! I need a TT and was looking at the BBL, but I think they are a bit much, I've never been a ass girl on ME, the photos look VERY enticing. Think I'd rather jus fat transfer into my butt... READ MORE

My name is Kim and I'm 5'6, 150lbs, almost 30 and so ready for this TT! I've had 3 kids over the last 9 years and each time gained around 50lbs. I've worked hard to lose it (Ty weight watchers) but with fast gain and big loss comes SAGGY SKIN :/ I'm 27 days away so follow with me as I do this... READ MORE

I'm excited about my upcoming procedure. I'm flying out to Atlanta for the pre-op and surgery at the end of the month. Although, I'm nervous I cant wait to see what the final outcome will be. I want to achieve the perfect fitness physique by my birthday and dream vacation. I actually found my PS... READ MORE

Hello. I've been addicted to this site since I googled all about tummy tucks. I love how people get back to you and have weekly pictures and updates. I decided I'd post my experience to help and for my own refection. Right now I'm 2 days post-op but before I got to this point I lost an... READ MORE

So when I was 16 I was 160 lbs and had abs was in great shape I'm 5'5" and 215 lbs now 8 months ago I was 186lbs but the year prior I was at my heaviest and was for 5 years I was 235 lbs and hated my self even thought I was told I was beautiful for having 4 kids so close together I had a family... READ MORE

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