Acute Hyperpigermentation on South Asian Male (32 Years)?

Hi, I am a South Asian male (32 years). I have had acute acne scarring in the past and although the acne is under control, I visited a derma spa in NYC that suggested using a VI Chemical Peel 2 weeks ago. While the peel was being applied, the skin immediately showed hyperpigmentation. When I started peeling two days later, the face was very pink/bruised . 5 days later the skin turned very dark and remains the same way despite taking care. What can I do? The face is now discolored and with scars

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Hyperpigmentation after Vi Peel

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Although chemical peels may be helpful in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, success often requires a combination of skin care habits, procedures and sometimes prescription medications.  What is your skin care regimine?  What was the post peel care?  Is there any other problem that requires evaluation?  Non-medical staff at spas are not able to do a full assessment.  It sounds like you would benefit from an evaluation by a board-certified dermatologist.  Good luck!

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