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A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue from the labia. The idea is to make the labia smaller either for hygenic or cosmetic reasons. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Kim did a thorough consultation, reviewing pros and cons, risks and benefits. I have always been very conscious of the hypertrophic labias which run in my family. Not only that, they have been causing me pain, irritation from shaving, irritations especially during my periods. Dr. Kim came... READ MORE

He cut off my vagina and refuses to call me, take responsibility or acknowledge his mistake. I am hanicap and wanted to feel better but he made me feel much worse. Guess its a gamble with him. So ask urself if u r willing to gamble with ur surgery. They r horrible when it cmes to dealing with... READ MORE

My labiaplasty was done on sept.9 and I'm two days out my doctor was amazing and the nurses were so sweet and caring. I'm still in a lot of pain and went to a check up today day 2 everythingbis going well. I can say I have had any problem cause it went so well. I had a spinal which I was really... READ MORE

Since I was 9 I have cried over how my labia looked . At 12 I asked for surgery because I thought no one would ever love me..but I was too young. I realized now at 18 that someone will love me with it and it isnt too big of a deal when it comes to being with someone, but it was still very... READ MORE

I have always hated my Vag due to my uneven labia minora. I found out about the surgery and decided to have it after a lot of research. So far, Im glad I did. It is now day 5 and I am experiencing minor pain and swelling. I have to wear a liner in case of discharge or blood. I returned to work 2... READ MORE

Hie this 2weeka and 5days post of my stitches bust open 3days post op...I look like a monster downthere now n I dont know whats goigng on? Wen am I going to heal? Any suggestions for improvements..I really am scared...cs it still looking so raw n im having a lot of discharge n bery... READ MORE

I had vaginoplasty and labiaplasty done..the vaginoplasty have no complaints about but the labiaplasty she never takes enough off leaving visible labia showing and that's not what I had wanted. I keep reducing the labia and might do it one more time...I had a huge labia and I'm more then happy I... READ MORE

I had my labiaplasty 6 days ago and I'm still in a great deal of pain. I can't work yet, sir or stand for long periods of time. I still can't wear underwear or anything tight. Before the surgery I was very self concious of my vagina but now as I'm recovery I look down and just cry, I feel like a... READ MORE

I am 26 years old. I have always wanted to get this surgery done. I've talked myself out of it numerous of times. I finally got it done April 4, 2013 in Evansville Indiana by Dr. Sandefur. He is at the Women's Hospital. I read a lot about this surgery and the good and bad stories. I went into... READ MORE

I am over the moon with my results. I went into this with great trepidation and nervousness. Dr. Gerber and his team were caring, professional and empathetic throughout. I should have done this sooner. I`m hoping this will help someone in their research of whether to proceed with... READ MORE

I am concerned that two weeks into the healing process my right labia has split into two distinct flaps of skin, and that they will not rejoin. is there there any chance they might still heal as one? Also, does this, in general, look like a botched procedure. Ive had 2 weeks of healing and... READ MORE

I got a labiaplasty one week ago and he amputated my labia minora looks like he messed up my clitoral hood. I have no inner lips and am freaking out!! Omg its so horrible looking. How long until I can repair? Please if a plastic surgeon can look at this and tell me the truth. Have you ever seen... READ MORE

I had a botched labiaplasty by my gyno in june 2011. I only wanted a trim to make oneside even with the other. I woke up from surgery and she amputated my labia on both sides!! My life has completely been destroyed from that day! Iam only 28 and im so lost and scared to death , im so tramatized.... READ MORE

I had always had discomfort from my large lips and also felt insecure about their appearance. Being a model who has done some nude shots, I had heard a lot of comments from photographers that brought down my self esteem, like "Your a gorgeous girl but your vagina looks like it belongs to a... READ MORE

I did the surgery for medical purposes my labia were a little big and wanted to only get them trimmed not to get amputated. My experience with Dr Scott Newman started out okay I've used him before for a breast augmantation and it turned out fine. But when I asked him about doing a... READ MORE

I had my labia minora reduced and my clitoral hood reduced a little as well. I have wanted to get this done since I was about 22. All the sudden one day- it didnt look like I remembered, I dont know if it was hormonal changes or what- but all I know is that it bothered me. I was self... READ MORE

Hey everyone I just had labiaplasty 4 days ago ( 12/13/10)and couldn't be more impatient for the swelling to subside! The pain is minimal and although they gave me oxy's I'm fine with Tylenol. My labia were long and uneven and are now short and symmetrical minus the unevenness of the... READ MORE

I've been wanting to get this surgery for years to improve the look and also because it became uncomfortable in yoga clothes . I was embarrassed when I would get intimate with a new guy and always wondered if it bothered them. So I did lots of research- online and had consultations with 3... READ MORE

How that surgery made me cry. And I knew if I had my chance that I would feel better in my pants and maybe I could be happy all the while. But February made me shiver when I thought about those scissors....ok... enough of the Don McLean American Pie parody, here is my story. After my first born... READ MORE

I am 6 days post op from my labiaplasty and I would love to share with you all my experience! So like many, many women out there, I had protruding inner labia and this caused me discomfort and shame. I'm 20 years old, and before you even think it...I'm not looking to achieve perfection, I'm not... READ MORE

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