Welts on face and neck from Ultherapy. Any suggestions?

I had ultherapy done over 3 weeks ago on my face and neck. I had pink, red welts all over where the procedure was performed. The redness is gone but when you touch my face and neck you can feel the lines. and at certain angles you can see the lines on my face. Is this normal. I am 46 and have pretty good skin but they used 1500 lines on me which I feel is excessive.

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Patients can experience mild pinkness of the skin usually normalizes within an hour or so. Swelling is routinely minimal or none and there is no bruising associated with Ultherapy treatments, making this a truly No-Downtime non-invasive lifting procedure. Welts are not common occurrences but can happen.  Generally, welts subside over a few weeks period.  However, I would contact your provider if you have any concern and perhaps schedule a follow-up appointment to have the welts assessed.

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Welts after ultherapy

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Welts are most common after using the superficial orange 1.5mm transducer, they are usually self limited and tend to improve over time. You mention that you had welts and redness and now are just left with palpable firmness under the skin. What will likely happen with you is that this will also improve over time and some type of superficial skin massage will help it as well. 

Welts After Ultherapy

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Redness and some degree of tenderness is normal after Ultherapy. Welts may occur with the most superficial 1.5mm transducer, but not normally with the deeper ones. The welts if they do occur usually resolve in 1-2 weeks. If you can still see or feel the lines after 3 weeks then there is concern that you may have been burned, which can happen with the 1.5mm transducer if the provider is inexperienced. I would recommend following up with your provider for an evaluation. Best wishes.

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Without a picture, it's difficult to determine. Some tenderness is normal for a few weeks after ultherapy.  I suggest massage and RF treatments like Venus Legacy or Exilis. Consult your Dr. if you remain concerned.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Welts and prolonged sensitivity

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There has been more and more data coming out that the more lines used, the more tightening (benefit) you get from Ultherapy. Most of the before/after photos used on Ultherapy advertising used 2-3x more lines than the recommended. Tenderness to touch lasting 3-4 weeks is not abnormal and a good sign. Not sure what you mean by being able to see the lines on your face from certain angles. 

In general, practitioners pay themselves per line for Ultherapy transducers. While 1500 lines sounds like a lot, I doubt they would use so many lines if they did not feel you would get great benefit from it. 

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