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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue from the labia, making it smaller either for hygienic or cosmetic reasons. In some women, the labia can become enlarged and elongated, causing discomfort when wearing certain clothing. When combined with vaginoplasty, this procedure may also be known as vaginal rejuvenation. LEARN MORE ›

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YAY! I finally booked my first consultation to rectify this lifelong issue. I am so nervous, but so excited. The pain caused by every day activities, or even the wrong cut of underwear has gone on long enough. I am starting my (very physical) career in the next couple of years, and I know that... READ MORE

Oh lordy I don't know where to start... !! I have never felt happy with how I look since a young age when I used to compare myself to other girls. I have spent 10 years ruining relationships due to my self confidence issues. I have listened to endless hurtful comments about 'beef curtains' etc... READ MORE

I'm interested in petite labia minora for several reasons. The primary reason being aesthetics. I hope endurance biking/racing will be more comfortable, tight clothing won't reveal a little bulge, my lips won't inadvertently get caught during intercourse, and snide comments about my labia aka... READ MORE

For all the ladies that suffer with the same issues as I did. I had a labiaplasty done by dr Paul Zwiebel I am not bringing his name up only because he is an excellent doctor but because he changed my life forever. I wanna share this with you ladies because you are not alone. I suffered for more... READ MORE

Have wanted to do this procedure for years, finally have done it and could not be more happy. Dr Feldmanis was amazing. Very kind and understanding, always with a smile. I was scared of going to a plastic surgeon, expecting big to see a doll for a face but dr F was very sweet and natural looking... READ MORE

Hello, this is my first post. Had my consultation yesterday and I am unbelievably excited about booking in for my procedure! I first noticed that I was "different" down there when I was approximately 9 years old. Since then I have been conscious of it "hanging down" and keep having to tuck it... READ MORE

I've been wanting this procedure for years. I've always been self conscious of that area and knew I didn't look "normal" but I had heard from a friend who had this procedure done that it was the worst plastic surgery she ever had in terms of pain during recovery and so I had been a bit scared to... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled for the end of this week! While it's definitely exciting, I can't help but feel nervous as well - I just can't wait for this to be over with and see the results. I'm a full-time university student and my whole life I've experienced the same things many of those with... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I am writing this post because even though some people do not agree with plastic surgery I know that I'm not alone when I say it's not even a question for me. I have been thinking about getting labiaplasty for about 10 years. I'm 25 years old and I finally got the courage today to... READ MORE

I wanted to have labiaplasty because I didn't like the way I looked in my swimsuit and tight clothing. I wear a lot of g-strings and also get Brazilian waxes. As I've aged, I feel like everything just sticks out. I was also hoping sex would be more enjoyable by not having to adjust the excess... READ MORE

I'm not going to write a story but I will say that having this done has made me more comfortable. Start: Appointment at 2:00, nurse brings me into procedure room and apply numbing cream on my vagina. 20 mins later she and surgeon comes in to give me a local anesthesia in my vagina area to numb... READ MORE

Hi people, so I'm booked in for this procedure in 2 weeks time, its been a long time coming, I'm 32 and no kids but the down there has never really looked right and quite uncomfortable when wearing clothes etc. I'm going to be awake during the surgery, it is the wedge method and have opted for a... READ MORE

I'm going to write with as much detail as possible to hopefully help answer anyones questions and to give you as much information a possible. I will upload pictures too ( pictures make it look worse due to angle taken in my room trying to get light as well as trying to take a photo - but at... READ MORE

Ever since I was little... like 5 years old I always thought I looked different than every girl I had ever seen naked. I've hid being naked from everyyone in my life. Then last year my sister told me her friend has a long inner labia and she told me how gross it looked and then my best friend... READ MORE

I am 38 years old, I felt self-conscious because my labia major were "deflated" and looked very wrinkled. My self-esteem was as well affected because of my disagreement with this part of my body; it cause to feel very embarrassed with my boyfriend because I did not like the way it seems. And... READ MORE

I had an enlarged labia plus an excess fold on the left side. The fold is what bothered me the most it actually stuck out more than my labia and it bothered me in all of my clothes and also when I ran or walked for long periods of time. I had surgery July 6th, my surgeon used the wedge technique... READ MORE

One side bigger than the other and have the cyst like balls on vagania how long will it take to go down nearly been 3 weeks post surgery! Will I need these cut off ?! Does this healing process look normal ? Be great to have some other opinions and even some photos of your after surgery would be... READ MORE

I was always self conscious about my inner labia, starting at puberty and continuing on to high-school and college and those dreaded "beef curtain" comments. I heard about labiaplasty a few years ago and finally got the nerve to ask my gyno about it at my last routine annual exam. He said he'd... READ MORE

Can anybody tell me how they were a few days after the procedure. Most of the reviews I've read says it's really not very painful - which is good and that they spent a few days in bed. But I am a single mum with 2 kids that I need to get to school etc. Am I going to be able to drive them to... READ MORE

I have wanted this procedure since I was around 16/17 years old and yesterday after much deliberation and preparation I finally did it. I was relieved to find 'realself' whist doing my research pre-op, there is nothing like reading honest, first hand advice/experience from real women who have... READ MORE

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