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Can V Beam Make Facial Redness and Bumps Worse or Cause Permanent Damage to the Face?

What are negatives or downsides of Vbeam laser procedure. What is success rate & how long do results last? Thks. READ MORE

Not Much Improvement After Initial V-Beam Treatment

Hi, I had my VBeam last month and I still don't see much improvement in redness of my acne scars. Does it take more treatments to expect any... READ MORE

I Have Had 1 Vbeam Treatment 1 Week Ago but Have Not Seen Any Improvement at All. Options?

1 week post-op Vbeam with seeing improvement at all. What do you suggest I ask the physician assistant to do to make the vbeam more effective? I heard... READ MORE

Can you get Vbeam laser treatments too close together?

I am receiving VBeam treatments for my post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. My doctor has spaced them 2 weeks apart. I have heard most people space... READ MORE

When I will see V beam results?

Hello I had 1 st v beam 5 days ago. I was swelling 2 days, and after my face looked the same like before v beam. Will I see results or laser? And when... READ MORE

V beam perfecta. When I will see first result. (photo)

Today I had v beam first time. My face was pink right after, but after 2 h looks normal and TOTALY the same like before. All redness and acne spots... READ MORE

Does flushing in between Vbeam treatments jeopardize results and healing time?

Hello, I've had 3 Vbeam treatments over the past 5 months for redness/flushing. After my first treatment I saw noticeable improvement and even a... READ MORE

Red acne scars & cystic acne; How long after treatment should I have seen results?

I've had four v beam treatments but haven't noticed the redness to be that affective. The scars are little red dots where my pores are. How long after... READ MORE

Results with levulan and V-beam? (photos)

I havevery fair skin, and am currently dealing with acne and red marks. I had a consultation and was recommended to get a Vbeam treatment with levulan... READ MORE

A very dark post-VBeam scab is forming, is it normal? (Photo)

Hi to everyone, I have had my VBeam treatment done (3 days ago) and I have been wondering if it's normal to see this amount of dark red and scabs? I... READ MORE

Frequency of v-beam maintenance treatments?

I've gotten 4 Vbeam treatments from June 2015 to May 2016. The redness has subsided significantly, but I'm worried about it creeping back up in me.... READ MORE

VBeam vs. CO2 Fractional laser vs. YAG for under eye veins?

Hello. I have very large and dialated purple/blue veins inder my eyes. I have seen three plastic surgeons. All three say theirs is the best however -... READ MORE

What are my options after Cryosurgery on face?

Hello to all, my dermatologist applied liquid nitrogen on a spot on my forehead and, unfortunately, a white (not pink) mark is the result. Do I have... READ MORE

No Results After First IPL/V-Beam Treatment

I had one IPL, v-beam laser treatment 10-days ago and still do not see any difference in the condition of my skin. All the same red marks, red-blotchy... READ MORE

Will Purpuric V-Beam Yield Better Results?

I'm desperately trying to treat persistent redness of my nose and cheeks. I've tried regular V-Beam, and it hasn't made a difference. If I... READ MORE

When will I notice V Beam results? (Photo)

I am growing impatient. I have has 3 vbeam treatments for old red acne scars. They have been spaced 2 weeks apart. I have had aggressive settings... READ MORE

How long before I see results from Vbeam? (Photo)

I am having a vbeam laser treat my red acne scars. I receive a treatment every other week. I have already had 3 treatments and have seen no... READ MORE

Does flushing in the early stages of Vbeam recovery (0-21 days) negatively affect results?

I haven't been able to find any scientific literature on whether or not flushing immediately post treatment will reverse results while the body is... READ MORE

1 yr post op, I did 4 session dye laser v beam in my butt because the vascular lesion after subcision. How long till the result?

I still have a vascular lesion after 4 session vbeam dye how long. Before i see results? READ MORE

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