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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. The treatment uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen.

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37 Year Old with Collapsed Cheeks and Small Jowls. Full Face Ultherapy. London, GB

I wanted to write this review for anyone considering having Ultherapy in London. I'm 37, a non-smoker, I live a healthy lifestyle and have always taken care of my skin. With a naturally round face that has gradually deflated during my thirties, my cheeks have collapsed and the remaining fat has... READ MORE

Skin Feels Really Weird After Ultherapy - Los Angeles, CA

Hi, i had ultherapy done 1 1/2 months ago to my entire face. My skin has lost a lot of volume so far but was scares me the most is that the skin itself feels like tissue paper, sort of numb and tingly and underneath, the fat feels almost like giggly foam. It is the weirdest feeling and I am... READ MORE

Was Painful and Changes Slight, Grants Pass, OR

After loosing nearly 50 pounds, I ended up with a lot of sagging skin under my neck and on certain areas of my face. So, for my 59th birthday this year, I decided to give myself a Ultherapy treatment. I had several years ago set up and schudale a appointment for a facelift but three days prior... READ MORE

28 Year Old Wants to Improve Jawline - Baton Rouge, LA

I found Dr. Guillot thanks to RS and I am so glad I did. I went in for a first consultation a month ago and then another one last week. Dr Guillot was incredibly patient with me and explained everything I would need. This is something I thought about long and hard but because I'm 28 yo and I... READ MORE

47yo Ultherapy on Lower Face and Nick. Memphis, TN

First off let me say this, Ultherapy was painful. It was 600 pulses that felt like electric shocks to your face and neck. It hurt more especially around the jaw line. They gave me 2 10mg valiums and 2 500mg thlenols and it still hurt . I have had a little swelling, tenderness and some... READ MORE

43 YO Ultherapy on Neck - Pearland, TX

I decided to get ultherapy because of sagging skin on my neck. I went into a med spa in Pearland, TX for a consultation to see if I was a good candidate for the procedure. I spoke with the Dr's wife and I still wasn't convinced, so she called in the doctor to come look at me. He assured me that... READ MORE

45 and Ultherapy. New South Wales, AU

Ageing in particular marionette lines. Thought I would post today to then compare effects in a couple of months. Minimal pain. Maybe the setting on my treatment was less invasive as I only got pain on the right jaw line. Nil down time and back to work Monday. I have thought about getting... READ MORE

48 Year Old Looking for a Subtle Uplift - Jacksonville, FL

First , I did not have any intention of writing a review so I apologize in advance for not taking better accurate pictures . What changed my mind was because of all the other women who have put reviews before me and how their journey help me decide and gave me an informative decision to go... READ MORE

Ultherapy is Amazing - Lynnwood, WA

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Wortham in Lynnwood, WA. Previously, I had injectables performed in my home state of NJ. I thought that is what the doctor would recommend when I first met with him. But instead, he recommended Ultherapy. And I'm thrilled that he did! Ultherapy tighened up my... READ MORE

42, Almost 43. Mother of Two. Ultherapy on Lower Face & Jawline/under Chin - Jacksonville, FL

My profile & jawline was never defined unless I was a size zero. At 42, rather than starving for it, I'm happy I found a healthier alternative. Ultherapy. I also always had a tiny fat deposit under my chin. As you can see, I've also had a full face, which is key (in certain areas) to a... READ MORE

44 Yr Old Ultherapy Entire Face Upper Neck - Suzanne Bruce & Associates, Texas

I just picked up some medications they have prescribed me to help me be comfortable. This cosmetic practice has also done my eye filler and Cool Sculpting services. The aestheticians have gotten all these procedures so I can just ask them about their own personal experiences. Super helpful and I... READ MORE

46 Yo Female, Developing Jowels and Turkey Neck - Raleigh, NC

I turned 46 not too long ago, and for the last several months started noticing the beginnings of jowels. Recent photos show bulging under my chin, so much so that I felt I looked years older. I'm very active with young children and not ready to submit! So, I first looked into a neck lift. Doc... READ MORE

42 Years Old , 3 Kids, After TUBA in 2008, Few Other Small Things Done, Decided to Do Ultherapy Under my Eyes - Poland

Hi Girls I love that page! I love reading all your stories. I had done just Ulthera under and on the sides of my eyes in July. I should see some improvement by now, but I just don't think it works for what I need. I wanted to get rid of my wrinkles under my eyes, and tighten the skin, that was... READ MORE

37 Years Old, Ultherapy on Full Face, Severe Swelling - Bingham Farms, MI

I was doing this for preventative measure as I have relatively good skin for my age. No fine lines or marionette lines. What I did notice were some jowls coming down, so I wanted to stop that before they got worse. Just tighten up my jaw line. I went in to Face Skincare and Wellness Center... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Wanting a Tighter Jawline

I had originally enquired about having a thread lift to lift my sagging jaw & jowls but Dr Berry thought Ultherapy would be a less invasive procedure and be better for someone my age, with my skin type. On the day of the procedure, I took pain relief beforehand. Dr Berry marked my lower face in... READ MORE

Face and Neck Firming Treatment!

I began to notice a slight slackness in the skin of my lower face and upper neck, and decided to undergo laser skin-tightening with Dr. Khalifeh. I have witnessed excellent outcomes on faces of friends and colleagues, so I was excited to see the same for myself. My friends reported extreme pain... READ MORE

Looking Forward to Great Results! - The Gallery of Plastic Surgery, Lynnwood, WA

Thanks to genetics, I have never had the strongest of jawlines, even in my younger and thinner days. After entering my 40's I slowly saw myself becoming a bit jowly. After looking at pics from this past Christmas, I saw that I was developing a waddle! Time to nip this in the bud. I spent most of... READ MORE

Ultherapy Made Me Sunken in - Florida, FL

I am thin frame 5' 1" 116 lbs 43 years old. I was talked into ultherapy because the rep came to my doctors office and gave half off for whole face. It's about 10 months out and my face, cheeks, under eyes and neck all lost volume. A lot of volume. Now I am sunken in looking and my skin is very... READ MORE

Ultherapy - It's All About Choosing the BEST Specialist ! - Raleigh, NC

I have read several reviews regarding the difficulty and painful treatment process of an Ultherapy session. My experience yesterday was completely different. I am 60 years old and have been noticing the need for skin tightening along my jaw line and under my chin area. After much research I... READ MORE

56 Years Old Looking for a Little Lift. Sugar Land, TX

At 56 I wanted a procedure to help around my eyes. When doing my consult the rep for the company recommended I do a full face treatment for a better overall outcome. I was hesitant but decided to move forward with the entire face which included half my face. I absolutely love my 90 day photos... READ MORE

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