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Will Ulthera Cause Damage to Facial Nerves?

I want to try the Ulthera therapy in HK, when i know the affected zone will be in quite deep area underneath the skin near muscles, i am concerning... READ MORE

Facial Nerve Injury After Ultherapy

I had ultherapy 3 days ago. I immediately noticed minor weakness of left lower lip depression usually when I yawn or emulating a "denture... READ MORE

Can Nerve Damage from Ulthera Be Permanent?

I'm having the ulthera next week but very wonder about nerve damage. If (in case) I unfortunately get it, how long does it last? Can the damage be... READ MORE

What Percentage of the Time is a Nerve Hit During Ulthera Treatment?

How often is a nerve hit during Ulthera? I heard of a staff member in a doctor's office who's cheek was numb for a few months after having... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Affect Your Smile?

I had it yesterday and feel like my smile is different. I am having a hard time smiling and feel like the right side is pulling more than the left. Is... READ MORE

I Do Resistance Facial Exercises; Will Ulthera Treatment Interfere with Nerve/muscle Response?

I have resumed doing about 30 different resistance facial exercises to increase strength and firmness in many areas of my face I perform a variety of... READ MORE

The right side after Ultherapy has pain, swollen, & numbness. Is this a nerve damage? Will the collagen grow asymmetrically?

Feels hot/numb/tingles everywhere on the rht side. I was so overwhelmed by the degree of the pain on the rht, I don't rem if she did 2 passes on the... READ MORE

Can any doctors who have concerns about Ultherapy, give us a healing protocol for tissue, fat muscle, and nerve damage?

Any supplements, or physiological facial exercises, (PT) or anything to regenerate or plump shrunken tissue or muscle? I'm having a hard time with the... READ MORE

What is known about nerve damage post ulthera? 12 weeks post ulthera and feeling tingling like prickling and slightly painful.

When will the face start to relax? Will I look like I did before ulthera when it wears off ? How hard is it to do small fat transfers to the face? My... READ MORE

Temporal fat loss.

I have been told that I have a small or narrow 'frontal muscle' in addition to loss of volume at both temporal regions contributing to outer hooding... READ MORE

I have ptosis 4.5 months after Ultherapy. How can I tell if this is nerve or muscle damage? (Photo)

My left eye used to be my bigger eye. Since ultherapy my forehead is so tight and so is the left eyesocket, and it's drooping. There's not any wiggle... READ MORE

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