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Can Ulthera Eye Treatment Cause Fat Loss Or Loose Skin Over Time?

Is it at all Possible that Ulthera could cause Fat Loss or make skin actually looser long term ?? I am considering the Upper Eye lid Tightening... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause fat loss when getting it done on the cheek area?

I'm looking into getting ultherapy done on the cheek area to tighten up and lift my midface - basically the area from cheekbones to chin. I'm 38 and... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned of Ulthera for Cheek Sagging Causing Fat Loss?

I'm considering ulthera for cheek sagging, but am worried about its effect on fat. I read somewhere that it can cause fat loss. Wouldn't that... READ MORE

Does Ulthera Work As an Eyebrow Lift on Young People Also?

Hi everyone, I'm very young but think my brows are a bit low(not extremely, but if I elevate them about 2mm it looks better).I don't want... READ MORE

Why are there horror stories with Ultherapy?

Considering having ultherapy. On realself there are impressive photos with happy patients. There are also unhappy patients with horror stories and... READ MORE

Fat loss after Ultherapy? If it doesn't cause fat loss, why do faces get so much narrower after treatment?

1) Fat loss--why do faces get thinner after ultherapy? 2) If you do lose fat permanently from Ultherapy, what are your options and how soon can you do... READ MORE

When does face stops shrinking after Ultherapy? How do I reverse this? (photos)

I got ultherapy 1 1/2 months ago. My face keeps shrinking. Skin is getting saggier as well but I believe from the loss of fat. When will this stop and... READ MORE

Repair fat loss in face after Ultherapy? (Photo)

I got ultherapy on my lower face and jaw on approx October 4th and I'm not happy with what is happening to my face. I think it's made me look more... READ MORE

Major fat loss from Ultherapy 5 months ago. (Photo)

Please tell me the protocal for fat loss due To ultherapy? Everyday my face is collapsing! The jaw line is the worst, the lines are now thick creases... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Cause Fat Loss in Cheeks?

If one wants a fuller face, can far transfer be done at the same time as Ultherapy? We have no qualified physicians who do there procedures in my... READ MORE

Ultherapy fat loss and skin sagging. Performed at plastic surgeon's office in Toronto (Photo)

I had Ultherapy performed on my full face on Sept 28th & now 3 months later experiencing fat loss and tissue damage. My skin sags and my jawline is no... READ MORE

I need to restore my eyes to their original pre-ultherapy shape. Should I see an oculoplasty surgeon? (Photo)

My eyes are small and hooded. I was pulled too tight I guess and lost fat in the forehead causing a droop. I look like hell. Is there a way to get my... READ MORE

How can I sue Ultherapy?

My face is ruined from fat loss and I need surgery in one eye from ptosis. They have to go behind the muscle and tighten it. This was the worst thing... READ MORE

I lost a lot of facial fat after Ultherapy and my lower eyes have retracted . Will fat injections bring back my shape?

I know this is an atypical side effect , but it happened. Doctors agree, and are working to restore my face...the worst thing is my eyes. My brows... READ MORE

My eyes have become small and mis shapen after Ultherapy. Is this from fat loss? (Photo)

I can't get answers. Doctors want to do surgery for ptosis. Ultherapy has been a horror. I don't do botox. It also made me grow collagen over my... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause smaller eyes and detrimental fat loss in a 25 year old? (Photo)

Hi I'm 25 years old and had blepharoplasty early in the year. Still wanted a larger eye and so did some Botox but still wasn't pleased. Dr suggested... READ MORE

Fat loss due to Ultherapy (Photo)

Why are so many doctors now comming forward and admitting that ultherapy does in fact cause fat loss? Is it because so many of us Ladies are showering... READ MORE

Concerned with Ultherapy! I've seen fat loss with it but many doctors argue otherwise. How do you know a good candidate?

Male in late 30s with slight undefined jowline and slight fat under chin especially when I look down. 1) This thread argues that this not correct:... READ MORE

My eyes have become asian/almond shaped after ultherapy. I also have a droop in one eye now. Why does this happen? (Photo)

This entire treatment has been a disaster. I need Ptosis surgery in one eye but don't want to do it until I know if my natural eye shape will come... READ MORE

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