The right side after Ultherapy has pain, swollen, & numbness. Is this a nerve damage? Will the collagen grow asymmetrically?

feels hot/numb/tingles everywhere on the rht side. I was so overwhelmed by the degree of the pain on the rht, I don't rem if she did 2 passes on the left. It didn't hurt AT ALL on the left. Now my rht side is huge and swollen and the left looks sunken compared to the rht. Is this nerve damage? Will I always be numb on the rht? Will the collagen grow asymmetrically and my face be lopsided as it looks and feels now? Its mon, I had this done last wed. I JUST want to look and feel even.

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The right side after Ultherapy has pain, swollen, & numbness. Is this a nerve damage? Will the collagen grow asymmetrically?

The numbness you are experiencing is most likely related to a nerve and will subside on its own, though it may take a little bit of time. Swelling will also decrease by itself, but it requires patience. 

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Ultherapy related jaw pain is rare and goes away

During Ultherapy, any patient who complains of pain in the treated areas like over the jaws should prompt the treating physician to lower energy levels transmitted by the transducer. If the provider continued 'through the discomfort', don't worry, the discomfort, pain and numbness should go away - it may take up to 8 weeks. Read the Ultherapy book for free provided on the link below.

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Best Way to Care for Ultherapy Side Effects...Tincture of Time and Patience

Hi Shannon,

Sorry to here about your side effects of Ultherapy.  Fortunately with over 300,000 worldwide Ulthera treatments over the past 5 years I have not heard of any permanent complications.  The longest that any side effect from Ultherapy has lasted has been about 3 to 4 weeks.  Your swelling is not nerve damage.  Sometimes if local anesthesia is injected there is more swelling.  Your numbness is related to your nerve and should resolve within a few weeks.  Your face should ultimately be symmetric.  Be patient and speak with your treating physician.  Good luck and be well.

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