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To get rid of swelling and puffiness around the eyes, treatments range from sliced cucumbers to surgery. Don’t worry, though. As bad as they may look, under eye bags rarely mean something more serious is wrong. LEARN MORE ›
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I had bags removed from under my eyes about 2 years ago and now i have big bulges ( i think its scar tissue under my skin) close to my eye lash line. Is there a way to safely remove the bulges? I think it looks worse then the bags! This doctor didnt do A good job :( READ MORE

Dr. Eviatar is an artist in every sense of the word. I came to him after experiencing severe volume loss in my face after a horrific Venus Freeze experience from a awful medspa, which was supposed to help with my dark circles. He did a series of three injectables over the course of 8 months.... READ MORE

I made the worst mistake of my like going to see Dr. Jeffrey D. Schiller at Beautiful Eyes, 1550 Richmond Avenue Staten Island, NY 10314. I spent $13,000 to be miserable for the rest of my life! After the horrible bruises went away, one of my eyes is now bigger than the other, the lower eyelid... READ MORE

I was always unhappy with the way my lower lids looked in photos, especially when I was smiling. I looked into ways of making them better and makeup was the only way that helped them. With time though, makeup wasn't helping as much so I started looking into other options. I found information... READ MORE

The bags under my eyes appeared as young as aged 33 and grew progressively worse. It got to the point that they had hijacked my face! My once dark almond shaped eyes were barely noticeable because they were so overtaken by the bags. Dr. Jacono was the third cosmetic surgeon I have had a... READ MORE

I'm in my late 40's. I started noticing under eye bags about 2 years ago. I had tried a lot of high-end eye creams but my under eye bags had become more and more noticeable. I then did a lot of research online and found Dr. Christopoulos. I don't live in Chicago. It's a 4-hr drive from where I... READ MORE

For a long time I was bothered by my under eye dark circles. I looked for an oculoplastic specialist online and found Dr Taban. During consultation, he explained dark circles are caused by hollowness and an effective treatment is filler injection under the eyes. I decided to proceed with it... READ MORE

I've been searching for a doctor who can inject fillers without overfilling, bruising, giving you that fake overdone look and breaking the bank. Plus someone who can inject Botox and make both my eyebrows look even. I been to so many doctors all over LA and Orange County from Plastic Surgeons to... READ MORE

Key words: Wow factor, Professional, Courteous, Skillful, No Pressure, Satisfied, Realistic Expectations. Last year I decided to venture into the world of cosmetic surgery to address what I saw was a ‘tired look’ in my middle-age. We all have internal beauty and occasionally we need a... READ MORE

Outcome terrible not what I expected looks worse than before I started. I had brusing but the dark circles are more prominent and where filler injected has made more linesunder and around eyes. Dr ash was not happy to review me a third time as he seems not to have a complaints procedure as I... READ MORE

I had Eye bag surgery by Dr. Karam. $9000 later, I STILL HAVE EYE BAGS. The procedure lasted 20 minutes. The Dr. seemed in a hurry to make $9000 as fast as he could. I am very dissatisfied. Other people who have had eye work by other doctors look like what I was expecting from Dr. Karam. The... READ MORE

I recently went to Dr Tzikas for Blepharoplasty (under eye surgery) and am beyond ecstatic with my results. I am a 30 year old woman who has battled having under eye bags for as long as I can remember. When I say I have invested thousands of dollars into every different product imaginable I can... READ MORE

I had a consultation with Naruschka Henriques at Botonics , but couldn't make up my mind about her , she seemed to know what she was talking about, but looked very over done and unnatural herself, so that was a bit off putting. They have so many fantastics reviews that it makes me wonder if they... READ MORE

From the moment I walked into the office, my confidence that I would be well taken care of was satisfied. Donna Dr Kapadia's secretary showed me before and after pictures of one of her family member's that was close to my age, this helped settle my fears of undergoing upper and lower lid surgery... READ MORE

I never knew I would have plastic surgery in my life, but here I am.  This is my first and maybe it will be my last.  I don’t really have any issues with my face and I am turning 57 soon.  The only thing that bothered me a little was my eye bag.  It wasn’t bad at first, but they seem to... READ MORE

Hi! This is not necessarily for eye bags, its for the sunken eye trough area, and the price above is in CANADIAN DOLLARS. I have always dealt with sunken eye trough areas which also contributed to the dark eye circles and amplified the darkness by casting a shadow. Its made me look sad and tired... READ MORE

Until just 12 months ago I did not have any eye bags at all (I am mid-30). I Was quite proud of that then suddenly WHAM! Since I Was having a tummy tuck anyway, decided to have this done also. Hence, also why it is so cheap compared to having it done just on its own Don't have any pics but... READ MORE

I had a surgeon on Bedford in BH Ca perform a lower fat reposition surgery. The surgery was botched and eyes did not match and lower right lid dropped so much I got abrasions on thevcornea. Dr Casselith sent me to Dr Massry in BH, Ca to try & repair her work. who has been wonderful! Be sure you... READ MORE

Dr. W performed the surgery on me and I was very pleased. I basically put it all in his hands. No amount of concealer or sleep would ever change the baggage I was carrying under my eyes. He did a blepharoplasty and it changed my life. I got a lot of ,"are you tired" comments etc even after I'd... READ MORE

The bags from under my eye came out very nice,then he talked me into getting the upper done when I was in the hospital.I trusted him even thou I didnt need the upper done.After I went for a check upI told him about the droopy eye lid or extra skin.He said lets wait a year and see what happens.I... READ MORE

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