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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. The treatment uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen.

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ULTherapy And Botox Results - Windham, NH

This review is more about Dr. Vuich than the procedures I have had done. Although I am very satisfied with my results from both, what I really want to express is what a perfect fit Dr. Lisa has been for me. Plastic surgeons didn't seem to have the time for my smaller needs and other medi-spas I... READ MORE

46 Years Old - Los Angeles, CA

I read a bunch of reviews on RealSelf before I had Ulthera done the first time & although there were some bad reviews I went ahead & did it anyway because i had several friends who had it done & all of them looked incredible afterwards. I had my face, neck & chest treated the... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money! - Salinas, CA

What a disappointment. I paid $2500 to do ultherapy. First of all it really hurt! Second, I got it for my jowls which aren't that bad, but right after for a full week it made them so swollen I looked like a bull dog! Then when the swelling went down I was super happy with the results. No more... READ MORE

So Far...so Great!! New York, NY

I had the Ultherapy treatment today at Dr. Madnani's office. Happy to report that it wasn't painful at all! The discomfort that you feel is minor and completely tolerable. My jowls and neckline already look tighter! Looking forward to the next few months and expecting continued improvement.... READ MORE

It Works (With Caveats!!) - Chevy Chase, MD

I have jowls that run in my family and first made their appearance around age 38. They sure are ugly! The rest of my skin is pretty good so if not for the jowls I think I would look quite young. I had heard that many people find ultherapy intolerably painful! It was not an exaggeration to say... READ MORE

HUGE Waste of Money! - Detroit, MI

I'm 47 years old with the typical signs of early aging in the lower face and neck but not enough to have a face or neck lift. I was told that I was the perfect candidate for Ultherapy. Yes, it was painful, not horrific. I actually found the first couple months of healing time more painful than... READ MORE

Avoid Ulthera!!! Don't risk it please - Los Angeles, CA

I had ultherapy performed on me in November 2015. I was hoping for overall skin tightening and firming...an overall rejuvenated look. I am naturally thin but have always had full cheeks. My full cheeks and jowl area were starting to show the effects of older age and gravity....heavy... READ MORE

Wanted Ultherapy to Work! - Los Angeles, CA

60 was coming at me a little to quick for comfort and I decided to refresh my eyelids with an Ultherapy treatment. The extraordinarily painful treatment display not make one iota of difference. Please save your money. Multiple offices have bought into the hype. Zero results. Are the doctors... READ MORE

Ultherapy Works - Glenview, IL

Ultherapy really works! I was skeptical at first but I tried it for droopy eyebrows and saggy skin around my eyes. It was not painful at all--I've had IPL before and that was way worse. No bruising or redness, though the area under my eyes did feel a little sore the first night. Tightening... READ MORE

Bad Procedure - Woodbridge, ON

Had Ultherapy performed 11 months ago and the damages it has done to my face are irreversible. I am no longer the person I once was. All the fat and normal symmetry features have been eradicated from Ultherapy. My eyes are sunken in, my profile is distorted and there is only a "pancake" look... READ MORE

Dont Trust This Doctor with Your Face - Beverly Hills, CA

I had 3 ultherapy with this doctor 3 k each …fist one left me with no fat but i had no clue it was ultherapy ,something was off but could not put a finger on it …he somehow convinced me i needed yearly treatments to stay young !!!!!hes a con artist …i was 35 !!!!i didnt need this machine near ... READ MORE

I Agree - Waste of - Redlands, CA

I had done a few years ago. Yes, you will look better for few months - I think because skin is plumped by swelling. My neck and lower face is back to the prior condition! I would not recommend - your money is better spent with fillers instead. I think this was caused by media and... READ MORE

Not Worth It, Unfortunately - New Haven, CT

I was hoping for a firming up of my jawline and neck, which are aging faster than my face. Thermage had been a waste of money; I was hoping for more with Ultherapy. Alas, the difference was negligible, and such a far cry from the before and after photos I was shown. It was a disappointment. I... READ MORE

Ultherapy Works! Hillsboro, OR

I had an Ultherapy procedure done last year at about this this same time, and the results continue to hold! Wihthin about 30 days the skin along my jaw and neck area tightened up and continues to show improvements over the next 2-3 months. While mildly painful to undergo (I didn't follow... READ MORE

Ultherapy to Chin, Jaw, Cheeks - New York, NY

Dr. Gerstman was so knowledgeable on Ulthera and had an in depth understanding of the machine and biology behind it. Only problem is they quoted me $3000 which seems so steep. Maybe because they do a 2-pass protocol where she does one pass at 4.5mm to hit the muscle then 2.0 or 3.0 to hit the... READ MORE

Under Eye Ultherapy - Hurst, TX

I've been looking for a treatment for the crepey skin under my eyes. I went to The Face Place in Hurst for a facial and talked with the Abby about my skin concerns. Abby was honest and very knowledgeable. I was leaning toward fillers but Abby suggested Ultherapy under my eyes. I decided to... READ MORE

Made No Difference at All - London, GB

I can't believe I spent £3k on this treatment. I must have been mad! It was extremely painful - almost unbearable - and has made absolutely no difference at all. I went into it hoping for some improvement to my jowls, which are starting to make their way south. Also the doctor said it would ... READ MORE

63 Years Old Woman Who Wanted to Delay/avoid Facelift - Saint-eustache, QC

I went to Dermaskin (St-Eustache, Québec, Canada). Meet with Dre Laflamme for a free consultation. She proposed me a full face and neck treatmend, accompanied with pulsed light and profractional laser for my neck. Procedure lasted 2 hrs and was painfull (1,000 lines), especially profractional ... READ MORE

58 Year Old Female. Lafayette, LA

I had a facelift a few years ago and although I was happy with my result, I still couldn't combat the inevitable aging process. I felt like I could use a little tweak in my lower face and neck. Dr. Duplechain discussed Ultherapy with me and it seemed to be just what I needed. Sure enough, it... READ MORE

Need an Angel in my Corner - Los Angeles, CA

A few weeks ago, I had Ultherapy on my upper face. It takes a month to see results and up to 3 months for the full effect. After just one week there was noticeable improvement. Now others are telling me how great my skin looks; they think I'm using a new make-up. They don't realize my skin is... READ MORE

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