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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. The treatment uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen.

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Ultherapy WORSENED my Skin - Maple Grove, MN

After reading and hearing so many wonderful reviews of Ultherapy I figured it was a sure way to fight age without undergoing an invasive procedure. I had Ultherapy performed on the upper half of my face February 2014 and my neck and lower half of my face done May, 2014. I am devastated to say I... READ MORE

Was Considering a Lower Facelift Until Ultherapy. Sayreville, NJ

Dr.patel and her staff are wonderful. I was very unhappy noticing my lower jaw loosing it's shape after 40. I went to Dr. Patel originally as my gynecologist, she was so kind to talk me through the things that I could do to be more comfortable aging. One procedure that she discussed was... READ MORE

44 Yr Old Trying to Turn Back the Hands of Time. Worcester, MA

I was beginning to feel discouraged about my aging face. At 40 I started using botox and juvederm, I've also had voluma in my cheeks, IPL for my age spots, emerge laser and pellevee hoping for skin tightening. I've been been very overweight for several years and have been eating well and... READ MORE

Another Great Experience W/ my "Secret" Hi-end Beverly Hills Quality Spa in Lil Ol - Spring, TX

The procedure took about 90min. Pain was minimal (felt like little zaps). No down time, swelling & pain were mild. I met with Dr Cho & Rachel (esthetican >10yrs exp). Never felt rushed, pressured & had a consult that addresses all of my questions etc. I had quite a lot since I... READ MORE

Renova1 HIFU Face-lift

My procedure / treatment was done in Cape Town, South Africa: Renova House of Beauty. I did some research and decided against traditional face-lift. The HIFU facelift promised instant results and collagen renewal over a period of 3 to 6 months. The receptionist explained to me that I might... READ MORE

TOTALLY WORTH IT! 54 Year Old Male, Sagging Neck and Double Chin.

I had ultherapy done on my neck below the jaw line and so far have had dramatic results in just 5 weeks. The procedure itself felt like elastic bands being snapped on my skin, at times I couldn't help but flinch. I took 2 Vicodin tablets beforehand that I had left over from back strain and... READ MORE

Burnt After Hifu Treatment

Hi did the hi fu face treatment and I got scarred like a cat has scratched. Then it turned brown and now it's peeling and white skin is showing . Am sure the skin is burnt .any advise as I am stuck inside the house .do embarrassing to go out .they said as my skin is thin .but think she is... READ MORE

53 Yr Old - Needed a Pick Me Up!

I researched this procedure for months and waited until the price was within range. I was so happy when I found out that our dermatology office was runnning a special on it for $1799. Normally for the eyes, face and neck was $4,100, so this deal really did push me. I just turned 53 and have... READ MORE

Ultherapy Melted My Face! - Denver, CO

Wish I had better news. I WAS a 46 year old woman, with a youthful/volumized, lovely appearance prior to Ultherapy. I received compliments constantly for my beautiful skin, high cheekbones and sparkly blue eyes. I had Ultherapy done by a respected surgical office in Denver, full face and neck,... READ MORE

Do It! - New Haven, CT

It hurt like crazy, took about an hour and I was able to go right to work afterwards. A true lunchtime procedure. My doctor, Dr Deborah Pan in New Haven, CT, also gave me Botox the same day. I saw tightening right away, and now, 10 days later, my nasolabial lines are noticeably shallower... READ MORE

Ultherapy - Greenville, SC

I had full face Ultherpy. Wow! Although it took a little time to notice the difference (because it takes up to 6 months to take full effect), when I compared pictures, I couldn't believe the difference, especially my eyebrow area. The left was amazing. No downtime, and super easy procedure! I... READ MORE

45 - Ultherapy; thought about it for months! So happy! Sarasota, FL

I'm excited to have this done. I've done my research and I have realistic expectations. Hoping for tightening of the jowls, though I know it takes months to see the final results. Kim Daily (PA at Holcomb Kreithen Plastic Surgery here in Sarasota) has explained exactly what will happen today.... READ MORE

Please Do Not Do This to Your Face ! - South Korea, KR

I'm 29, I have ultherapy and thermage cpt at the same time. See this total disaster happened on my face. Now I got to know that ultherapy and thermage shouldn't have been done together !! Buy they've done it on the same day and i've got side effects from both of them. My facial fat melting... READ MORE

59 Year Old with Jowls and Neck Banding - San Diego, CA

Motivation: Wanted to look more like me from 3 years ago. Pros: Facelift procedure under local was not painful as I had imagined. Cons: No routine follow up with surgeon, just Jennifer PAC. PAC communicated via phone pics with Dr Fink. Nearly 6 weeks post op, saw 3 absorbable sutures poking... READ MORE

Ultherapy to Maintainthe Facelift - Peabody, MA

I am almost 70 years old and maintaining my youthful look once in 2 years by doing ultherapy with Dr. Shanthala Shivananjappa for the second time. I had an issue after doing a facelift under my chin. For some reasons one side was still droopy after a surgery. I had a spectacular results... READ MORE

45 Year Old Female, Looks Good for Age, Works Out, Eats Clean. - Walnut Creek, CA

I was starting to notice that the underside of my chin and neck were starting to sag and look old. I expected a more painful experience based on other reviews. On a scale of 1-10, the discomfort was a 5 or 6. You can do whatever you like right after the procedure and only feels mildly... READ MORE

Ultherapy Permanently Scarred My Face - Memphis, TN

Please do not do this procedure. My face now has pock marks all over it. I had beautiful skin before this procedure. In addition, it did not even correct what I was looking to correct. The spa owner even said later 'that cannot be corrected by this procedure' . You would need to do this... READ MORE

I Saw Improvement on Day One - Santa Monica, CA

I was a little apprehensive about Ultherapy because of the negative reviews I've read and because I didn't want to waste money on something that showed no improvement. I spoke to Dr. Karamanoukian about my concerns and he explained the whole procedure and what I should expect in detail. He's... READ MORE

55 Years Old Manchester, UK. Double Chin and Neck Sagging Concern. First Time Ultherapy in Phuket

I had my full face and neck done and it was the best thing I could have done. The results are so amazing till now 6 months after, still showing good results as seen photo below. Thanks Laser Premium charging me a good price. Staff were very welcomed and caring. Pick up service from the Novotel... READ MORE

The Best Thing I Could Have Done! - Fort Myers, FL

Kris Mitchell, at Dr. Garramone's office, did my Ultherapy session. I did my full face and it was the best thing I could have done. I am turning 52 in a few months and in the last week I have had 2 coworkers and a neighbor tell me they thought I was 37 or 38. I was telling them the ages of my... READ MORE

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