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To get rid of swelling and puffiness around the eyes, treatments range from sliced cucumbers to surgery. Don’t worry, though. As bad as they may look, under eye bags rarely mean something more serious is wrong. LEARN MORE ›
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I appreciated receiving a book during my first consultation, during the second consultation (when I actually decided to have the injections), I was able to again speak with the staff - including Dr. Garcia - about my questions and concerns. I think what impressed me the most was the time the... READ MORE

There were actually no cons! Can't believe I'm saying that. I also had a fat transfer at the same time. Interestingly, it did make me look a bit "over-filled" briefly (as Dr. Marotta said it would!) He explained that 50% of the fat is reabsorbed by your body, so if they don't overfill, you... READ MORE

Tan skin, hereditary dark circles made me look tired and older, made sure I went to a good Female Gp with long history, checked their site and experience, was very nervous, only confronting thing was to leave eyes open throughout the procedure, was ok not that bad except after Maybe 5th quick... READ MORE

I am extremely happy with the outcome of my surgery. It has been a month since i have had my procedure and I am so pleased that i chose Mr Marando as my surgeon. he had been highly recommended by a clinic that provides non-surgical treatments (as i went down this route first); i talked to them... READ MORE

I am a 21 year old female that went to see about the dark circles under my eyes. I had a consultation with the plastic surgeon, but not the laser plastic surgeon that would be helping me. He recommended between 1-3 sessions of the excel V laser under my eyes, and also fillers. The fillers were... READ MORE

I recently went to see Dr. Zoumalan for upper and lower lids volume loss. I went in for my consultation and Dr. Zoumalan suggested doing filler injection. I was really nervous since he was going to work around my eyes. He reassured me and made me feel really comfortable and at ease. I had never... READ MORE

Dr. Zoumalan has got the touch to make me look better. He has the eye to visualize beauty and is able to perform work on me that is natural yet amazingly refreshing! I have dark circles which I can thank my mother for. I had eyelid surgery elsewhere years ago and it helped but not completely. I... READ MORE

At 62 I wanted some of my pretty face back! The procedure was surprisingly simple. The results wonderful. Down time for me was about 3 days of real down time, after that it was "take it easy" for about 4 days, . I plan on having my neck done in the near future. My whole face looks much younger.... READ MORE

So, I'm 4 days post-procedure as I write this and I'm still spending way too much time looking in the mirror at my fantastic results! :) I'm 44 (which is almost painful to put in writing) and I would say overall my skin is in good condition. Although I live in Southwest Missouri and about 5... READ MORE

Hi everyone,I have always had dark circles and want to chronicle my quest to get rid (or at least, minimize) of them. I am Mediteranean and got these from good old wonderful paternal genetics (:P). They are the bane of my existence, vainly speaking. They are so bad that I cannot leave the... READ MORE

It has taken me over 6 months to write this review because of the severe emotional toll this surgery has taken on me, both physically and emotionally. I am 31 years old and went to Dr. Singh for treatment of puffy lower eyelids and liposuction. What he assured me would be a straightforward... READ MORE

I found Dr. Kass through thorough my research for an eye surgeon with plastic surgery accreditation. I was looking for a surgeon who could correct a previous lower eye job I had a year before that I was not happy with. I met with Dr. Kass three times before I finally made-up my mind to have... READ MORE

Why I had it done: I started to get visible, 3D bags at around 25. I hated it. People always said I looked tired. I tried some gel that tightens the bags, but the problem was really fat deposits under the eyes. The procedure: I had a short consultation and then went in for day surgery. ... READ MORE

Dr. Solomon is an excellent Plastic surgeon with outstanding patient care skills. I recently saw Dr. Solomon for under eye filler and I am beyond pleased with my results! I was slightly nervous about having filler done in this area, however Dr. Solomon was extremely patient gentle and comforting... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr.Papel by my sister in law who is extremely though in choosing A surgeon to perform such a procedure. Dr. Papel was a professional from the first consultation and I feel that listened to my goal for this surgery. The surgery it self was extremely easy and I had very little... READ MORE

I hate I got this surgery 5 weeks ago. I have dark circles or discoloration under my eyes, one eye looks bigger than the other and my eyes look hollow. I am so depressed and hopeless about all of this. It also appears that my check has a dent near the tear trough. Feeling really sad about it all... READ MORE

I had fat pads under my lower lids I went to Dr Lisa Casselith who did a botched job, and I was left w a disasterous situation. I have had to have a skin graft done, constant fillers to try and get the lid to close. I have abrasions on the cornea due to her horrible job she did and even admitted... READ MORE

I am a male in my mid 50s. About five years ago I became aware that fairly large bags had formed under my eyes and had become very noticeable. I found myself being very self conscious- not at all typical for my personality. I spoke to my general practitioner, who told me that these would... READ MORE

I needed to dispose of the eye bags due to urgent health reasons. The right side eye one was the worse because the lead and the eye lashes got into the white inside of the eye and scratched it. My eye doctor insisted on me having done the operation so I looked for the best surgery available in... READ MORE

I've had dark circles under my eyes since high school. I was in having restylane done on my marionette lines & my PS recommended having small amounts of the restylane injected. He went from the tear trough to almost the end of the eye. I'm going back to have under the outside corners of my... READ MORE

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