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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
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I have lost over 50lbs and my tummy is the only place I do not see improvement. I have had an issue with my overlaping stomach since the birth of my first child and it may have gone down, but it also hung lower... I go in for my pre op appointment of Friday. I am excited and nervous all... READ MORE

HI! I am 27 yrs old and i have a 3 yr and a 17month old! in the picture i already had my first child , but now that i have my second i have alot of loose skin. Im nervous about recovery so i need alot of support! I have told none of my freinds really...not sure how they would take it. This is... READ MORE

I have been debating a tummy tuck for the last 2 years now. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Kenna in May 2013 and I got cold feet and chickened out! I was also considering expanding our family with one more child and didn't want to possibly "waste" money on something I could ruin again... READ MORE

Hello RS.... Happy Holidays, I'm very nervous and excited as the time gets closer to the surgery. I started taking my vitamins and I started purchasing items for my trip. I want to say I'm almost packed but not there yet. I Have made a deposit locking in my surgery date for April 1, 2015 (Wire... READ MORE

Yes she lacks bed side manner, but she really gets the job done. I actually thought she was quite funny and very efficient. Some people take efficiency as meanness. Eh, my stomach looks great, so I could care less how someone behaves. The end result is how I look. Dr. Skiles made a nice... READ MORE

So I had my son at age 19 and he destroyed my tummy : ( I had my daughter 8 yrs later and she didn't seem to do any further damage ... I had both my kids via c section also ....it's been 91/2 yrs n I've been soo self cautious about my tummy ...I'm a small girl weighing only 108 so for me it's... READ MORE

I decided to go with Dr. Hughes because of his confidence and ability to reassure me that I'd have good results despite a huge scar on my belly. One PS didn't mention making me a waist, another said he wouldn't touch me because of my scar so i thiught I'd be stuck with this belly forever.... READ MORE

I am a 27 year old mom of 1 .. I plan on Getting a Tummy Tuck Lipo and BBL in DR. Hoping To get snatched by Dr. Duran on June 2 2015!! After weeks of trying to reach Dr. Duran I used Bellavita Consultants and got my date!! Very excited for this journey!! I previously had Laser Lipo in Atlanta... READ MORE

I am a mom of 3 kids are 23, 21 and 13. I gained 60nplus with each child but went right back down to my pre pregnancy weight everytime. I am 5'3 and weigh 130. I could NEVER get rid of my tummy no matter what I did. I work oit 5 days a week and it just never went anywhere. I am a month post op... READ MORE

I haven't been in a bikini since college! But I'm ready....I went to a girlfriends 40th birthday party recently and she looked great in her skimpy lil sexy dress! She told me she had a TT done a few years ago and never looked back! Dang!! It got the ball rolling for me and 3 months later I'm... READ MORE

I love this Doctor! I had never had surgery before, and since I have done this tummy tuck, I look amazing! It took 10 years off my appearance and I feel so much better. I had not worn a bikini since I was 22. Now, my stomach is flat. My only regret: I wasted so many years of fun NOT having... READ MORE

Had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Brian Reagan. I was nervous about this procedure and after careful research of three other surgeons I decided to go with Dr. Reagan. He was not chosen due to pricing (as his quote was more then the others) but based on a great bedside manner and his confidence in his... READ MORE

I am excited to have this procedure done. I have been wanting to have a tummy tuck done for past 8 years now, however it wasn't in my budget. I have saved my money and I am now traveling to Miami to have it done. I am nervous. This site has helped me understand the procedure more and I am... READ MORE

I am 24 years old. I have had 2 children by c-section. During my pregnancies I would gain a lot of weight and soon after lose MOST of the weight! I have with left with saggy skin, baby pouch, and two different scars from my c-sections. I'm offically done having children. A lil over a year ago I... READ MORE

Excited and nervous about my extended tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks. my PS does the drainless tummy tuck but isn't sure if he's going to be able to do it because of it being extended. Mostly concerned I will not be as flat as I would like but my Dr has had a very good outcome with someone... READ MORE

I am not sure what to except. I have read so many different TT results. Some are bad while other women couldn't be happier. I know everyone has different results and pain levels. I just wish I knew what to except. I am also nervous because I do not have many people I can rely on to help me.... READ MORE

I've been working out since I gave birth and the skin is just draggy and so terrible looking. So excited to be going through with this to finally be back in a two piece again. However, I'm super nervous. I've gone up and down with my weight due to stress and mainly a slowed-down metabolism. ... READ MORE

So far baez has been great with emailing me back in a timely manner. My date is coming up soon. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I will be getting g a tummy tuck done. I have already got my passport and my plane ticket months ago. This is something that is to be planned in advance.... READ MORE

I only have just recently have started my search into plastic surgery. Pretty sure who I want to do my surgery and have a consult scheduled for January 8th, 2015 and I have a "penciled" in date for surgery on February 4th, 2015. I work in the hospital setting and am VERY familiar with this... READ MORE

Hi ladies I'm New to this site and so far I've been reading Dr. Johles reviews and I have a friend A friend that went to her and she looks amazing. I weigh 225 pounds and after my first son it took me a long time getting use to being this big. But now I'm ready to get this weight off. I was... READ MORE

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