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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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So I'm 5 foot 140 pounds. I've had two children but even before them I've kind of borderline on the bigger side of girls my height . So after many years of research and wanting and saving and backing out of A little tonsillectomy -lol- I decided to have the surgery so I drove four hours... READ MORE

I started with weighing 115lbs. And a 23 inch waist before I had children...:) After having children I gained about 10 lbs. which I still looked pretty good and skinny... As soon as I turned 30 yrs old I received an instant 10 lbs. for my Birthday!!! BAH!! And within the last year I gained... READ MORE

I know that there is muscle under the there. 3 years ago I had abdominal liposuction which ended up uneven and loosened the skin. At the time of the lipo I really didn't want a tummy tuck scar. Fast forward 3 years later and I am ready to get rid of the skin and extra fat. I also had a breast... READ MORE

I want to bring back the sexy lady inside of me. My stomach has not been flat since I started having kids. I have 2 of them & my oldest is 21. I am a grandma and a wife. I have wanted lipo and TT for long & I discovered real self & been hooked every since. Reading your reviews help me to decide... READ MORE

Been dealing with up and down weight loss for years now. I know what to do to keep the weight off but can never do anything about this fat GUT!! It's been an eye sore for too many years and I'm ready to say good bye! I been stalking Real Self for about 2 months now and I'm ready! I must say... READ MORE

I come from a family of heavy set females and so I never been small in size. The smallest I have been is a size 10/12 and that was on my wedding day 32 years ago. However; I have always had large breasts but a smaller back and waist until two C-Sections. My children are 33 and 23 and having... READ MORE

I am 5' 7" and 200 pounds. I have never been skinny. I have large bones and look awesome at 160. Since my kids, so many years ago, I have pretty much been at this steady weight. I decided to quit waiting and just do it. When I went to my second tt consult, the ps told me that the better option... READ MORE

Lost 150 pounds through changing the way I "feel" about food and exercising. I exercise 5-7 days a week. I began running 2 years ago and run a 5K or do an obstacle mud run at least one time each month. My health has improved vastly. No more high blood pressure, no more high cholesterol, no... READ MORE

I am 37, 5'2" 133 lbs. I have 3 kids. Had two when I was very young and had my youngest 3 years ago. I have had a breast augmentation 5 years ago and now excited to fix my belly. Finally narrowed down a surgeon and picked a date. Doing a lot of research online for people who have had this... READ MORE

Going in for my Brazilian but lift and tummy tuck very nervous and ready to start my fitness journey. 2 babies back to back and easy to be a foxy momma again !!!! Natural birth and c section so ready !! I lose 45 pounds after my second baby I have a lot of skin the doctor told me and I just... READ MORE

19 days until my surgery and sooo many questions....but to start off. I am having my surgery on a Wednesday and plan on returning to my desk job the following Monday. My boyfriend owns the company so I am able to lay down when needed at work. Just need to find out how difficult this will be?... READ MORE

Hi Dolls! Long time no see! Finally my dream waist and flat belly awaits! I am scheduled for my Tummy tuck and more Lipo with Dr. Gartner on Jan.19,2015! I had my blood work,EKG.,and medical clearance yesterday. I am all paid and ready to go! Any helpful tips from any of you that have had a... READ MORE

I have wanted a tummy tuck since my first child was born 10 years ago. I weighed 120 when I got pregnant, and 220 at the end of it. That kid wrecked my body. I swear, it had nothing to do with all the yummy food I shoveled in my face 24/7. I went to 3 different consultations. They all seemed... READ MORE

After doing a national search I decided Dr. Reath is the way to go. We are from Texas and will be flying out to TN for this procedure in less than 2 weeks. Payment has been paid in full and now the nerves are kicking in...however I'm still very excited! I have mostly been getting everything... READ MORE

I am a mother of two awesome teenagers and want my pre baby body back. I am 5'8, weight between 133-140 depending on the week and really just want to have my stomach back. I work out weather it's cardio, weights or a combination of both 4-5 times a week and am trying to lose weight. My goal... READ MORE

I was born with HIV and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November 2012. I'm 18 5'2 185 lbs. I am 138 lbs of muscle and the rest is fat. I noticed i wasnt the same size as other kids my age when i was in the 2nd grade and it was confirmed when my friend dajau came over to spend the night and... READ MORE

49 and Finally after 10yrs I'm getting TT and Brazilian Butt Lift 11 Jun 2015 6 years post Hi everyone, I've really enjoy reading about your journeys they truly inspire, encourage and also educate me in what to expect during this process. That is why I felt I had to share my story hopefully it... READ MORE

I am 43, 5'5", 120 pounds, have 2 teenagers, and work out like crazy! I have always worked out hard- but no matter what I do my baby belly (not sure if I can call it that still- since my "babies" are teenagers now!) is not the same. I am scheduled for July 2 (less than 2 days!) away for a TT... READ MORE

I have stretched skin and stretched muscle. My frame is small and I just want to be able to wear a bikini again as I live in Sunny South Florida! I gained 75 lbs with my multiple pregnancy and the skin and muscle never snapped back. I do not have stretch marks which is a plus! But I want to... READ MORE

After having a baby at 16 I had very bad stretch marks EVERYWHERE! My stomach stretch marks were the worst. My breast were low from breast feeding and my nipples were really huge! I'm 26 now and just always wanted to wear a bikini & I definitely will be wearing one this summer and couldn't be... READ MORE

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