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Can V Beam Make Facial Redness and Bumps Worse or Cause Permanent Damage to the Face?

What are negatives or downsides of Vbeam laser procedure. What is success rate & how long do results last? Thks. READ MORE

Not Much Improvement After Initial V-Beam Treatment

Hi, I had my VBeam last month and I still don't see much improvement in redness of my acne scars. Does it take more treatments to expect any... READ MORE

I Have Had 1 Vbeam Treatment 1 Week Ago but Have Not Seen Any Improvement at All. Options?

1 week post-op Vbeam with seeing improvement at all. What do you suggest I ask the physician assistant to do to make the vbeam more effective? I heard... READ MORE

Can you get Vbeam laser treatments too close together?

I am receiving VBeam treatments for my post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. My doctor has spaced them 2 weeks apart. I have heard most people space... READ MORE

Red acne scars & cystic acne; How long after treatment should I have seen results?

I've had four v beam treatments but haven't noticed the redness to be that affective. The scars are little red dots where my pores are. How long after... READ MORE

Results with levulan and V-beam? (photos)

I havevery fair skin, and am currently dealing with acne and red marks. I had a consultation and was recommended to get a Vbeam treatment with levulan... READ MORE

Does flushing in between Vbeam treatments jeopardize results and healing time?

Hello, I've had 3 Vbeam treatments over the past 5 months for redness/flushing. After my first treatment I saw noticeable improvement and even a... READ MORE

V beam perfecta. When I will see first result. (photo)

Today I had v beam first time. My face was pink right after, but after 2 h looks normal and TOTALY the same like before. All redness and acne spots... READ MORE

A very dark post-VBeam scab is forming, is it normal? (Photo)

Hi to everyone, I have had my VBeam treatment done (3 days ago) and I have been wondering if it's normal to see this amount of dark red and scabs? I... READ MORE

When I will see V beam results?

Hello I had 1 st v beam 5 days ago. I was swelling 2 days, and after my face looked the same like before v beam. Will I see results or laser? And when... READ MORE

VBeam vs. CO2 Fractional laser vs. YAG for under eye veins?

Hello. I have very large and dialated purple/blue veins inder my eyes. I have seen three plastic surgeons. All three say theirs is the best however -... READ MORE

Frequency of v-beam maintenance treatments?

I've gotten 4 Vbeam treatments from June 2015 to May 2016. The redness has subsided significantly, but I'm worried about it creeping back up in me.... READ MORE

No Results After First IPL/V-Beam Treatment

I had one IPL, v-beam laser treatment 10-days ago and still do not see any difference in the condition of my skin. All the same red marks, red-blotchy... READ MORE

Will Purpuric V-Beam Yield Better Results?

I'm desperately trying to treat persistent redness of my nose and cheeks. I've tried regular V-Beam, and it hasn't made a difference. If I... READ MORE

When will I notice V Beam results? (Photo)

I am growing impatient. I have has 3 vbeam treatments for old red acne scars. They have been spaced 2 weeks apart. I have had aggressive settings... READ MORE

How long before I see results from Vbeam? (Photo)

I am having a vbeam laser treat my red acne scars. I receive a treatment every other week. I have already had 3 treatments and have seen no... READ MORE

Does flushing in the early stages of Vbeam recovery (0-21 days) negatively affect results?

I haven't been able to find any scientific literature on whether or not flushing immediately post treatment will reverse results while the body is... READ MORE

1 yr post op, I did 4 session dye laser v beam in my butt because the vascular lesion after subcision. How long till the result?

I still have a vascular lesion after 4 session vbeam dye how long. Before i see results? READ MORE

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