What Percentage of the Time is a Nerve Hit During Ulthera Treatment?

How often is a nerve hit during Ulthera? I heard of a staff member in a doctor's office who's cheek was numb for a few months after having Ulthera. Are nerves and muscles damaged during an Ulthera treatment. Is it just collegen material that is damages and if so how is the treatment limited to just effecting (heating up/burning)collegen and leaving muscle tissue and nerves unaffected by the extreme heat?

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Ultherapy can be done with very rare likelihood of injury to the marginal mandibular nerve

Ultherapy can be done with very rare likelihood of injury to the marginal mandibular nerve.

In all reported cses, this problem has resolved at follow up. 

Ultherapy has advantages as it uses imaging to deliver targeted high intensity 'focused' ultrasound.

The results of skin tightening will be most apparent at 6 months.

We have performed hundreds of Ultherapy procedures in our Williamsville, NY office.

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What structures can be injured by Ultherapy

Ultherapy is focused ultrasonic energy.  I point about 1mm is treated at a very specific distance beneath this skin.  There are other structures under the skin that can be affected.  Blood vessels, nerves, muscles and salivary glands.  It is very rare to have a significant injury to any of these structures.  Hitting a vessel can cause a bruise. Hitting a nerve can cause temporary numbness (the superficial nerves will recover). Hitting muscles and salivary glands don't have any significant side effects, since the spot of injury is so small.  In my practice I have never seen anything more significant than temporary numbness and small bruises.  Both of which are exceptionally rare.

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Numbness is rare after Ultherapy

nerve injury, although possible, with Ultherapy is very rare. Nerves traverse in different planes and they can be subject in a few areas to the heat generated by the ultrasound energy used in ultherapy. Sensivitivy, numbness and weakness of muscles controlled by a nerve are risks of the procedure, but I am not aware of any permanent complications. We have been informed by the company that these issues, to-date, have spontaneously recovered.

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