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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue from the labia, making it smaller either for hygienic or cosmetic reasons. In some women, the labia can become enlarged and elongated, causing discomfort when wearing certain clothing. When combined with vaginoplasty, this procedure may also be known as vaginal rejuvenation. LEARN MORE ›

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Well I've finally decided to do something about my labia. One side is long, the other is twisted, it joins to me in two places at one point, but is very close to my clitoris so I'm a bit worried about how that will be done. I'm unsure whether to go to a cosmetic surgeon or a gynaecologist ,... READ MORE

Ever since the age of 13 or 14 I've had issues with my protruding labia minora. I've always been self conscious and embarrassed about wearing bikinis, getting changed in front of people, getting intimate with guys, I won't have sex with the lights on, I've never even had a Brazilian wax. Sex is... READ MORE

Hello all! I guess my motivations for getting Labiaplasty were the same as most women- the having to duck into the rest room to 'adjust/tuck' to alleviate pinching from my underwear. I hated the way I looked, I hid from my partners and was so preoccupied with my own thoughts and worries during... READ MORE

I wanted to have labiaplasty because I didn't like the way I looked in my swimsuit and tight clothing. I wear a lot of g-strings and also get Brazilian waxes. As I've aged, I feel like everything just sticks out. I was also hoping sex would be more enjoyable by not having to adjust the excess... READ MORE

Hello, this is my first post. Had my consultation yesterday and I am unbelievably excited about booking in for my procedure! I first noticed that I was "different" down there when I was approximately 9 years old. Since then I have been conscious of it "hanging down" and keep having to tuck it... READ MORE

Hello so in finally getting my surgery done in a month I'm having it done overseas and I'm having the wedge technique .. Will this be able to achieve completely tucked in labia with me ? :) I've always struggled with my labia not feeling really pretty and normal so I finally want to get my... READ MORE

Have wanted to do this procedure for years, finally have done it and could not be more happy. Dr Feldmanis was amazing. Very kind and understanding, always with a smile. I was scared of going to a plastic surgeon, expecting big to see a doll for a face but dr F was very sweet and natural looking... READ MORE

I've been wanting this procedure for years. I've always been self conscious of that area and knew I didn't look "normal" but I had heard from a friend who had this procedure done that it was the worst plastic surgery she ever had in terms of pain during recovery and so I had been a bit scared to... READ MORE

Hello! I have felt embarrassed and uncomfortable about the way I look since I was 15 and realized I was different. It's contributed to low self esteem and poor image of myself. I doubt my insurance will cover this, however I've made my mind up to do it. Where do I start? Who do I talk to? My... READ MORE

I had always been uncomfortable with my labia before this procedure. It wasn't at all aesthetically pleasing, clothes never fit right and I often suffered from pain during intercourse. I had researched this procedure for 2 years before I found the doctor that was right for me. In my opinion... READ MORE

YAY! I finally booked my first consultation to rectify this lifelong issue. I am so nervous, but so excited. The pain caused by every day activities, or even the wrong cut of underwear has gone on long enough. I am starting my (very physical) career in the next couple of years, and I know that... READ MORE

I've lurked this website for years and considered many procedures. (and this wont be my last) I wanted to share my experience because it has been so helpful for me to read others. Yesterday, I had what the doctor termed a partial bilateral hemivulvectomy. (labiaplasty) I was in and out of the... READ MORE

I'm interested in petite labia minora for several reasons. The primary reason being aesthetics. I hope endurance biking/racing will be more comfortable, tight clothing won't reveal a little bulge, my lips won't inadvertently get caught during intercourse, and snide comments about my labia aka... READ MORE

I had my vaginal lips reduced several years ago and my only regret was that I had not done it sooner. I never liked the way they looked or felt as they were too damn big. My Dr is really great and now I look like a Playboy model down there. Every time I get out of the shower I look down... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled for the end of this week! While it's definitely exciting, I can't help but feel nervous as well - I just can't wait for this to be over with and see the results. I'm a full-time university student and my whole life I've experienced the same things many of those with... READ MORE

Ok so I am booked In for this operation and it will take place in April 2015. I have wanted this surgery forever and I will be taking a before and after photo plus progress pics. But I really just wanted to hear from people who are thinking about having this done or have had this done. Any tips... READ MORE

I did this for myself. My hubby has always loved the way I looked. I was raped and molested and as a result my labia stayed elongated. Imagine every time you stick to your panties or make love & your labia get in the way u are reminded of the abuse u endured starting at age 5. I finally got... READ MORE

I'm not going to write a story but I will say that having this done has made me more comfortable. Start: Appointment at 2:00, nurse brings me into procedure room and apply numbing cream on my vagina. 20 mins later she and surgeon comes in to give me a local anesthesia in my vagina area to numb... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! Well, I've been super embarrassed about the size of my labia since I was 12 and they started to look different. I think about it all the time! I'm always trying to hide it when I do hot yoga and take a shower in the locker room. I think about it when I'm wearing a swimsuit or... READ MORE

For all the ladies that suffer with the same issues as I did. I had a labiaplasty done by dr Paul Zwiebel I am not bringing his name up only because he is an excellent doctor but because he changed my life forever. I wanna share this with you ladies because you are not alone. I suffered for more... READ MORE

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