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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. The treatment uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen.

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How Do You Think Celebrities Fixed the Damage from Ultherapy?

Like jennifer aniston for example. She was raving about it. I'm sure she must have experienced negative side effects like everyone else. How do you think she fixed it?And why didn't she speak out against them? I personally regret ultherapy greatly. But I need to try to find a way to fix things.... READ MORE

Ultherapy - Lower Face

The tightening on my lower face is felt right away, I can't wait to see the final results in a few months. Dr. Vivian Ting is the best, very personable and ensured I was comfortable throughout the procedure. One year of electrolysis might explain my pain tolerance, it was not bad at all, for me,... READ MORE

Fat grafting and neck lift for ultherapy damage

After having Ultherapy or as I like to call it Uglytherapy a year ago,I started seeking How to fix this mess almost 3 months post Ultherapy .my lower face has been eaten alive by this destructive machine. I started with a series of prp treatments to Slow the wasting of my face . I believe it... READ MORE

devastating - Melbourne, FL

The damage from Ulthera is REAL. I am 14 months out and disfigured. The collapse of my entire face has left ghastly lines and hanging skin. My corrective surgery will be over $20,000...not addressing the hideous skin texture I have been left with. My fury over what has happened to me is... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money on Ultherapy

I purchased one treatment for face/neck/d├ęcolletage, and one enhancement for face/neck (which was done 3 months after the first treatment. I can take a lot of pain, so the treatment specialist gave me the strongest treatment possible for both treatments...and 6 months later I don't see any ... READ MORE

Face Tightening - Lone Tree, CO

My face was starting to loose its tightness around my jaw line. I decided to let my plastic surgeons office perform a lower face and neck ultherapy laser. Yes it was pricey but they used 800 zaps which is a little above the norm. Each laser top costs them about $1500 for about 1500 zaps or so.... READ MORE

Ulthera/Kybella experience

I had Kybella and Ulthera performed the same day under my chin to help with mild double chin and skin laxity. Experienced the expected swelling, some bruising, and numbness. As of a couple of weeks later, I have the hard lumpiness and continued numbness. My provider said that patients who... READ MORE

A Defined Jaw Line. Flushing, NY

Started from a little over a year ago, I started to feel my face, especially my cheeks dropping. I can feel my cheeks jiggle after I hit a bump, or when I have no facial expression, I can feel my cheeks drooping. I do not like that feeling at all. I researched to see what options there are for... READ MORE

Worst Pain Ever of a Procedure,paid to be damaged. :( - Frederick, MD

I am 40yrs. old. No sun damage hardly and excellent elasticity in skin. I had minimal jowling at corners of chin and tiny amount of fat under tip of chin but enough to show in pictures. Supposedly the PERFECT candidate for Ultherapy I was told. I had this Procedure done on April 20th,2012... READ MORE

Don't Ever Get Ultherapy - Cincinnati, OH

Ultherapy aged me really bad. I went back for follow up pics one year later. I am posting them here. I need eye surgery now. I look like a drunk now and I rarely drink. I had no idea what the after effects would be. Of course I was told it would tighten things up and it would help encourage... READ MORE

44 Years Old: Had Ultherapy to Correct "Turkey Neck". THRILLED with Results So Far!!!

I had Ultherapy 7 weeks ago in an effort to correct some loose skin on my neck after a massive weight loss. Everyone tells you how much better you will feel after you lose weight but no one mentions the impact it has on your skin. :-( After a lot of research I decided to try Ultherapy even... READ MORE

Ultherapy Caused Droop on Right Side of Mouth - Fresno, CA

I had Ultherapy almost 3 weeks ago and still suffering paralysis droop on the right side of my mouth. It has improved over the weeks but still noticeable when I talk, drink or eat. The office initially gave me antibiotics to reduce the serious swelling and after seeing my speech was greatly... READ MORE

Big Mistake

As most people that do this procedure, I wanted to avoid plastic surgery and was hoping that this procedure would give me results that would make me happy enough. I did not expect results that were equivalent to a facelift but improvement. First of all, the esthetician was running late and... READ MORE

Age 47 - Seeking tighter skin and less lines around mouth, face and neck

I had a mini lower face lift 1.5 years ago and recently felt like I needed a little plumping and touchup of lines around my mouth, cheeks and neck. After doing some research it seemed that Ultherapy might be a good solution because it would also tighten my skin which is an added bonus and and... READ MORE

6 Months Later, Very Happy - Las Vegas, NV

I had full face and neck. I have to say this really is painful but tolerable even without medication. I just sucked it up. I wasn't about to react to the pain because I didn't want to be slighted on the treatment. The little zaps felt like everyone describes them, bee stings or a rubber band... READ MORE

Ultheraphy Aged my Face Drastically - San Francisco, CA

My review is long over due, this machine made my skin paper thin and hang off my face. I now need a face lift at 34. Thank god I only did my lower face and neck, not whole face. After thousands spent on fillers, nothing will replace the loss in skin structure and thickness. Do not do this... READ MORE

HELP!! This is the Worst Thing You Could EVER Do to Your Skin!!! DO NOT DO IT!!!!

I had ultherapy roughly 3 weeks ago. I was told it was not able to destroy fat cells and that it would just make my collagen regenerate. I'm 37 and healthy and have never done anything to my skin other than a round of botox last year. I received the treatment from a trusted person who I... READ MORE

3 months post Ultherapy, worth it so far ....., - Orlando, FL

Let me start by saying I had a total of 3 kybella t treatments in a 6 month period ( from June-November). Results is kybella did an amazing improvement on my front and side view of chin . However , I was left with loose skin which was expected at my age . I decided to improve my kybella... READ MORE

58 Year Old Woman, Tired of my Saggy Neck

I had an Ultherapy full neck treatment done yesterday. Was it painful? Yep. Was it tolerable? Yes. I took only some Naproxen sodium, and it was fine. The procedure hurts the most near the jawline and the collar bones, but it was still tolerable. I had just a tiny bit of redness as I left... READ MORE

48 Years Old in Need of Face Lift. TOA Clinic in Battersea London - London, GB

I had my first ever Ultherapy treatment in December at the TOA clinic. I have never had any botox or fillers, and do not want to as I do not like the idea of putting anything into my face. Anyway, I agreed to do this because they were offering a discount. The treatment was painless apart from on... READ MORE

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