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To get rid of swelling and puffiness around the eyes, treatments range from sliced cucumbers to surgery. Don’t worry, though. As bad as they may look, under eye bags rarely mean something more serious is wrong. LEARN MORE ›

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I've wanted this procedure done for SO LONG, I have hereditary puffy eye bags and after years of buying creams and using home remedies, I came to the realisation that nothing would fix it (its fat under the eyes, nothing but surgery WILL fix it!) So I booked a big surgery trip to Thailand, 3... READ MORE

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery due to droopy eyelids. It was a disaster! I had such a severe hematoma and the bruising covered my whole face, breasts and stomach. The Dr. Kept saying it would go away. My eyes were swollen shut for several days. Some bruising did subside but 3 months later... READ MORE

I have never had dark circles or tear troughs. Over the corse of three years my face has taken a change for the worse in my opinion because I feel like I aged. I have lost confidence in my look and one problem I have been dealing with is the lack of sleep. I believe it's the true cause of my... READ MORE

I will be 63 soon. I have always taken very good care of my skin. Besides staying out of the sun whenever possible, I have worn sunscreen since my twenties, never smoked and enjoy an occasional glass of wine. I have a few fine lines and I take pride in looking younger than I am. So a couple of... READ MORE

I occasionally do some modeling & people were telling me that I looked tired.  READ MORE

I am a 32 year old female and looking for the best treatment for under eye hollows/wrinkles. About a month ago I had my first Dysport injections into the forehead and temples. Those injections actually helped with my crows feet, but I still felt the majority of my problems were under my eyes, so... READ MORE

After a lifetime of having bags under my eyes, I finally decided to do something about it. I have continually been told that I look tired, and every time I look in the mirror all I can see are the bags under my eyes. I may be full of energy, but the look I see staring back at me from the mirror... READ MORE

I had bags removed from under my eyes about 2 years ago and now i have big bulges ( i think its scar tissue under my skin) close to my eye lash line. Is there a way to safely remove the bulges? I think it looks worse then the bags! This doctor didnt do A good job :( READ MORE

I developed severe bags under my eyes that made me look older. I finally decided to have the procedure as my Daughter's wedding is in September. I am very happy I made this decision. The whole process was stress free. Everyone was caring and professional. The outcome was more than I could have... READ MORE

I met with Dr. Perrotti at his surgery facility. He mapped out my eye area for surgery and answered questions I had about the procedure. He placed all my concerns to rest before I was wheeled into the operating room. His entire staff was professional and attentive right down to the... READ MORE

I was not feeling good about myself with the eye bags. When I no longer needed glasses they really bothered me. Dr. Bitner came highly recommended to me. I was impressed with the staff the minute I entered the office. They were awesome. Dr.Bitner was so kind and helpful and made me feel so... READ MORE

This was my first time EVER having any work done to my face so I took my time and researched on all doctors around the metroplex and found Dr. Vu Ho, and boy am I glad I did!!! He is a master at his work and takes care in everything he does. I have had some botox around my face and fillers in... READ MORE

I'm 46 years old and often told how young I look for my age , however I do suffer with sunken hollows under my eyes and in recent months they have become more prominent affecting my confidence whenever I saw my reflection. I cannot describe how happy I am that Dr Malhotra offers a real solution... READ MORE

I cannot express how very pleased I am with the results of my lowere lid surgery at the Wise center for plastic surgery in Wayne, NJ. Dr. Wise and his entire staff were very professional and friendly. Made me feel right at home. All apointmentswere on time, no waiting. The surgery was explained... READ MORE

I have really bad eye bags even since I was a teenager. My friends always asked if i was tired or if I had a late night yesterday. Now in my 30's I have tried many solutions but I couldn't get rid of it. The eyebags seem to have found a permanent place under my eyes. Even with concealer, I have... READ MORE

Great salesman. Talked me into getting an upper eyelift when I only wanted the fat removed from my lower lids. He left me very asymmetrical, with the lower lids pulled down so you could see the whites under the iris, and so much fat removed that I am still left with hollows under my eyes. He... READ MORE

The staff and Dr. Yoo are fabulous. They treat you like a member of the family. The procedure was fully explained and the results are wonderful..I look great and I looked great just 6 weeks after the procedure. I am very happy with Dr. Yoo and in fact, my husband went to him to have a mole... READ MORE

Incisions were inside my eyelid, so no visible stitches. Some fat was redraped and some was taken out. He did this so I wouldn't look too sunken in. Swelling and bruising was really bad for a couple days but much better by week 1... By week 2, I still had some swelling but all the bruising was... READ MORE

A little heredity, a lot of interrupted and poor sleep habits led to considerable bags under my eyes while being 49 years old led to sagging on top, not a good combo. While people didn't run away screaming from me, I had had enough. I have known for years I would have this surgery and waited... READ MORE

Every time I looked in a mirror all I saw was sad looking eyes in need of a lift. Beginning to wrinkle primarily around the chin and upper lip area. I was beginning to show "my age" and it was not attractive. Dr. Prendiville is an absolute miracle worker. Friends tell me I look 10-15 years... READ MORE

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