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My Partner Had Vaser Lipo Selection 7 Weeks Ago, a Very Large Fist Size Lump Has Now Come Up Between His Upper and Lower Abs ???

This lump is very large, tennis ball size, it looks like a heamatoma. It appeared suddenly 6 days ago, 7 weeks post vaser lipo in the area that was... READ MORE

When Will This Swelling and Soreness Go Away?

It is the 5 th day after my vaser lipo on my tummy love handles and chest. The soreness in my chest is ouch!!! And I look bigger than I did before the... READ MORE

How long does swelling, numbness and soreness from Vaser Lipo typically last? (photo)

I had Vaser Lipo done on my lower and upper abs and flanks on April 18th, 2104. I am pretty lean, 14% Body Fat, workout and eat extremely well. It has... READ MORE

85lbs 145cm Height, Vaser Lipo 1000cc Removed? is It Safe?

Hi, i gave birth 3months ago and i had vaser lipo. im 110during pregnancy after 3months giving birth im 85lbs i had vaser lipo yesterday in back and... READ MORE

I just want an honest answer, is this normal? One month post op. (Photo)

I am starting to wonder if I am totally deformed at this point. I am afraid to even go back to the doctor that performed my procedure. I feel like my... READ MORE

Burning/stinging sore pain after vaser. Any suggestions?

I had vaser on the flanks 12 days ago and everything went ok. The first week I was swollen and sore but not in pain. Then a few days again I was... READ MORE

Pain, soreness, tightness and pulling sensation 3.5 weeks post-op w/Vaser Lipo on upper, middle and lower back. Normal? (Photo)

These feelings are not only internal (where it's the worst) but on the surface of my skin. It still is sore to lay down, get up, roll over and heaven... READ MORE

Should I still be in same amount of pain? (photos)

June 3rd i had vaserlipo flanks, underarms upper lower abdomen pulis area and back 5 days ago i noticed wavery like fluid in my private area. Still... READ MORE

I had vaser about 13 months ago. Swelling?

I had vaser 13 months ago. Results were great and 10 L of fat . But as I said great results, apart from slight under correction one side of stomach.... READ MORE

Will this coloring after lipo go away? Is this a burn? (Photo)

I had vaser lipo done 3 weeks ago. My bruising is all gone but my skin is still a reddish color in the areas where I got vaser done. My inner thighs... READ MORE

Had Vaser Lipo on flanks and upper and lower abs 8 days ago and am still very sore.

Should I still be very sore in my stomach area 8 days postoperative? When I bend over or get out of a chair or bed, it hurts! I wear my compression... READ MORE

How much lipo is this?

I had upper/lower abs and waist/flanks/lowback vaser liposuctioned. Im 5'8 and 160 and my doc said she took out 3000cc of fat with vaser. Just... READ MORE

What is the use of doing vaser lipo if the patient has to go through so much pain, soreness and numbness?

I am confused I have already done the vaser lipo on abdomen back thighs and knees 6 days back. If one has to wait for a period of 6-12 months then... READ MORE

Why do I have linea negra 9 days post op Vaser on my lower abdomen?

Hello. I am 10 days post-op lower abdominal Vaser lipo. I have swelling and soreness which I know is normal, but I am concerned about the fact I have... READ MORE

3 months after extensive VASER hi def, no weight loss, occasional pain and no visible change

I am a 28yo male who did a VASER hi def in the torso and flanks and normal vaser in the thighs. Thé day after the procedure felt great but ... READ MORE

3 week post-op Vaser Liposuction: exercises to help.

I had vaser liposuction 3 weeks ago ago upper tummy and lower Abbs I have been wearing my compression garment none stop for 3 weeks,, my upper tummy... READ MORE

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