Venus Freeze is an exciting new technology that combines radio frequency, or kind of microwave, with post magnetic fields, and what it does is it produces non-invasive fat reduction. We're getting rid of fat and skin tightening.

The Venus Freeze is a non-invasive device. The technician holds a hand-held probe and rubs it on your body where you want the skin tightening and fat reduction to occur. Treatments are different for different parts of the body. For the face and neck, it usually takes six treatments about 15 to 30 minutes. For the body, it usually takes eight or more treatments and they may range from 30 to 40 minutes. Basically what you can expect is tightening of the skin, seeing the jaw line better here, kind of losing some of the folds if you do the lower face treatment. If you're doing it on the body or the arms or the knees, you're going to expect some skin tightening and you can also expect to lose probably about an inch in your waist size.

Clothes can fit better and you'll feel a little bit tighter especially if you are post-child bearing and you have a little bit of looseness to your skin, a little bit of fat around the belly button area.

Now it's important to know that it didn't take the place of a surgical procedure. The gold standard for removing fat is a liposuction procedure and we can do much larger volumes and lose that two or three inches by liposuction. But this is great for people who aren't surgical candidates or as an adjunct to surgery, to tighten that skin more, or they just don't want to go through a surgical procedure with anesthesia.

Venus Freeze: Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technology With Skin Tightening

Dr. Jennifer Walden talks about what patients can expect after a few treatments with the Venus Freeze.