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Latisse is a prescription drug that produces longer, thicker eye lashes by keeping hairs in their growth phase. The effects of Latisse are not permanent and the drug can cause eye or eyelid discoloration. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $125

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I absolutely love Latisse...I started using it on Valentines day and had to lay off after 9 weeks because my eyelashes were getting ridiculously long. I could tell a difference after 3 weeks. The only con was I noticed the peach fuzz under my eyes becoming a little thicker, I'm sure no... READ MORE

After my lashes reached their peak, I went on a maintenance schedule of applying Latisse every three days. I was able to keep the new longer lashes that way. My cost for Latisse is actually $47 and not $120 because I have been buying it online from a foreign pharmacy, not through a spa here... READ MORE

Understood all the warnings. They where very clear. Even asperin has side affects. Everything has warnings and side affects. If I have a side affect that bothers me too much I just stop taking or applying it. How hard is that. What are we children. I am so tired of hearing that I don't know... READ MORE

I'm a stone's throw from 40 and feeling the effects everywhere. My once long and lush lashes had become sparse and never seemed to get very long anymore. As a young adult I was often asked if my lashes were fake because they were so long and thick (though they were very light without... READ MORE

Love Latisse. Been using it for 2.5 months and I already see a drastic difference. My lashes are a lot longer and lot thicker. I couldn't be happier (except if it was less expensive!) Can I perm my eyelashes while using Latisse? That way, I never have to use an eyelash curler to curl my... READ MORE

Ihave been using Latisse for 9 weeks now and the results are AMAZING!! I was skeptical to try yet another lash-growth kind of product - but this really works!!! I could tell the difference in 4 weeks. Before, my lashes were short and required LOTS of mascara. Now, I barely use much mascara... READ MORE

I have been reading reviews and did my research prior to my purchase and was very excited! I am glad to say that if you look around and call a few places, you will eventually find a great deal! I found a Med Spa place thru the Find a Doctor option on the Latisse website who was offering a free... READ MORE

I have been reading this forum for a few months. I found out while doing a Google search for Latisse information. I find this forum very informative!I have been using Lumigan since May 27th. My results are amazing. Today I went to the website where I purchased the Lumigan to try to order... READ MORE

I am rating Latisse not worth it - not because it didn't work, but because to me the results don't warrant the cost. I tried it for a couple of months, and it did make my lashes grow.  I noticed a difference about 7 or 8 weeks into using it twice a day.  I was already on to... READ MORE

Did it to lengthen eyelashes and experienced severe headache and neck pain.....I contacted the clinic where I purchased the Latisse but they have no known side effects like I am experiencing. I have recently used Latisse and am experiencing severe headaches and neck pain....anyone else... READ MORE

I have used Latisse daily for 7 weeks and I see no difference yet. Has anyone else experienced these slow results? It looks from the reviews like most of you notice progress even at 4 weeks. I am getting discouraged, but I am still keeping it up. Just wondering what an average, normal time that... READ MORE

I have used Latisse since July 6th. It has been 9 weeks and I think I see a little difference, but it certainly is not dramatic. My friend asked me yesterday if I was still using the stuff. I am concerned that maybe the permanent eyeliner I have tattooed on my eyelid is getting in the way.... READ MORE

My lashes were short,fine and I also wanted them to be darker. My eye doctor recommended Latisse and I purchased it just to try. I love it! That is why I want to find a good mascara as not to damage the new lashes. I have been using Latisse and love the product. I would like to use a mascara... READ MORE

Today is the 12th day Im using latisse, I still do not see any results, not sure if it's still early. I also didn't like the brushes that come with it, at first I would cut half the bristles off and one drop was enough for both eyes. Then after reading here I use a thin eye brush and... READ MORE

They are so long they look like extensions! No cons. I will never stop using! READ MORE

My lashes just about disappeared as I began menopause. I always looked tired unless I used eyeliner combined with "tube mascara". I began applying Latisse June 6th '09. It's been just about 3 months and what an incredible difference! I have NO reason to wear either liner or... READ MORE

64-year-old female, originally blonde, never had lashes, eyebrows pale and thin. Using Latisse for 16 weeks and now have long dark brown lashes. After applying to eyelids, I "cleaned" the brush onto my eyebrows. Now have full light brown eyebrows also. Patience: It takes about... READ MORE

I had short,thin lashes. I also had a problem with my lashes falling off. My hubby, who is an md, gave me latisse. He doesn't believe in many cosmetic products, but this...I've only used it for a month and it's longer and thicker. My lashes also stopped falling out. It did irritate my eyes and... READ MORE

I got Latisse and I swear I noticed a difference in the first two days because eyelashes that would have fallen out, didn't. Latisse works by extending the growth cycle of the eyelash, which is what happened with me. I have been using it for four weeks only, and I am so happy with the... READ MORE

I've been using this for a few years, I used Lumigan off-label before Latisse came out (they are the same thing made by the same company). I've learned that there is a growth cycle with Latisse. With daily use your lashes will continue to grow longer and thicker until about the 8... READ MORE

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