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Latisse is a prescription drug that produces longer, thicker eye lashes by keeping hairs in their growth phase. The effects of Latisse are not permanent and the drug can cause eye or eyelid discoloration. LEARN MORE ›
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Today is the 12th day Im using latisse, I still do not see any results, not sure if it's still early. I also didn't like the brushes that come with it, at first I would cut half the bristles off and one drop was enough for both eyes. Then after reading here I use a thin eye brush and... READ MORE

They are so long they look like extensions! No cons. I will never stop using! READ MORE

My lashes just about disappeared as I began menopause. I always looked tired unless I used eyeliner combined with "tube mascara". I began applying Latisse June 6th '09. It's been just about 3 months and what an incredible difference! I have NO reason to wear either liner or... READ MORE

64-year-old female, originally blonde, never had lashes, eyebrows pale and thin. Using Latisse for 16 weeks and now have long dark brown lashes. After applying to eyelids, I "cleaned" the brush onto my eyebrows. Now have full light brown eyebrows also. Patience: It takes about... READ MORE

I had short,thin lashes. I also had a problem with my lashes falling off. My hubby, who is an md, gave me latisse. He doesn't believe in many cosmetic products, but this...I've only used it for a month and it's longer and thicker. My lashes also stopped falling out. It did irritate my eyes and... READ MORE

I got Latisse and I swear I noticed a difference in the first two days because eyelashes that would have fallen out, didn't. Latisse works by extending the growth cycle of the eyelash, which is what happened with me. I have been using it for four weeks only, and I am so happy with the... READ MORE

I've been using this for a few years, I used Lumigan off-label before Latisse came out (they are the same thing made by the same company). I've learned that there is a growth cycle with Latisse. With daily use your lashes will continue to grow longer and thicker until about the 8... READ MORE

I have had great results over the last 16 weeks, no pain, and my eyelashes are even longer when I use mascara. I would do it all over again! Can you get permanent makeup (eyeliner) done while using Latisse? READ MORE

Good news: It really worked. My lashes got so long I couldn't even wear my sunglesses because they kept hitting the lenses! The lashes got longer however they did not get thicker. Bad news: They stayed long about two weeks and then fell out! So the results were short lived. READ MORE

I received a full size bottle of Latisse from my eye physician as a sample i.e. NO CHARGE. I cannot believe the results after 4 weeks. There is a noticeable difference in the length and fullness of my upper lashes. The lower lashes are longer and are starting to get fuller as well but are... READ MORE

Not only were the results disappointing, but it made my black eyelashes a light/medium brown so they are even less noticeable than before. I am actually going to purchase some dye to try to get them back to black. Not only were there no results, but the base of my lashes where the product... READ MORE

My eyelashes did grow longer and thicker. it did take some time, about 2-3 months. i had some eye irritation in the first week, but just as my doctor told me, that went away. you have to be committed, and not get any in your eye. just on your lid. anyways i am very happy. READ MORE

There is not much to say about latisse - it does exactly what it says! I wish I took before pictures to compare, but my lashes went from short little stubby hairs to long, thick and full. I started to see results in about 3 days, full results at 1.5-2 months. The brushes that come with it... READ MORE

Just started using it last night...but a few of the girls in the office had done it and saw results after 4 weeks and looked amazing! I just started using Latisse last night.Want to know if I can use it in the morning, let it dry, then put on mascara and use eyelash curler...instead of... READ MORE

I started using Latisse for only 3 days but stopped due to my lashes falling off. I stopped using the product but my lashes keep on falling off drastically, I'm really worried. What should I do to stop my lashes from falling off?? READ MORE

I was scheduled to have knee surgery and was told not to wear any makeup going into the O.R. When my friend picked me up to drive me to the hospital, she laughed at me for being vain...that even on a day of surgery I couldn't go without mascara. I had been using Latisse for almost two... READ MORE

$120 included the latisse and MD consult. My consult was a sham. The MD said the information on use is in the directions, gave me the box and in under 2 minutes, I was out the door. Great money-maker for MD's! Read the package insert to be careful, Use is easy. I am washing a few of the... READ MORE

This is a great product. I have been using Latisse for 8 weeks, faithfully every night, and wow! wow! wow! The best $130 I have ever spent(well $260 now). There are 2 problems that I am encountering, 1. red eyes and 2. darken eyelids.I am African American and it is really noticeable on me. My... READ MORE

Cons: red eyes; dry eyelids near lash line; initially I could see the difference but after 2 months my mature lashes seem to be coming out very easily. Pros: initially saw results in less than a month I have suffered from untreated trichotillimania (lash pulling) for decades. I initially... READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for 6 days now. After the 4th day, I noticed that my eyelids feel weird. By weird, I mean heavy. I can't even explain it but it feels weird. The applicators that it is very tacky and bulky so I listened to the others on this forum and went out and purchased a small... READ MORE

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