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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,700

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For sooooo long I have wanted "my perfect" Body but never had the courage to go and get surgery but now I'm finally ready! Im beyond nervous but I'm gonna put my BIG girl panties on and DO THIS!!!! 4 years ago I was 260 but lost lots of weight and got all the way down to 173, but gained 40 lbs... READ MORE

I've wanted a tummy tuck for a while now and have booked it in for next week. I've been researching TT's for a year now, so I made an appointment with Dr Lim in Castle Hill and decided to go for it so I booked it in for the week after, otherwise I would go crazy waiting and waiting. Luckily he... READ MORE

Im 22 years old. I currently way 288. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, fat transfer to butt and breast. Lipo of back, arms a thighs( I'm really not o sure about the thighs doe) I don't wanna pay more than 7500 for everything. Everything includes travel, procedure, garments, Meds, recovery house... READ MORE

I just began my research and if all goes well, I will be traveling to the Dominican on March 2015. My goal is to get a TT LIPO & BBL. I'm 5'11 190lbs and my goal is to have a bod like Trace Ellis Ross or Nicole Murphy. I want to have a nice shapely natural butt not a donkey booty. I reached out... READ MORE

4 big babies stretched skin, hysterectomy .... I lead healthy lifestyle weight training and running for 7 years now I am a uk size 10 and 68 kilos. Tried for 7 years to lose the saggy tummy BUT nothing rids it so it has to be the surgery route so I can be free to feel comfortable in my body... READ MORE

I was trying to avoid a hysterectomy by having an Endometrial Ablation in November, 2013. This turned “Niagara Falls” in to a manageable situation. Then around early spring 2014, I was excited that my periods finally stopped! Then, each month thereafter, I experienced increased pain... READ MORE

Waiting on the bed for my operation can't really explain how I feel the whole situation is surreal, I'm worried about the after pain, and my childern not having a mother I feel like my family are Losing me for a few weeks I know it sounds silly but that's just how I feel. I have had my line... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the big day and I'm super nervous and excited at the same time! I don't know what to think. I have been preparing by going to gym , eating a diet thats no salt, fruit and vegetables. I really like my doctor and his staff they make you feel so comfortable and very positive about my... READ MORE

Ok so I am absolutely addicted to this site. It's like facebook for surgery lol. So I am 36 5'3" and 220lbs gulp!! Although I am plus sized I am proportioned really well but I need this apron GONE!!! Looking to travel to DR in April, can't decide between Yily & possibly Almonte. I considered... READ MORE

I am 40 and working my butt off to lose weight. I am 5'2 185 now. Goal weight is 165. People think I weigh less because I have curves and proud of them. I want to keep them too. Looking at getting a TT but the best Dr are out of state. I am leaning towards Dr. Cochran in Georgia and I am... READ MORE

Hi ladies!!! Im so excited and Im ready to be able to talk about my surgery! I am a getting a tummy tuck, breast lift (I cant WAIT for my smaller areolas), and bbl with Dra. Yily. I have paid my deposit and confirmed my date and Im ready to purchase my flight tickets but waiting to see if maybe... READ MORE

After having two children I was left with sagging skin and stretch marks. At first I believed that a tummy tuck was the only answer even though I didn't have a lot of extra loose skin but I had a lot of stretch marks a frowny belly button. I knew that liposuction or any other suction would... READ MORE

Well today is day 2 post op. I must say its not painful as I thought just very uncomfortable sore burning feeling. My back n sides where i had lipo are pretty numb. They say walk, which is Easier said then done. You never know how much of your stomach muscles you are using til you have the... READ MORE

I had a pouch, an apron that overhung the old hysterectomy scar. It didn't matter how much little I weighed or exercised it would not go away, I was embarrassed for my husband to see me nude. We were high school sweethearts and have been married 37 years. I wanted this surgery but didn't ... READ MORE

Like so many others, I've been stalking Realself for a while, looking at pictures and reading the stories of so many amazing ladies. I've been debating for a while but have finally decided to share my story. I'm 31 yo. I have 2 kids, 8 yo and 19 mo. I'm planning on having a tummy tuck(with... READ MORE

I have been debating about writing this. But since I've used this site to help prepare and ease my mind about doing this I wanted to help others. I'm 5'3" and weighed 162 this morning. I have 2 kids and they were both by c-section. I've had this "apron" on my stomach since. My son was a very... READ MORE

Having been diagnosed with Dercums Disease in 2009, the past several years have been painful with weight loss virtually impossible. This disease affects the lymphatic system and numerous lipomas (fatty tumors) form throughout the adipose layer of skin. The tumors get embedded sms tangled in... READ MORE

Concerned about surgery and recovery time. I am 5' 2''. My weight fluctuates between 140-145. This is heavier than I would like to be before TT; however, I feel like I need a new me. I was formerly anorexic in my 20's. Gained a significant 85 lbs with each biological child. Got down to 123 by... READ MORE

Having TT w/MR and Lipo . I had my first son when I was 15 years old and never regretted a day. I then had two more sons. I met my husband who also had three sons. We now have our youngest child, finally a girl! All 7 children ages ranging from 26 to 7, of course we are done, so it's time for... READ MORE

I have been wanting this done for a long time because of how unhappy i am with my mid section... although the Dr is recommending a tummy tuck because of loose skin, i have decided not to do it at this time... I am not ready for that big of a surgery.. I understand that i will still have loose... READ MORE

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