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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue from the labia, making it smaller either for hygienic or cosmetic reasons. In some women, the labia can become enlarged and elongated, causing discomfort when wearing certain clothing. When combined with vaginoplasty, this procedure may also be known as vaginal rejuvenation. LEARN MORE ›
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Since I was about 15 (so for 11 years now) I had always been so self consious of the appearance of my vagina. I considered surgery but was too scared and I tried everything I could in my power to learn to love how I looked. I never had a boyfriend comment negatively but on the occasions I had... READ MORE

I'm on day 5 post procedure and I feel great. The stitches keep poking me, but no complains about the pain. Walking is a little uncomfortable so I have basically been on bed rest watching TV. I have more swelling than most patients typically do so I have been trying to keep ice packs on it. The... READ MORE

My first child took many hours to get out of me. Afterwards my vajayjay never looked quite the same. I felt very insecure about it. I also developed a hemorrhoid which makes me even further insecure. After my second child, which took 10 hours, my vajayjay and hemorrhoid looked even worse. My... READ MORE

I have always wanted this procedure. . I was always embarrassed and bothered by it when I wore tight fitting clothing. I went in about 2 weeks ago and I was feeling confident. I was put under anesthesia and an hour later I walked out the door. Pain was not so bad for the first week. Now on my... READ MORE

I've been so self conscious of my labia since high school! I'm 33 now have had 2 kids and just wondered if any of you had insurance cover the surgery? If so how can you get it covered? Is recovery painful and is sex better? Here are my pics let me know what you think! A guy once made a comment... READ MORE

I wanted this surgery for a long time, and once I discovered it, I was enthused. I found a surgeon was comfortable with, and could afford. I had the surgery friday, and expected to be back to moderate activity by Monday. My regret is not having allowed enough time afterwards to recover. I... READ MORE

So far I'm in the very early stages of this. But I wanted to document the whole process. I also wanted to make sure I could pay for this procedure with cash/check since it tends to not be a good idea to have cosmetic procedures financed. My goal is to get only local anesthetics, the wedge... READ MORE

I'm currently in my early 20's. This has been a problem for me for years but only started looking into it recently. This surgery was not for cosmetic reasons at all. It has been very uncomfortable to live with. I finally went to my gyno and they right away suggested labiaplasty and surgery... READ MORE

My name is Maria, I am 24 years old, on October 2nd I had labiaplasty. I had thought about getting this procedure for years because of personal hygiene and I was just uncomfortable with my large labia since I was young. I finally found the perfect surgeon - Dr. Jugenburg at Toronto Cosmetic... READ MORE

I was super excited when I found out that there was actually a surgery to reconstruct my labia. A friend referred me to Dr. Alinsod and said he is the BEST Surgeon and has the most experience. After meeting him, I had no hesitation in proceeding with the surgeries. I had what I needed, and... READ MORE

I was always self conscious about my inner labia, starting at puberty and continuing on to high-school and college and those dreaded "beef curtain" comments. I heard about labiaplasty a few years ago and finally got the nerve to ask my gyno about it at my last routine annual exam. He said he'd... READ MORE

My motivation was pushed by constant irritation on the inner part of my labia majora on a daily basis. I discussed this with my gynecologist n he wanted to make sure I didn't have any underlying vascular issues going on first. I got clearance from a local vascular Dr and we decided to move... READ MORE

The Beginning: Since I was younger I've had a protruding labia minora. It has always been annoying when working out and wearing tight closes or even skimpy bikini's. Extremely uncomfortable with the rubbing and tugging against my clothes and the constant worry of it slipping out of my... READ MORE

After years of reading other women's brave stories about undergoing labiaplasty, I finally decided to confront my fear and tell my doctor about the discomfort and embarrassment I had experienced, since puberty, as a result of having larger labia. She referred me to the Gynaecologist department... READ MORE

Exactly 1 month ago now I had labiaplasty surgery via trim method. Prior to surgery I had asymmetrical labia which protruded badly, left was around 3cm in length and the right around 5cm. Not only this the edges of the labia were bobbly and dark coloured which was why I opted for the trim method... READ MORE

At first I didn't know why I looked different down there than other people. I talked to my mom about it and she took me to a lady doctor who told me I might benefit from a labiaplasty surgery. Apparently during puberty, when I was about 13 or 14, I had a big surge of hormones and it caused an... READ MORE

I have been bothered by my labia for almost as long as I can remember. When I first heard about this procedure 15+ years ago, I knew it was for me. Fast forward to earlier this year and I had finally saved the almost $10,000 it would cost for the procedure (labiaplasty + clitropexy with one of... READ MORE

My insurance covered most of my surgery as it was seen as nessecary and the amount I posted above is just a gestimate as I have not recieved a bill as of yet. Ive had long labia all my life and really didnt think any better or worse of them until I met my recent husband. After having 7 large... READ MORE

Why isn't this procedure found medically necessary to do? I get constant UTIs and yeast infections cause of my long labia and I'm dieing to have a labiaplasty but I'm in NYC . and it's so damn expensive out here and I can't travel I have kids. I wish it was cheaper or insurance would pay for... READ MORE

I first noticed my labia as a curious tween. They were weird and reminded me of one of those things that hangs from a Turkey's neck; long, wrinkly and stretchy and I can remember wishing I didn't have them. Back then however, I had no clue that mine were any different than anyone else's. All I... READ MORE

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