See the Procedure: Venus Freeze Treatment

Dr. Elham Jafari shares this video of a woman undergoing a Venus Freeze treatment for body contouring, removal of cellulite and excess fat and skin tightening. VIEW NOW

Do You Stay Awake During Venus Freeze?

Dr. James W. Goodnight uses radio frequency to contour this woman's stomach and thighs. VIEW NOW

Watch the Doctor Sculpt This Woman's Body With Radio Frequency

Using Venus Freeze, Dr. James W. Goodnight sculpts with radio frequency. VIEW NOW

Watch 15 Seconds of Butt Sculpting Using Radio Frequency

See how Dr. James W. Goodnight uses Venus Freeze to sculpt the butt. VIEW NOW

Radiofrequency and Body Contouring: See the Doctor at Work

Dr. James W. Goodnight uses two Venus machines to contour this woman's body. VIEW NOW

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Watch the Thermal Monitor During Full Body Contouring With Venus Concepts RF

Dr. James W. Goodnight demonstrates a radio frequency treatment with two Venus Concept RF machines showing the optimal temperature of 111 degrees. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting Followed by Venus Freeze: Watch the Combination Procedure in 15 Seconds

Dr. James W. Goodnight explains and demonstrates how CoolSculpting and Venus Freeze work to reduce this woman's muffin top. VIEW NOW

Venus Legacy: Learn What It Is and How It Works

Ever heard of Venus Legacy? Have the procedure explained by Marilyn Segura, clinic director of Danik Medical Spa. VIEW NOW


Venus Legacy: Here's What It Looks Like When Used on the Legs

Dr. Jason Emer demonstrates how he uses Venus Legacy to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles on the knees and lower legs. VIEW NOW


Male Breast Reduction: Your Options Explained in 47 Seconds

Dr. Mark Berkowitz explains the different procedures he uses to reduce the appearance of male breasts. VIEW NOW

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How Cold Melts Fat — This Doctor's Had Venus Freeze Himself!

How can freezing fat melt it away? Dr. Mark Berkowitz explains Venus Freeze. VIEW NOW

Non-Invasive vs. Surgical Body Contouring

Dr. David Kahn discusses options of body contouring based on how much of a pain and risk tolerance the patient has. VIEW NOW

Venus Freeze: Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technology With Skin Tightening

Dr. Jennifer Walden talks about what patients can expect after a few treatments with the Venus Freeze. VIEW NOW

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Is There an Alternative to a Tummy Tuck? Venus Freeze Tightens Loose Skin Without Scarring

Dr. Michael Persky introduces Venus Freeze and explains how this new technology works and what it can do for a loose, post-baby belly. VIEW NOW

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks Gets the Scoop on New Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks sits down with Dr. Robert Centeno to discusses the new emerging technologies for non-surgical body contouring, including CoolSculpting, radio frequency, ultrasound, and more! VIEW NOW