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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. The treatment uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen. LEARN MORE ›

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Don't Get Ultherapy - Fort Myers, FL

Waste of money!!! After 6 months I don't see any change at all. Went for a follow up appointment ,never showed me before and after ultherapy pictures, I wondered why ... Offered me to do a lit bit more for 300 more ???? I so got ripped off. I'm soooo mad. People are nice at the office but I paid... READ MORE

56 Year Old Got Ultherapy for Forehead, to Start Infini for Face and Neck in Two Weeks. Portland, OR

After forehead with treatment skin looks rippled and some redness. I feel some numb patches. Weirdest is I can feel little electric shocks when I touch certain areas. Mild but strange....So I took best photos I could of forehead day after will need help from hubby to show me how to download.... READ MORE

Ulthera Ruined my Face - Albuquerque, NM

I had a re do of ulthera because I lost weight and the good effect on lower face / upper neck. I had HORRIBLE results!! melted the fat on one side of my face! now I look lopsided and worse than before! I am during Ideal Image in Albuquerque in civil court! DON'T do this procedure!! and yes I go... READ MORE

My Experience with Ultherapy. Pensacola, FL

I was extremely happy with the procedure and the results. I was looking for a way to improve and tighten my face, neck and décolletage without an invasive procedure such as surgery at this time in my life. Although it may take up to 4 months for the total results, I was seeing great results ... READ MORE

Ultherapy Gave Me Saggy Skin - Ann Arbor, MI

It's been over a year since I had Ultherapy and my skin is saggy now and looks worse since I had the procedure. I was told it would tighten my skin, give my forehead some lift and improve collagen production. Which it didn't achieve! I have very little fat in my face to begin with and now I... READ MORE

Ultherapy - Solana Beach, CA

After the first and only treatment I started to see positive results. My skin appeared firmer & plumper. About a year later was the best results. Most noticeable under my chin and my eye brows were lifted. Then after another year went by I noticed major face atrophy. I now look gaunt, shallow... READ MORE

Post-Medicare Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Improvement - Pensacola, FL

I am 66 years old and wanted a non-invasive procedure that would help with the sagging of my face and neck. I heard about Ult Therapy and made a consultation appointment with Dr. Peter Butler to see if I would be a candidate for this therapy. My appointment with Dr. Butler was very informative... READ MORE

Satisfied Ultherapy Experience in Orlando, Forever Trim.

After I gave birth to a baby boy I started to feel like my collagens in my face was losing and my face became sagging. I went to visit doctors in Forever trim in Orlando and they suggested me to have Bellafill, the filler that last for 5-6 years to reduce my smile line and I had got an instant... READ MORE

36 Year Old Ulthera in Newport Beach

Living a fun night life most of my adult years I decided I needed some skin tightening .. I did ulthera lower face and so far am very happy! I have just read a lot of horror stories about it melting your face so I hope that is not what is in store for me down the road but at 35 days post op I... READ MORE

51 Needing to Feel Fresh - Stamford, CT

My daughter is getting married on July and I was hoping to look great for photos. Dr. Omar suggested ultherapy for a natural colleges boost. I would say it was painful but worth it. Saw visible sign right away with no down time. 2 months later I am getting comments on how good my skin... READ MORE

Ultherapy Ruined my Skin. Daytona Beach, FL

Had procedure (painful!), no results. Doctor did a second application. Still no real results. One year later my skin starts to sag and age way beyond my years. Have had to have a neck lift and lower face lift. Doctor said my skin was all scar tissue and it was very difficult to get a good... READ MORE

33 Year Old Female - San Diego, CA

Before the Ultherapy, I felt that I was losing volume and my face looked saggy. After the treatment, now I feel skin get tightened and my face improves with the skin tightening. Good thing is, the result is getting better with time passes by. And I don't feel painful during the procedure. Very... READ MORE

Worst Pain Ever of a Procedure,paid to be damaged. :( - Frederick, MD

I am 40yrs. old. No sun damage hardly and excellent elasticity in skin. I had minimal jowling at corners of chin and tiny amount of fat under tip of chin but enough to show in pictures. Supposedly the PERFECT candidate for Ultherapy I was told. I had this Procedure done on April 20th,2012... READ MORE

Facial Artist - That's All I Can Think Of! I Look Amazing! - Commack, NY

Doctor Papantoniou is the best cosmetic person (dermatologists, aestheticians, plastic surgeon, etc) that I have been too in the last 10 years. I am a 45+ year old woman who tanned quite a bit (and foolishly) when i was younger, so i need cosmetic assistance to look close to my age. Doctor... READ MORE

Ultherapy Destruction - California

I'm a 40 year old woman who had some laxity in my face and went in for some tightening, predominantly around my nasolabial folds. I had been getting botox at this place and they recommended Ultherapy. I did the Ultherapy and originally everything looked okay, although I did experience some... READ MORE

Nice Result with Ultherapy

Had lower face, jowls and upper neck\chin. Opted for Tylenol only with no pain meds. I literally cried for most of the procedure. Worst pain ever felt in my life! I strongly suggest getting someone to drive you and take strong pain meds. I wish I had. Hoping the result is with it! Elsa the... READ MORE

It Works!

First of all, I have to tell anyone who does this procedure to wait till the 90/120s days is up before losing hope. I was beginning to think the procedure was a scam but almost right at the the 3 month mark- I started noticing a little difference. Then a little more and a little more. At 3 1/2... READ MORE

Best Bedside Manner - New York, NY

Today I had Ulthera at Dr. Norman Rowe’s office. “Stellar” & “spectacular” can be used to describe the experience as the office staff couldn’t have been more pleasant, accommodating or informative. Dr. Rowe, himself, is easy to talk to, comforting & calming. The whole experience was amazing. I... READ MORE

Ultherapy by Alicia Boyd from Dr. Baxters Office in Seattle

I had ultherapy with Alicia Boyd she is so professional and warm she made me feel very comfortable and the pain is tolerable I took nothing and I felt revived afterwards, I saw immediate results and the time went by so fast because Alicia is so personable. Everyday now I can't stop looking at... READ MORE

65 Year Old Not Wanting a Face Lift Adn Getting the Alternative - Alpharetta, GA

I just had this done a week ago and I already see the difference. My girlfriend came by to see me and she could see the difference right away. They say the final effects take up to 3 months so I am really excited. Every day I see an improvement. It really hurt but I think it was worth it. I... READ MORE

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