3 Weeks Post-op + Ultherapy

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Ultherapy on Lower Face and Neck 3 Weeks Ago. Don't See a Lot of Difference?

I had Ultherapy in my lower face and neck 3 weeks ago. I still don't see a lot of difference but my major concern is what can I do for the lines at... READ MORE

Dents in Chin After Ultherapy?

I had a full face Ultherapy treatment about three weeks ago. I did have a couple of nodules near my mouth and temple that with massage have since... READ MORE

Ulthera Around Eyes and Eyebrows. Right Side Has Dropped?

Good afternoon. I had Ulthera around my eyes and above my eyebrows. It lifted beautifully and after 3 weeks my right hand side dropped and my eyebrow... READ MORE

I have swollen glands and a sore throat after ultherapy, as well as nausea. Am I having side effects?

I had ultherapy 3 weeks ago , my face and neck are very sore especially in my glands which are swollen. Inside of my throat hurts and I have had... READ MORE

Side Effect of Ultherapy? Difficulty Swallowing?

I had ultherapy 3 weeks ago and I am starting to feel difficulty swallowing. I feel like there is a phlegm stcuk on my throat that I cannot swallow. I... READ MORE

New forehead wrinkles and crease. Did the ultherapy cause this and will it go away?

I had ultherapy done 3 weeks ago and I am not seeing any definite improvement. Maybe a little tighter feeling around the jaw and under the chin, but... READ MORE

Scratch mark after Ulthera. Will they fade?

Hi, I just did ulthera three weeks ago, but got very serious scratch marks on my neck. Dr. Told me to put neosporin and it could recover around... READ MORE

Lopsided smile after Ultherapy. Is this permanent? What should I do? (Photo)

3 weeks ago I had what I thought was an Ultherapy treatment on my lower face. The procedure was insanely painful and I was swollen for nearly two... READ MORE

I had ultherapy 3 weeks ago and was told not to take naproxen & aspirin which I had for arthritis in both hands. How long?

How much longer must I try to stay off of the naproxen? I gave in and have taken an aspirin once a day for a week. Recovery from ultherapy is going... READ MORE

Pain and numbness on my neck and face after ultherapy. What can I do?

I had ullt abaut 3 weeks ago wıll be a month march 8 ı have paın and some numnes at my face and neck ıt hurts when ı touch my skın ıs thıs normal ... READ MORE

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