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WORTH IT RATING based on 93 reviews
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From surgical procedures to injectables to lifestyle changes, there are several ways to reduce or eliminate eye bags. LEARN MORE ›
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I had fat pads under my lower lids I went to Dr Lisa Casselith who did a botched job, and I was left w a disasterous situation. I have had to have a skin graft done, constant fillers to try and get the lid to close. I have abrasions on the cornea due to her horrible job she did and even admitted... READ MORE

I am a male in my mid 50s. About five years ago I became aware that fairly large bags had formed under my eyes and had become very noticeable. I found myself being very self conscious- not at all typical for my personality. I spoke to my general practitioner, who told me that these would... READ MORE

I needed to dispose of the eye bags due to urgent health reasons. The right side eye one was the worse because the lead and the eye lashes got into the white inside of the eye and scratched it. My eye doctor insisted on me having done the operation so I looked for the best surgery available in... READ MORE

I've had dark circles under my eyes since high school. I was in having restylane done on my marionette lines & my PS recommended having small amounts of the restylane injected. He went from the tear trough to almost the end of the eye. I'm going back to have under the outside corners of my... READ MORE

I was recommended to have my lower lid bags evaluated by Dr. Zoumalan. I also have extra skin in my upper lids which is making me look more older and tired looking. I am only 36 years old and wanted to just look a bit younger and wasn't sure what my options were besides surgery. Dr. Zoumalan saw... READ MORE

I initially wanted to receive the eyelid surgery and Dr. Khalifeh suggested a simpler procedure. I opted to try and to my complete surprise the results are amazing at a fraction of the cost of the other procedure. Total time was approximately 30 minutes. No pain or stinging from the needles... READ MORE

I am really wanting eyebag removal surgery, been on the cards for about 8 years but really want to do it now before i hit 50.. was hoping to get some feed back of people that have took the plunge and done this, was the results as good as you expected and would you recommend and which... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Mraz for botox and after meeting her, I communicated my concerns over the dark circles under my eyes. After the Botox treatment, she injected a filler under my eyes and on my temples and I loved the results! As a plus, the slight wrinkles under my eyes completely went away!... READ MORE

I had Restylane treatment for under eye bags done last year in October. I was doubtful but had it done anyway. The outcome was great. I did my research before going to see Dr. Kapadia. He is great, the treatment was quick and painless, worth every penny. I had swelling the day after, took about... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Byun for bags and dark circles under my eyes, deep smile lines and my uneven small lips. I had gone to other doctors for consults and they wanted to do eye surgery, lip augmentation/implant and a facelift. My brother recommend Dr. Byun and I am so happy because Dr. Byun... READ MORE

I am 37 years old , I always had bags under my eyes ,on some days they will be bigger or more puffier then other days , but they r always there , and make me look so tired and older ,I am someone with enxiety and panic disorder , so for me it was a huge thing to do , I couldn't really sleep well... READ MORE

Ive recentlyhad my lower bags removed by dr,joseph and 6wks post op my bags are gone. prior to to that ,i lived my life hiding behind my sunglass.i knew after meeting with dr joseph that i wanted him to do my surgery.what an amaizing job he's done...those inherited bagsare gone,gone,gone,thank... READ MORE

I lost a lot of weight due to stomach problem. My face looked hollow and dark circles around my eyes including some bags. I had juvederm injected around the eyes and what a world of improvement. The darkness went away and the bags were gone... I am 62 and I am told that I look in my late... READ MORE

Had bags and dark circles under my eyes. Dr. Grawe suggested laser treatment. The initial treatment didn't hurt at all because of the numbing cream. About 20 minutes after the treatment there was a burning feeling which went away that evening. My eyes were pretty tender for about two days... READ MORE

Hi, My name is XXX, I have under eye bags from last 2 years and tried all possible things like Laser treatment from American laser Treatment ( result 0% ) and some creams and all that crap there is no result, So finally i decided to go under a surgery and i did a lot of research and find Dr.... READ MORE

I'm in my mid-30's and began to develop under eye bags too early in my opinion. So I decided to undergo surgery to remove what I thought would help me feel and look more refreshed and not as tired looking. The surgery itself was not painful. The recovery was OK. It took a very long time for the... READ MORE

I decided to get my eyes done in 2012 when there was nothing I could do about the bags under my eyes and my droopy eyelids. I was really worried about the terrible scars my mother had on her upper eyelids. You really cant see mine unless you use magnification and I have no make up .I look great,... READ MORE

Have read mixed reviews about eyelid surgery. Considering lower blepharoplasty or other options to address the tired all the time look. I don't want to look fake - just awake. Live in Bucks County Pa so NJ and Philadelphia are both options. Consultations scheduled with Dr. Allen Wulc in Plymouth... READ MORE

Had eyelid surgery and am pleased with results. He took time and the healing took a little longer than i thought but after 6 weeks i was looking great. My uppers look fantastic and lowers very good. He has done two friends who recommenedes him to me. They had similar results. The brusing and... READ MORE

I'm in my early 50's and have always been ambivalent about plastic surgery. But a year ago, I developed a fatty deposit under both eyes from high cholesterol, and it really affected my feelings about my appearance, so I decided to have it removed. My surgery went perfectly, recovery was smooth... READ MORE

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