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This therapeutic, non-invasive skin treatment can involve anything from a dead sea mineral scrub to black head removal, and is purported to improve skin's appearance by ramping up circulation and exfoliating away dead skin cells. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm 26 years old with dehydrated facial skin and moderate acne problems and scarring. I did my research and came across Healy's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery located in Aiea Hi, I came across high rated stars and outstanding reviews about their procedures done in his office. My sister in... READ MORE

Yesterday I experienced a "hydra facial" at Dr. Karamanoukian's office in Santa Monica,C.A. I have very large pores on the nose as well as upper cheeks. I have been under stress (nursing school) and was losing my radiance. My skin was no longer "bright" and youthful looking. A beautiful and... READ MORE

I am 45 years old African American woman who lives in Owings Mills, MD. For most of my teen through adult life I have been treated by a dermatologist with no major result. I am so happy the day I met Felicia at Dr Dean Kane's office. She started the Z O facial and the result is amazing. Felicia... READ MORE

I am a 45 years old African American woman who lives in Owings Mills, MD. For years, I have been under the care of a Dermatologist with no result....pills, cream etc. I decided to try something different so I scheduled at Dr. Dean Kane's office for 4-ZO Facials with Felicia. Felicia is very... READ MORE

The Best from the Master of Beautiful Skin Dr. Zein Obagi. The procedure was only for 30 to 40 mins. I felt burning on my face but its worth it. I did the 3 Step Peel from Zo Medical by Dr. Zein Obagi. The peeling last for 6 days most probably and now I will be in my regular Medical Cream for my... READ MORE

Three doctors said "no" when I asked them to remove a bump on the tip of my nose. It was ugly, it was obvious, and it was becoming the only thing I saw when I looked in the mirror. The first doctor didn't know what it was. The second doctor said he couldn't remove it, the third doctor said... READ MORE

I had my first Hydra Facial last Thursday and have had terrible results. Everything I wished my skin wasn't ....it is now. Immediately after the treatment I was advised redness was normal, however the following morning my skin was blotchy with lots of raised areas, every ounce of moisture my... READ MORE

Back in November 2013 I awoke one morning as usual. Sat at my desk at work I felt very tired and a pain shot through my right ear. I turned to tell my colleague and found I couldn't control my mouth. I was rushed to hospital with a suspected stroke. Luckily it wasn't a stroke, I had facial... READ MORE

I went for a facial and a chemical peel.the price was reasonable and the staff, service was great!. I am going to go back for a photo facial and a fraxel laser done in the future . I recommend this place for everyone . My skin looks great and looks so much better . For even normal to dry also I... READ MORE

One of the best facial i ever had. The place is very clean ,very quite , the staff was very Professional & courtesy.. At the Magic Beauty Salon, they have a great atmosphere - Warm, Naturing, Quiet with great music designed to give the best time you i was deserve when went for a treatment. I... READ MORE

I have been going to Dr. Kreithen for years, it has always been a fabulous experience. I try to get a facial with Jennifer every 4 weeks. Dr. Kreithen evaluates my face and keeps me looking great! I've been modeling since 15 & now I'm a mother of two beautiful girls. The new office down town is... READ MORE

I was on vacation in Santa Fe in Nov.2012. Prior to going I'd lost 25 pounds, half my goal, but for the first time not so happy with my face. Now don't get me wrong, I have a list of procedures that I need and want but God and Mom gave me amazing skin, am in my 50"s never had or needed a facial,... READ MORE

I always prefer to do massage on a regular basis. That is, in every 20 days. Now, recently the new products are being available in the market for massage. By doing massage on the regular basis, all the dirt and the dust is removed. By doing massage, the skin gets tight and do get the wrinkles on... READ MORE

I'm 67 years old, and for decades, I’ve had Sebaceous Hyperplasia, a benign condition that results in rather large facial papules that can take on the appearance of miniature cauliflowers. Over the years, they multiplied and grew larger. I easily had two dozen (primarily on my cheeks) and... READ MORE

Catherine is a superb Aesthetician, and I have been seeing her for over eight years. During those years, she kept my skin looks wonderful through her constant care and advise. She is very knowledgeable and recommends only products that are beneficial for me. When I go to facial, she will... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Ort several years ago by a close friend. My visits have varied from getting skin checks for skin cancer to longer visits of laser hair removal. His office is my go-to for Botox, which I prefer over anything else for minimizing wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I... READ MORE

I had the "PRP Facial" at the Miami Institute in Miami, Florida by the resident plastic surgeon there, Dr. Gallo. I had it 2 days ago. It included my blood being drawn, spun, etc., and then injected from my below lower eyelids to my jaw. (I was given the micro-needling option. The Doctor and I... READ MORE

I wanted my face to look better and wanted the wrinkles above my mouth gone. I decide to have a consultation with Dr. Kingsley. I was so glad with the outcome of our consultation. Tammy the aesthetician recommended the SkinPenII for me. I was extremely happy with the results. Tammy was so... READ MORE

I struggled with adult acne and working outside in Florida was not helping. Jean Marie was very helpful and knowledgeable about the best treatment for me. In addition to just being a sweet person and enjoyable to be around. She never recommended any treatment or product to just make herself... READ MORE

I see my aesthetician once a month for a Hydrafacial and couldn't be happier. I wouldn't describe the procedure as relaxing the way I would a regular facial, but I get much better results from the Hydrafacial. I have tried many different things to help with my T-zone, which tends to get clogged,... READ MORE

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