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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I am scheduled to have a TT (full) with lipo the first week of November 2015 with Dr. Perez-Gurri. I have been waiting a long time to get my stomach "fixed" - since I was a child it has always pooched out making me look like I am pregnant. (People have actually assumed I am pregnant when I am... READ MORE

I was married, had two children, worked and took care of my family and although most of my life I was skinny, I had a protruding tummy and always wanted a tummy tuck but would not do it because it seemed vain and a waste of money. In addition, friends and family discouraged me from doing a... READ MORE

Hi everyone :) I've been wanting to fix my tummy for 18 yrs!! I have the most wonderful husband a girl could ever imagine. We have 2 amazing boys 18 & 15. I have been truly blessed in the family department. Just not so much in the medical department. I was on bed rest with my pregnancies and... READ MORE

Hi RS family! I've been on this site looking for a few months wish I would have discovered it sooner! To get started I'm 30 years old wife and mother of 2 (12 & 9). After having my daughter which is the 9 yr old I was left with sagging skin and a flab over my pocket book lol..... I really didn't... READ MORE

Hi my name is Erika Sanchez I'm 34yrs old and a mother of 3 beautiful children for the past 12 years I had been struggling with my weight with the ups and down of diets and exercises I went from 181 pounds to 133 pounds at that point everything got back in place except my belly.I used to wear... READ MORE

I weighed in at 237 in October 2014 and decided enough was enough. As of April 2015, I'm down 45 lbs due to lifestyle changes (primarily diet) and I'm progressing in this journey! I'm planning to schedule my TT in November and as of May, will be on a go hard health and fitness count down to lose... READ MORE

Able to see and read everyone's experience. To know my dream is coming soon for me. I'm sooo excited! I never thought I would be doing this. Lost 70 pounds and kept it off for six years! I have to get a TT done so I can see my abs ???? dr Burt said TT, lipo and flanks will be done. As well as... READ MORE

Hello all, I am new to real self but have been looking at all the reviews and pictures and they have helped me alot. I went to see Dr. Benjamin on July 29th for a consult on smart lipo but after he saw me he told me smart lipo would not give me the result I desired and that a tummy tuck would... READ MORE

I am more than ready for this journey. I had my first kid at the age of 17 and since then lost self confidence, now 4 children later and I hate to stand in front of the mirror. I am 5'1 weighting 175 pounds my breast are saggy and my stomach hangs over, I don't where tight close or jeans anymore... READ MORE

Hi There, So where do I begin? I had my first child when I was 15 and by c-section with an up and down incision. Dr Song was so cool...at my consult he said "they don't do that no mo"...lol Anyway it left me with this ugly scar and a flap that has been with me for 28 years. I thought about the... READ MORE

Over the last several years, I have really been frustrated with the the fact that my belly and entire back area have only went down in size just hair. I love everything else except those areas. Not sure if I should get a tummy tuck, circumferential TT, or what?? There are so many surgeons out... READ MORE

Excited to finally see what body use to look like before the destruction....felling the excitement. 7 years after Gastric bypass surgery I am able to get loose skin fixed. The muffin top will finally be gone. Magnolia plastic surgery was my first and only choice after a breast lift after my... READ MORE

I was very nervous the day of my surgery until I think I blew my blood pressure out of wack so I had to reschedule for the next week. I went to Vanity Miami after having done research for a long time. So I got Hasanified.... He knew kinda got on my nerves at first but I fell in love with him... READ MORE

While of course I knew that pregnancy was going to change my previously slim and fairly fit body, it came as a shock to find that by 8 weeks pregnant my pre-existing hypermobility (a fancy terms for stretchy muscles) that had previously meant simply that I got aches and pains and was very... READ MORE

I am 186 pounds , I've tried looking weight for years but I've ma aged to keep this weight before and after 3 kids . so I've given up in trying to reach 160lbs after so many years of trying, and now focused on improving my figure with plastic survery, not gain weight, feel more confident , sexy... READ MORE

I am late posting this but oh well. It was a tough recovery for sure. The drains were horrid! After they came out I wanted to jump for joy. I had muscle repair and a full TT with lipo on my back and legs. I do find that I swell more in the afternoon after I'm up all day. Also anything salty... READ MORE

So after years of going back and forth between hernia repair and tummy tuck with hernia repair; I have decided to go ahead with my tummy tuck. I am so excited. I compared 3 of whom I consider the best of Atlanta, and made my decision this past week. Dr. John Connors. I am so confident in my... READ MORE

I had my tummy tuck w/limited Lipo done by the one and only Michael Decherd! & I just can't thank him enough for the magic he worked on me! I barely hit one month & Iam super happy & I can wear a bodycon dress w/no problem! He's very sweet &makes u feel comfortable I truly recommend him! You... READ MORE

After two kids and two surgeries, I wanted my body back! When I would get out of the shower, my stomach would be the first place I'd look. It was horrible! I tried every diet, spent money on personal training sessions, bought waist trainers, and nothing worked. I made up my mind that I wanted... READ MORE

After a MASSIVE weight loss (3 years ago) by healthy eating/exercise, I decided it was time to get rid of the left over "baggage" (loose skin). I was so so so nervous before my surgery, but it all well really well. I'm only 6 days post op, and am really swollen/bloated, but I'm still so... READ MORE

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