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Is Hyperpigmentation After Vi Peel Permanent?

I had Vi Peel on April 2, and my face became two shades darker. Is this permanent? I'm a light-skinned African-American and I'm really scared. READ MORE

Redness After Vi Peel

I got a Vi Peel 3 days ago and my skin starts to peel off, and the skin turned to brown too. It also was really easy for me to take the dead skin off,... READ MORE

Melasma Darker After Two Vipeels and Prominent in Areas I Hadn't Noticed Were Problems Before

The second peel made some of the melasma "pink" but soon became dark brown. My upper lip which had faint patches of melasma are now dark... READ MORE

Are These Vi Peel Side Effects Normal?

So I just had my first peel 4 days ago. It was a vi peel & Im prob just freakin out, but was wondering if its norm for the new skin to be red... READ MORE

Will a Vi Peel Get Rid of Melasma?

Is a VI Peel guaranteed to get rid of melasma? READ MORE

Applying Acetone 100% Necessary Before Vi Peel?

I'll be applying the Vi Peel after I come out of the shower, so my skin will already be thoroughly cleansed. Will Acetone still be necessary? Thanks. READ MORE

What Are These Little White Bumps/Pimples on my Skin After VI Peel? (photo)

I really cant describe this, I just want you to look at the pic. They are not bumps/nor pimples, but they seem to come out of every follicle,... READ MORE

Is the Vi Peel Safe to Use at Home? Effective?

Is the Vi peel a type of enzyme peel? I heard of this peel(Vi peel) that people can use at home because its so gentle. I was told that that this peel... READ MORE

Dry, Sensitive Skin 3 Weeks After Vi Peel - Normal?

I had a Vi peel 3 weeks ago. I peeled nicely and my skin was really shiny, smooth, and moist 7 days post peel but now my skin has become dry all over... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Vi Peel and Vitalize Peel?

I am Hispanic and developed melasma on my cheeks. My skin is very sensitive and I easily breakout. I'm looking into the vi peel and or vitalize... READ MORE

Why Cant You Sweat After the Vi Peel?

I run about 10 miles every other day. I had a vi peel 5 days ago. What is the issue with sweating? READ MORE

After Vi Peel Treatment No Peeling Process on my Cheeks or Forehead, is It Normal?

I had vI peel 4 days a go. I have just some peeling around my chin. No other parts of my face peel yet. Is it normal? READ MORE

VI Peels Not Peeling?

I have had 4 VI peels since last Sept 2011. My last VI peels was on Sept 10, 2012. I had 4 layers of the peel and around the eyes. My skin peels very... READ MORE

Had the Vi Peel 5 Days Ago. My Acne Red Marks Are Now Even More Red. Will This Subside?

Really worried the red marks will remain really red. Is vi peel supposed to help with this?Also my nose and around my mouth and chin have peeled like... READ MORE

What Kind of Moisturizer Can I Use After the Vi Peel Other Than the One That Come in the Kit

What Kind of Moisturizer Can I Use After the Vi Peel Other Than the One That Come in the Kit READ MORE

Damaged Skin Texture from Chemical Peel?

I had a Vi peel done 8 months ago. My skin peeled and then 2 weeks later the skin turned rough, dry, and scaly.It is still the same way.The skin... READ MORE

I Have Done the ViPeel 4 Days Ago my Skin is at the Peeling Process Except Its Always Burning?

What can i do to help calm the redness and burning? when i apply the cream it burns as well. Anything else i can do to help cool my skin for example... READ MORE

Very Dry New Skin on Days 3-5 After Vi Peel, What Can I do? (photo)

I got the peel done on Thursday evening. It is now Monday evening. My skin began to peel on Saturday and the majority of the skin has now peeled off.... READ MORE

Do I Have Epidermal or Dermal Hyperpigmentation from Vi Peel?

I received a Vi Peel a little more than 2 weeks ago, and small spots of what I think is PIH appeared on my upper lip and side of my cheekbone by my... READ MORE

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