1 Week Post-op + V Beam

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6 Days Post Second Vbeam. Purple to Red but Aren't Fading?

Purple marks have turned to bright red but aren't fading. Help! The First time I had this done, my skin rebounded beautifully and from the moment I... READ MORE

I Received a Few Vbeam Pulses on Top of the Cheek Bone Area. One Spot Still Red 6 Days Later, Is This Normal?

It seems as though there is increased telangectasias and redness on one exact pulse spot; it has been 6 days. Is it possible to have increased redness... READ MORE

Swelling and Redness Nearly 1 Week After V Beam, Is This Normal?

I had v beam 5 days go and still have swelling and lots of redness READ MORE

I Have Had Laser Treatment, 8 Days Later Face is Red Raw!! is This Normal?

Hi i had v bean treatment 10 days ago, bruising cleared at day 5, but day 8 while i was going for lunch, i felt hugh heat from my face, it has been... READ MORE

I Had V Beam Laser Treatment on my Chin. 1 Week Later I Drank Alcohol, Will This Ruin the Effect of my Treatment?

I had v beam lazer treatment on my chin. 1 week later I drank alcohol, will this ruin the effect of my treatment? I hardly drink at all but, 1 week... READ MORE

When I will see V beam results?

Hello I had 1 st v beam 5 days ago. I was swelling 2 days, and after my face looked the same like before v beam. Will I see results or laser? And when... READ MORE

I had a V Beam laser treatment 1 week ago. It was bruised and blistered, the blister opened up and was bleeding a bit (Photo)

I still have a visible red and some purple marks/ blood vessels extended around the outer rim I'm worried that it will not heal properly. It looks... READ MORE

No moisturizer after Vbeam - no results ?

I had a vbeam 1 week ago. The days after I didn't let anything except water on my skin because I wanted to give my sensitive skin time to heal itself... READ MORE

My esthetician scheduled me for a vbeam one week after I already had one. Is this ok?

I am scheduled to have another vbeam treatment for rosacea one week after having my last one. Is it safe to have treatments so soon after each other? READ MORE

Flushing after V Beam?

I had my first vbeam treatment a week ago. Face already feels less red but my flushing seems to be worse, is this normal? What can I do to help the... READ MORE

Vbeam - is it safe to do it two weeks after septoplasty?

I had septoplasty surgery a week ago, to correct deviated septum. My nose also looks better now, the tip is lifted up a bit, and a bump that was on my... READ MORE

Number of V Beam treatments for dilated capillaries and redness?

I had vbeam 1 week ago for capillaries and diffuse redness around my nose and mouth. All the capillaries are gone, but the overall redness did not... READ MORE

I broke out in whiteheads after a V Beam treatment I had 1 week ago, is this normal? When will I see results from the treatment?

V Beam perfecta laser, Redness Whiteheads, is this normal? When will I see results from the treatment? READ MORE

How long will redness of the V Beam last near collar bone area? It's been a week since I first got the procedure done (photo)

I've just recently got a v beam done right underneath my collar bone. After one week of the treatment, the redness is still there and it's making me... READ MORE

Just had a very purpic V Beam and some scabbing has occurred.

It has been a week now and the scans have fallen off. My question is is this the result of actual burning of the skin or a side effect of the purpic... READ MORE

V Beam treatment scab? (Photo)

Hello! I got v beam treatment for rosacea 6 days ago. The bruising is beginning to heal but the darkest spot on my cheek (it was black in color... READ MORE

Aczone and Finacea after V beam?

I had non-purpuric vbeam laser treatments on my cheeks and jawline for post inflammatory erythema/red acne scars and a few broken capillaries under my... READ MORE

Did a V-Beam treatment actually make my broken blood vessels look worse? (Photo)

I had V-Beam done on some broken blood vessels (little red swiggly lines) around my nose and on my thighs exactly 1 week ago. I had great results on... READ MORE

4th VBEAM treatment for rosacea a week ago, When should I start to see improvments? (Photo)

I had a 4th VBEAM treatment for Rosacea a week ago and the first one was in December. I do not see much improvements and i now see purple dots on my... READ MORE

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